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One thing ive learned is
I dont need no one
Got my social issues
Not sure where they come from
But me and loneliness
yeah we make best friends
We'll be together
up until the end yeah
I miss you but I need to focus on myself. I need to become who I am. I'll hit you up in like 5 years and see if you've been loyal. Until then, im getting you out of my mind.

I don't deserve to be on this planet. I should be out in outer space... traveling the galaxies... interacting with galactal communities, an alien aloof in a sea of strangers.

What makes you think you deserve exploring planets? U an alien of smtng?

Because I'm mutinous and would nuke this entire planet just for some garlic fries lel

I ended up coming across this persons Instagram from high school and I feel like a complete failure, I know people only post the best parts of their lives on Instagram but I still feel like complete shit about living at home saving money while in uni with my minimum wage job while my former classmates are traveling the world.

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Im horny as fuck and my bf is a homo and didnt give me dick before he left to his friends how am I supposed to sleep


Being a moral and responsible man is so tiring sometimes. There's days where all I want is give up and party, drink and have sex until my dick falls off. I understand the rational reasons why I avoid those things but sometimes the part of weakness in me just wants to abandon myself to this world of immediate pleasure and forget about the future.

I feel so sick to my stomach, like I don't know how I should feel right now.
I just want you to stop playing with my heart.

Please tell me everything will be alright.

JalapeƱo cheese stuffed pretzels are delicious.

Don't do it you'll definitely regret it later

Sending hugs xoxo

It'll all be alright user

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Thank you for the hug user.
I really need it

I just want to lose myself in making out and sex with her again. I can't stop thinking about how incredible it was to do it with her and how utterly mindblowing it was to share that physical pleasure together. Even though it was completely wrong and disgusting and badly traumatized me I want it again.

Really wish you'd stop being on my mind at every worst moment possible, when I know you don't ever think about me. Why did we have to meet in these circumstances?

It's always so disheartening when I go out. Went to an anime convention, made it my mission to approach one, just one cosplayer and say they looked good. That was it. Male or female. But as usual I totally shut down mentally as soon as I saw all the people and spent the entire day walking around the booths in absolute silence. God damn it, I hate myself. I'm 29 and I've never gotten better at this. My 20s are gone now. Years and years of going out to "acclimate" myself or whatever you want to call it. I have no friends. I have no girl. I'm not a virgin but the only times I've gotten laid were pure luck.

The only consolation is that the convention was so huge and flashy I don't think I was really noticed, and if I was, I definitely hardly saw anyone twice, so they had no chance to laugh at me walking around alone, which has happened several times in the past while going out to smaller, more normie places like clubs.

Fuck it all.

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You disgusting, hateful boys expect beautiful lady pussy? Seriously? You are nasty! What makes you think you would ever qualify?

Sorry that last response wasn't meant for you.

(meant for the incels)

You disgusting, hateful boys expect beautiful lady pussy? Seriously? You are nasty! What makes you think you would ever qualify?

My cock is big though.

That means nothing

It means you're missing out! You could be having my glorious cock but instead you're riding Chad's micropeen.

Feels like I've been living in a dream the last couple of years. I did things I never thought I'd do.. said things I never thought I'd say and now here I am again. I don't know what to think really. I just..

Idk what to even think anymore, I'm so sad. You and your friends have made my life so unbearable...and for what? Even if it meant pounds of gold for you...was it really worth it?

So you have shitloads of money, then you get a gold digger...she never really loves you. You are only wanted for the cash. She loves someone else. Seriously, what a sad world you people live in. I hate you all. You are as much to blame as her.

Tokyo, la nuit
Le doute, la crainte, l'ennui
Tokyo tu viiiiiis
Dans la mort, le sang, le bruuuiiiiiiit

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I've been out on the Sun for too long these past few weeks. Now I have a tan. When I'm pale I almost look Armenian, and when I'm tanned I almost look Arabic.

I hate being brown.

I like having a tan. I hate how my hairline doesn't tan so I have this white strip along where my face meets my hair.

My uncle charmed every woman until he met the s really beautiful and kind one. Every person who ever met my father knew his goodness, called him faithful and a mystic. No one could ever cross my father without stabs of conscience. I love them both so dearly.

They killed my uncle and father. I will get revenge.

Shouldn't you be in witness protection or something?

Sounds like people I'd have a beer with and ask for their daughter in marriage

They always said they wished my father dead.

Who killed em user?

Stuck between wanting to share my personal history and not wanting to treat them like a personal therapist.

I grew up in something bigger than life. I wish someone would save me but I know life is unfair. I wish I could go back and just live the happy memories. Me in a red bathing suit, hot pavement on my feet, wet cold grass and sprinklers. That life is what I should've had. Riding my bike with my friend. Those memories are the only happiness I know. I envy other kids with a simply life.

I want to see you.

I am nothing. I am no one. I feel selfish for wanting anything at all.


They tried to know more and as always, curiosity killed the cat.

talk to me, Me

Why does French music rarely ever make any fucking sense when they're singing in English?

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Some guy stole my girlfriends bike and as we where walking to the pawn shop to see if he tried to sell it there we see him riding it towards us. Girlfriend was smart enough to wait till the guy got close instead of screaming at him from down the road so when he got closer I stepped out in front of him and blocked him and my girlfriend grabbed the handlebars and shoved him off and started screaming at him. He started screaming back and threw a couple threats her way so I stepped in front of him and stared him down. He threatened to call the cops on us? and I took out my phone and said I would call them right now and he just fucking ran like a bitch. I really wanted to flatten the guy but managed to keep a cool head.

I kept my anger on the back burner for 5 hours but now that I am alone it is flaring back up again. I might have to smash something with a baseball bat.

Wonder if I should get some bathwater
What say you anons?

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I have this feeling that they might like me. Then again I could be imagining all this as Im no Keanu Reeves, far from it. I dont know for sure so I hesitate between going all in or doing nothing at all on a single one and I think that actually hurts my chances even more.

How did my life even happen. My father he wanted to know everything. He was searching and he dedicated his life to what he found. I am haunted by his journey. I wish this would end but I know it will never end. He caught the attention of the authorities.

Don't have a tub you can make your own in?

>Not a gamer
>Not a girl
>Not Belle Delphine
Why live?

I want to tell my story but no one is ready for it. He knew Reagan and he knew Einstein. Does anyone even care to know? I guess not....

His story will die, so will mine.

Say it I'm ready

Shut up, Jew. I don't give a fuck about Jews.

I'm sure lots of people knew both Reagan and Einstein. Doesn't mean they themselves did anything of note.

Guess who also knew Reagan and Einstein? That's right Reagan and Einstein themselves! Beat that faggot

Yeah, I know you're CIA or CIA influenced. No shocker there. By the way...did you know the Ashkenazi Jews got Hitler into power? Of course not but soon the world will know.

Of course we knew note the NAZI in AshkeNAZI? Lelelell

Who exactly? I'd love to know you know, you knew them both.

I don't give a fuck about Hitler.
GB2 your stinky peninsula.


Confirmed psychopath

Why would I know the name of some random person who's greatest achievement in life was knowing both Reagan and Einstein?

Yeah you CIA are into little children (sexually) and murder of other races....

WHY oh WHY doesn't that shock me, huh?

I had a vision long LONG ago....

of a boy with white hair in a nazi cult group, being raised as a little nazi. Oh my, guess who that was?

I want a partner I can make happy. When they are tired or down I want to provide for him or her with all that I have and support them with my entire being. It is an alluring fantasy but nothing more. When my time is up, I will only ever have been alone, and no one will remember my name. Why should they? I am insignificant.

another earthquake is happening in socal

SO you don't and your point is moot



ON THURSDAY, JULY 5, 2019 AT 8:21 PM (PST)

It's not in LA though. The epicenter is like in the valley. It's just really big.
Ugh, so annoying. My pool water sloshed out of my pool and made a huge mess.

no wonder some people know what will happen next these days

so many people longing for the past

My mom just thinks you all are sick in the head for what you do you in her name, what disasters and evil events you name after her.

It's fucking hilarious if you think she likes you or endorses you evil people.

We don't long for the past, we are advanced beyond anything you can conceive of.

very well then...

It'd be wise to avoid giving yourself away here

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Natural disaster strikes wherever we walk. We don't command it. We have nothing to do with their madness. They just seem to be obsessed with us. You'll see in time. They love the females in my family.


I want the TRUTH to come out. I can't live like this BULLSHIT anymore, I'd rather DIE FUCKERS.

This is the first apartment that I've seen house centipedes in. Since I first moved in here back in 2015, I've seen about six house centipedes. The first time that I saw one, I thought that it was a cricket at first. Then I looked more closely and noticed the way it moved. It moved sort of like a worm. Then I realized that it was a centipede. Really freaked me out.

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How do I avoid or ignore married women? What do they want exactly?

Why do they even waste their time talking with me? I'm tired of arguing with them. Drunk married fucking idiots have said some of the worst shit and I don't even know what to say back.

greentext pls

God I hate those fuckers where do they even come from

I have no hope. I now only long for escape through fantasy or work. It all hurts, as it was meant to. I am weak for letting myself dream. I am a failure. I am a machine.

My girlfriend doesn't kiss me or isn't as horny as she used to be. She doesn't talk to me as much or even try to see me, yet still says she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.

I'm close to dumping her.

This is why I don't tell my story. Everyone is ordinary and suspicious and/or envious of anyone who actually has an extraordinary life. Believe me, it's worse than your ordinary life and I would love to trade your life with mine.

Maybe you were forced to have violin or piano lessons. Maybe your parents even ignored you sometimes. I would still love your life. I'm envious of the simplicity.

Get fucked faggot
*Plays violin violently*

Do something before it's too late.

keep your head down

just a few more years, ok?

I'm a woman. Much older than you likely and I am unimpressed with your cold and unimaginative immaturity.

I thought it was kinda funny

I truly think I'm done with this place, nothing to learn and I'm tired of unappreciative boneheads.

>nothing to learn
What's a bonehead

Explain please.

I once left Jow Forums for one or two years, but then I came back, and everything seemed completely different.

A few GIOYC threads I posted some old Jow Forums memes from 2005, 2006, and 2007, and nobody even noticed. It made me sad.

I miss harbl hotel.

*a few GIOYC threads ago

Can you please just stop posting? Nobody cares

a head of bones, without a brain

Actually not knowing proves my points but whatever.

I should have bought some sweets while I was still outside. Maybe some Hershey's white chocolate. Now I'm stuck inside without any sweets and I'm too lazy to go back outside now.

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If someone could help that'd be great. Can't make a thread cause "lol no images from your ip range"

But I have a hard time associating myself to reality. Nothing I do feels like it really happens and I'm kinda just going through things. It's not like I'm doing menial labor or anything either, I do complex and real tasks, it just doesn't feel real. And nothing really feels real no matter what it is I do.
For example. I'll lock my door, I know its locked, and I can check its locked. But it doesn't really associate to my brain its locked si I'll keep making sure it's really locked despite the fact I know it is. Eventually I just leave because it's not worth being in an infinite loop.
But things like that, I know the things around me are real on a simple logical level, but it never really goes deeper than that.

Is it just autism or am I just a different kind if retarded.

That sort of sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder. I would suggest that you go to a psychiatrist to have him prescribe some SSRIs to you, but my experience with SSRIs has not been good. I would also suggest that you go see a psychotherapist, but my experiences with psychotherapists has also not been good.

So, uh... I would suggest... maybe... meditation?

God I have people that use ellipses randomly

Well I mean like the lock thing is one aspect. I dont experience the same thing for other things. Like when I'm working, maybe a little OCD kicks in, but for the most part it just feels like a bunch of nothing and I'm just drifting through the day.

I just feel completely disconnected from everything and everyone. Not in a lonely suicidal way, it just feels like theres no connection between me and anything. The ocd stuff is just a symptom of that... I think.

Your friends and family all use ellipses all the time?

I have become so desperate for help that I'm seriously considering selling my soul to Satan in exchange for loads 'o money, but then I'm worried that if I do that that I might trigger a psychotic episode in which I believe myself to be possessed.

what emotions does this convey to you?

nice ellipses and reddit spacing

It doesn't look like Reddit spacing at all when I'm phoneposting.