Some shit goes down and for once my friend actually has my back

>Some shit goes down and for once my friend actually has my back
>They've been having a rough week as well, so I decide to shoot them a gift along with a corny note about how thankful I am to have them as a friend just to make their life a little easier and perk them up
>About eight hours later they change their mind and decide to go not have my back
>We have a relationship ending argument, like not just a little fight, it's over, we're done with each other
>It's too late to cancel the gift

What do I do?

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Say you're sorry

For what?

What's the fight over?

A build up of lots of things, but it mainly came down to the fact that whenever shit goes down they never have my back. We've known each other for almost ten years and it's the same shit time after time.
Doesn't help on top of that they're not a particularly honest person, not only do they lie to me but their SO as well, which makes me paranoid about everything regarding them.
It's really complicated, I was even in love with them at some point (which I brought up to them multiple times, and instead of shooting me down or being honest, they would just support it, I guess to have me as some sort of back up plan).

It just really fucking bit me in the ass that I thought for once, finally, they were showing some solidarity with me, just to throw it away less than ten hours later.

Tell them in a text, "hey you mother fucking son of a bitch, I bought you a gift and had it shipped to you when I thought that you had my back. Unfortunately, it's too fucking late to cancel it. So do me a fucking favor for once in your goddamn miserable life and give me the gift back whenever it arrives. I fucking hate you. There is no rebuilding our friendship. But yeah, I am going to need that gift back so I can get a refund. Thanks, pal. Appreciate ya."

So why are you their friend? With all this in mind, they probably only "have your back" for their own gain. It also seems much more like an orbiter relationship than a friend one.
Ask for the gift back and run.

I meant what was the shit they were supposed to be having your back over but i mean. They seem like they suck anyways. Take the loss and run.

Because there was a point when things were good, or at least, when I thought they were, the trouble began the last couple of years, and it's made me question if I was just oblivious to the reality of things or if they were truly just better back then. Like I said I've known them for almost ten years, they were my absolute best friend I ever had at some point, someone who I had so much in common with to a scary degree.

Maybe once they had a girlfriend they just began to unintentionally care about me less, or something, I don't know. There was definitely something there at some point, but that point is long gone.

Hell we used to exchange Christmas gifts every year. Then it got the point they were so late, it began to over lap. (As in, I was getting my "Christmas 2016" gifts in the middle of 2018).

It was really hard to accept the reality of things, but I'm finally at the point where I can't take it anymore and that's why I just ended it. I tried so fucking hard for them, I did everything I could, the idea of me having just been an orbitor seems impossible, but perhaps in our own way I was. I wish they were just honest with me from the start, I wish they didn't say all the right things whenever I tried to bring it up and made me feel so assured it was mutual.

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I would avoid your ass too, you should like fuckin drama “shit go down” is not normal. You are either a wanna be gangbanger or a high schooler.

Sounds like they made the right choice. You are no doubt a high maintenance drama queen and it's in everyone's best interest to stay away from you.

If it's a me thing then why don't I have these issues with anyone else?
What am I doing wrong exactly? I'm willing to accept my blame but you need to give me something with substance I can actually learn or think about.

You need to explain in detail what you mean by “shit goes down” and only then we can help.

Someone started trouble with me at a bar, and he was friends with the owner, so the owner took his side and banned me from coming back, at first my friend decided they weren't going to go there anymore since even they agreed it was unfair against me, then hours later they unironically talked to me about how they were going there later in the day to hang out.

Also note this is someone who has told me several times I was their best friend ever, and how much they cared about me and all this shit.
I didn't project these feelings on to them, they straight up said.
In fact, I even tried telling them I was getting too hung up on them and they assured me it was mutual.

You are doing something wrong, either acting like a fool, or the bar is just bad news. You need better hobbies.

The fact that you got banned from a bar, and your friend wants to go back says a lot about your behavior.

Plot twist, your “friend” is the one that encouraged you getting banned from your bar, he wanted you out of the way because of how annoying you are.

So you'd end that friendship over something petty and dumb like this?

This isn't the first time something like this has happened.
How can we be friends if I can't trust them? How can you tell someone you really care about them but literally any time things get serious you turn away from them?
I'm not asking anything of them I wouldn't give in return, any time they get into trouble, even when they are wrong, I take their side, I have their back, then when it's just the two of us I would tell them how I really felt.
If they can't even be honest with their girlfriend, how would they ever be honest with me?

Their friend choose the bar over their drama lamma ass. Sucks to be op, what a tool.

You are a bad friend.

Your shitposting would be more potent if it wasn't so obvious.

I’m being 100% honest. You are welcome to disagree with me. I place the blame squarely on you.

If you want to keep your friends, change your behavior.

Have fun.

Until you can actually point out what I did wrong, your posts are meaningless. There's a reason you have to be so vague, it's because you have no idea what you're talking about.

i do not blame them for avoiding your goofy drama, sorry

you sound unwell

>unironic negroid sperging out
O I'm laffin

Look, if you want friends good at intimacy in serious situations you should make more female friends. He's clearly more casual friend material. You're making things into a bigger deal than they need to be.

commenting in a thread about some autist confessing his gay love for his friend is sperging out?

And that's fair, I have casual friends I wouldn't expect that sort of shit from, but this is someone who told me they loved me and that it wasn't just some casual thing, they lead me on to believe the feelings were mutual when they weren't, which leads back to the trust thing.
I don't expect every person I hang out with to take a bullet for me, it's not like that.

Commenting several times while each one is more asshurt than the last? Lmao yeah that's sperging. I wouldn't be surprised if you knew OP or somethin

i wish you would have my back more

Sounds like you’re a grade A social fucktoy.

>with a corny note
Well what was it?

Jokes aside OP, this shit seems like a fucking mess, and it's probably better for both of you to just move on. Forget the gift, forget what they did or didnt do and move on.

Long story short, a link to the GoldenGirls theme song.
Yeah, you're right, I just wish I could have brought myself to go through with it sooner, he just wouldn't let go.

Wow you are a petty bitch. The other guy had good reason to get at you, I bet you even instigated it.

No wonder your friend lied to you and went back anyway.

Your friend realized that YOU are the problem.

Drama queen much?

So you always ruin everything with your dramatic outbursts?

this. OP is an insufferable faggot.

Man you are drama. Change your tampon.

It’s funny how you go around causing shit yet thinking it’s everyone else’s fault. Your “friend” must be real sick of your bullshit and just wants to drink and chat with some floosies, which is obviously more important to him than protecting your fragile ego and sense of pride.

You are the one that started shit, and you fucking started it with a friend of the owner? How fucking stupid are you? WHY CANT YOU JUST FUCKING SAY SORRY AND MOVE ON!? FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL MORON!


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