I live in the middle of Ohio AKA nowhere, where do I meet a cute gay boy?

I live in the middle of Ohio AKA nowhere, where do I meet a cute gay boy?

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Your nearest college town.

I live in a college town but I don’t go to the college.

Where are you from in Ohio? I live in a city near Cincinnati

I'm actually about two hours west of Cincinnati, north of Dayton. I've been over there a few times

I’m still figuring out what orientation I am, and I’m not fully independent yet, but honestly, I kinda want to be a cute little femboi

I’ve been with a couple guys but Ohio is pretty barren when it comes to gay people, or at least cute ones. Have you had any gay experiences? My friend came out to me and he made a pretty transition into a cute femboy ahaha

I haven’t had any, because I haven’t come out yet, even to myself really, but many of my friends are gay or bi. I don’t think I’d have any trouble with family or friends if I came out, but I still dont fully understand.

I definitely have a femboy-ish build, I’m not very manly...

Oh really? I’m curious as to what kind of build you have. Maybe you want to message me?

There seems to be tons of gay individuals on Ohio.
Is it because all the hardcore inbreeding?

I’m going to let you know now, so you don’t get in trouble, I am 16. I know I’m within the age of consent for Ohio, but I’m gonna let you know that now.

I’m abt 5’11”, fairly skinny, with some muscle (but not anything impressive), and pretty white.

Yeah but that also means they’re all ugly
Thanks for saying that. I’m 20 so that’s a little uncomfortable

I didn’t want to lead you on.

But if you have any advice on how to deal with these feelings, I’d appreciate it. I’ve never really wanted to start a relationship with a guy, but I’d probably fuck one. Idk what that makes me (other than a hoe)

Well I can tell you’re honest so that’s really good ahaha. A lot of advice for straight relationships apply to gay ones as well. What I did was talk with online friends about my feelings, since most of them are gay or trans. I’m bi so being gay doesn’t affect me too hard, but I can understand being sort of uncomfortable with those feelings.

One thing I’m sort of afraid of is my... “elasticity”, if you know what I mean. Is there any way to “practice”, or become used to larger things?

You'd be surprised how many guys are around even in the middle of states where you wouldn't expect any gay guys.

>Is there any way to “practice”, or become used to larger things?
Get a series of things leading up to the size you want. A few sites sell a funnel shaped toy that's helpful for this.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy any toys (see the tenth post from top)

But the idea of gradually increasing the size helps, thanks

Just use your fingers and be gentle, it’s the best way to start and it’s how I did when I was a teenager ahaha. I’d recommend a discrete toy when you want to get more into it.

Also, any tips on making my physique more feminine? I have a decent butt, and, as I said, I’m pretty feminine already

>I can’t buy any toys
I got my first ones before I was actually "old enough". It involved some stealth, but what teen doesn't have a hidden stash of something? They really should encourage teens buying toys instead of shaming/outlawing it, a high-quality toy is way safer than using random household objects.

I’m too much of a pussy to do that > ~ <

Idk, I’m gonna keep figuring things out

Just eat light and do cardio until you’ve got most of your body fat gone. Squats are REALLY good for building up your butt, along with carbs. Also look into vitamins and skin cream to make sure your skin is clear and soft. How much do you weigh?

Around 145 lbs.

I got my first dildo at 16 and hid it between my bed and my wall lol

For your height that’s actually a really good BMI. I don’t know what you look like but you sound pretty cute already desu

As I said, I’m pretty skinny already.

One of my upperclassmen friends is old enough to buy that kind of stuff, so I might ask them to buy me one

I’m also into cross dressing a little bit, cuz I like wearing cute stuff.

I’m slowly kinda showing my cutesy side to people, by showing interest in “girly” stuff (plushies and stuff like that), and “acting gay” as a joke/not joke, so to speak

>so I might ask them to buy me one
If you're still talking toys, make sure it's from a good source. Keep away from the cheap shit rubber, go for silicone.

Any brands/companies your recommend?

Oh yeah, honestly being open about what you’re into like plushies is cool. People tend to not care or even like you better because you’re honest. Also if you’re looking into cross dressing don’t go all out at first, just maybe order some cute underwear and see how you look in the mirror. Everyone loves a cute girl (male)

It doesn’t help that my coworkers are always making super gay jokes. Like today, one of my coworkers and I were talking, and he said “Once you clock out, I’m gonna take you into that closet and we’re gonna fuck”

It was clearly a joke, but it turned me on so much

Omg that’s cute as hell

And that’s probably one of my biggest turn ons, being called cute.

I’m real fucked up man

Zeta Paws is a furry toy company, but they have a bunch of cheap silicone 'training' toys that aren't anything too weird.

It’s not fucked up to be a cute gay, you know? Embrace who you are. If you look like you say you do you’ll be getting dicked down as soon as you’re ready, because so many people will want you

When I am finally ready, where should I look for safe hookups, at the very least?

Don’t hook up for your first time! Do it with someone you really like, it’ll be so much better, and safer. Trust is important.

I just don’t know anyone that would do that with me, at least not right now

I’m going to sleep soon, so if anyone wants to find me, I’m often in /b/, so just make a thread with my name in it, and we can chat ~

Damn, I need to find me some femboy to live out my gay fetishes.

Wow, I’m surprised this thread is still here.

I wish I could be an outed femboy

Anyone in Queensland - Ozland, looking for a bear to love and support them?

I'm so lonely and all I want to do is cuddle a nice cute guy before I fall asleep.

Well, best of luck