What Was Your Experience "Getting Girls" in High School

Good? Bad? Easy? Hard? Explain in detail.

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you should never date in high school. best case scenario you got some quick fucks worst case scenario your life is ruined cause you were horny and got a girl pregnant at 15

It was normal I guess. Had a lot of female friends I had some interest in but not a lot. Had a brief thing (few weeks) with a girl my junior year. Then I got a underclassmen gf in my senior year for a few months and as soon as that happened, all my female friends wanted to get with me. I loved my gf tho so it didn't happen. Also I didn't have sex til college because it was too hard to find a place and I was too nervous to do it in a bathroom or something.

Any girl I tried to pursue reacted with "eeww yuck" kind of response. Needless to say nothing ever happened, and still hasn't more than a decade later.

BASED pretending it was a choice poster

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From like freshman to sophomore year I really fucking wanted a GF, but I did nothing apart from just stared from afar as they got into relationships and wallowed in loneliness. Then nearing the end of sophomore year I met this one girl in my history class who I got somewhat close with, but we never got farther than just classroom/study-hall banter. IDK if she liked me or not, but looking back I don't really regret not going after her.

Then during my junior/senior year, after already giving up on having a HS relationship,I started talking to this girl who's been in my classes since middle school, but never got to know. She was very shy and not too social, but was smart as fuck and we had many similar interests(both foreign/bilingual, same taste in shows/anime, interested in psychology, our family situation was so oddly similar that we saying that we were clones of each other). We kept talking over the course of like a year and a half and became really good friends, but were apprehensive about dating. Couple more months went by, we realized that we both really like each other, say fuck it and start dating at a point when both of us had already given up.

My advice to you OP would be to honestly just stop caring about getting girls and instead focus on yourself and your hobbies. Working out will give you a confidence boost, so will meditating and developing proper study habits (better grades --> more confidence in self/ opens up the option to help people out with HW/studying). Having hobbies will make you interesting to talk to. Join clubs and actually participate, talk to people, and eventually you'll find someone to be with.

I didn't try. 10+ years later I'm still not sure why. I think it is a combination of low self esteem, and internalized misandry due to my absentee father which gives pursuing women a negative (masculine) connotation. Trying to sort it all out with my therapist atm.

No experience. I also didn’t have friends either.

You give me hope user.

never got a gf in his. lied about not being in town on the weekend of prom when I sensed that a fat girl I was friends with was about to invite me to go with her. downloaded tinder and found someone on there that had “no hook ups” in their bio and now we are happy together

I was apparently a fucking stud who hated every minute of it. Being really tall early on got me some attention. My high school experience involved turning down sex a lot due to depression. Then came college and I had no clue what to do because I'd actually need to try.


Much like the college one, a complete failure.

I spent my hs years chasing after girls that took advantage of me and turning down two or three girls that liked me, while ignoring a lot of girls that liked me but I had too much autism at the time to notice.

The long version is that I liked this punk girl that smoked a lot of weed. I hung with her a bit and talked. I did sack up and told her how I felt. This was a Friday, I remember because she gave me a note as a reply. She said she was cursed by evil spirits. Totally ruined my weekend. We dated but she wanted it to be an open relationship. Which for some reason she thought translated into telling me about every other guy she fucked. Not being a cuck, this felt like emotional death every time. Eventually I realized it didn't matter how I felt about her, that I deserved to be treated better and just ghosted her. Cut her out 100% cold turkey.

Later I feel for a short girl with a pixie cut and huge tits. Asked her out. She said her dad didn't let her date people. Started dating my friend that didn't like her next week. She later moved. I went to the trouble to track her down to talk on the phone pre internet. Called, and she spent 40 minutes talking about this guy in PE she thought was hot. Ghosted her.

Apparently half my AP english class thought I was hot. They showed this by calling me pet names. I thought they were just picking. had an "oh" moment in college after I stopped getting that kind of attention from girls.

A tall annoying girl in drafting wanted to date me. I never went for it.

A cute girl with a small scar on her lip asked me to some thing but I said I wasn't interested in the thing. I had my head far up one of those other girl's asses at the time. Sucks. If she'd tried at the right time I'd said yes.

Looking back, I partly blame myself and partly blame my parents. My mother is bipolar and would come home and fly into rages. I grew accustomed to bad behavior from women.

>Looking back, I partly blame myself and partly blame my parents. My mother is bipolar and would come home and fly into rages. I grew accustomed to bad behavior from women.

To add to this. This bipolar behavior created distance with my dad so I never got to see normal people flirt.

After doing a lot of reading and watching people, I realize a lot of what I did was never going to work. Like I should have picked, flirted and created tension with those girls I liked.

They were never going to say yes because I hadn't created any tension.

How ill prepared I was for dating is just depressing. I try to not dwell on it.

>To add to this. This bipolar behavior created distance with my dad so I never got to see normal people flirt.
This was my family too. There really needed to be a more realistic "instructional" video or something for us.

It came easy for me despite the fact that I was a super shy and short dude 5’4”. But I had pretty boy looks so that obviously helped. Lost virginity at 16 to a beautiful Arab girl that approached me. She spiked my confidence so much I broke it off with her a month later. I then began to approach girls out in the streets who would have staring contests with me. They were the easiest to sleep with. I dated most of them but I could never commit fully. After having been with maybe 25 or so, I’m now 33 and haven’t had sex since the mayweather mcgregor fight.

I was pretty ugly, had no personality and all i wanted was being inside playing vidya. All girls stayed cleared until i turned 16 and got my first gf. She was pretty hot too and had lots of girl friends. Suddenly i was apart of a cool social group. With their help i got my shit together. And after me and gf split and my body was done with puberty I became very desirable. Being at my most horny and having access to girls was pretty wild.

The first 2 years I was over weight and an autist. 11th grade I dropped a bunch of weight grew a good amount and started talking to people more those 2 years I was getting a lot more female attention it was easy most times they’d try and talk to me

Over 6' tall in high school. Shy, nerdy and got bullied a lot by manlets. Thought girls were repulsed by my very pressence because no one ever talked to me. Thought I was ugly and had low self esteem all throughout high school, date one slutty cheerleader who had the balls to hit on me, who was one year older than me.

Apparently I'm a really good kisser and have chad genetics in face and height. Realize I'm chad. Leave slutty cheerleader because she was too bitchy. Girl is madly in love after only 2 weeks of foreplay and making out. She does everything to get me back, tries to get me jealous by fucking other guys. Didn't phase me at all, only makes her want me more.

Leave highschool only to be told by a bunch of girls that they had crushes on me the whole time but were too intimidated by my chadness to approach me.

TLDR, shy chad gets bullied by jealous manlets and ignored by girls who think they are not worthy. Only get 1 gf because she hit on me, date for 2 weeks, take 2 years for her to get over me.

I remember that I didn't understand how other guys liked girls "sexually" and they didn't understand how I didn't.
I remember there were girls I admired as in "i wish I could be their friend". I never really made any moves because of this (except asking one out on the last day of HS but she said "no"), but I sort of wanted to get a date because I thought this admiration meant I wanted to be their boyfriend and that being sexually attracted would come later.
After high school I finally accepted that I'm sexually attracted to guys. However I never had sex with anyone and now I'm 26.
I may be a bit romantically attracted to women but I don't really feel like I would want to have sex with a woman, as opposed completely to when I think about having sex with a guy.
Back in high school I remember that some others told me that at least 2 girls had a crush on me but idk if it was true. They weren't really attractive though, although one became more sexy after high school (I saw her on the street some time ago).

I have too much ego to date

I had pretty terrible acne throughout middle school so even when it cleared up and this one girl liked me, I was too much of a sperg to pursue her. I dated one girl for a few months in my junior year, but didn't get laid until after high school. It was an overall shitty time.

I started going to gym at age 16 and had some nice gains when i was 17.

Had no problems getting girls. I could hook up with any girl i wanted.

One party i french kissed 5 different girls just for fun and i was wasted and they all kissed ne back.
I had sex with 6 different girls during my senior year and banged every weekend about 3-5x a day.

Now that im 35yo it is much harder because I feel like 25yo are too youngminded for me and 30yo’s are looking for families.

So i ens up having casual sex with 22-28yos

I want a family at some point though

Terrible, I was super short until grade 11 and got picked on a lot, but then I became cool by having a few tight friends I got high with regularly and I completely stopped giving a fuck about the opinions of the general population. The problem with that is I didn't find out I was cool until my first year of university and that lots of cute girls had crushes on me in grade 12 and 13.

Oh well. Just goes to show you that you're rarely aware of most of your opportunities.

>i french kissed 5 different girls just for fun and i was wasted and they all kissed ne back.
Uh, you do know what a french kiss is, right?

They all wanted me but i rejected them all. Women are cringe creatures.

a French kiss, also known as a deep kiss, is an amorous kiss in which the participants' tongues extend to touch each other's lips or tongue

I dont see your point with this silly question

>before puberty
>want sex
>never get it
>age 16
>girl likes me
>afraid to kiss, been too long and life too mean
>she 'breaks up'
>age seventeen
>lost weight a bit
>hair long
>switch schools due to being in foster care (since 11)
>five girls suddenly want to date at once
>can't choose, don't want to be as mean as society was to me
>girl chooses me
>age 15
>normal weight (me too)
>large breasts, blond, blue eyes
>birthmark on face
>one mysteriously brown tooth (is that from smoking??)
>looks like bookworm
>calls self 'anime freak'
>we fuck during christmas break (ran away from group home)
>go back after break after living with her and her mother in some 'sticks' area, a trailer home
>v-card now gone (we lost to each other)
>keep dating
>her tooth is from 'sticks' 'parents' giving her ear meds in her mouth because HURR
Insert uglyhot as a search query if curious what she looked like. Me too.
>live with her and her mother
>stepfather gets out of jail
>want to kill
>never kill
>keep living with her
>we break up but end up kissing anyway as were in love and lived together
>happens over and over
>age 20 relationship ends, she goes to Navy
>I hate Navy
>HS ends as am now 20 (missed some school years due to mentally ill family, never held back)
>same failed attempt to get gf thing as before happens now that she's gone
>get fake gfs never real relationships so I keep ending them
>eventually drop out at 22 and let roommates that helped with rent fend for themselves (I had foster checks until then)
>move back in with long lost parents
>am now 30
>never a gf past 17-20 age HS gf

Only memes now as a forever neet with no work history.

Wome are very horny, maybe even more horny than boys on average due to less fapping.

But if they dont get satisfied with hs boys they will just bang some college freshmen or plumbers or whatever

Some girls threw themselves at me and I was too autistic to read them. Back then I literally could have looked at a couple of these hoes and went "y'all wanna fuck in my truck?" And I'm almost certain they would have said yes. I was just that retarded.

Hasn't gotten much better honestly. Because I was so weak in high school I was way too forward in college.got a bunch of one night stands and then realized that I couldn't get it up for them because I was addicted to pornography and jerked it multiple times a day to hentai and rough porn.

But hey, that's life.

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>Girl's birthday (month and day) was the same as Donald Trump's.
>Looked anarexoic.
>No breasts, not sexy.
>I coulda maybe got a better highschool gf.
>But, I had low self esteem whatever.
>She was on prozac, kinda women childlike.
>Into pokemon and hamtaro.
>Wasn't that weird for 15 or 16.
>Break up was bad.
>I lost a lot of reputation for being with her.
>Glad I'm no longer friends with her.
>Yeah she was frumpy af,
>Seen her pic years later, she looks like a methhead.

I only kissed one girl that's all

Was pretty good. Several girls liked me in HS, flirted with every girl I wanted to, but i.hardly ever really dated around. I had one girlfriend though, she was like peak cuteness. Super small and shy girl but the most perverted person I've ever met after she got comfortable with me, which was in a matter of weeks. Never had a GF since though since I'm extremely awkward

Not even fucking one girl doesn't seem that Chad to me.

I got my first girlfriend my sophomore year, we dated for 2 years until she left for college and I didn't have any meaningful relationships until college.
Had some short trysts in between

In high school it's easier to get a girlfriend because they don't really know what they want yet.

unless you are ugly.

Easy because I transferred high schools and I had low standards. Dated several for only a week or so because I just wanted their attention.
Then I ended up in an abusive relationship and didn't dump her till I left for college.

my high school experience was shit. I had no friends, all I did was stay home and study and be anxious depressed and miserable and thought no one would love me.

What's the average age to start having sex as a teen? I was probably an outlier.


Never happened

awful, never got laid in highschool which played a part in destroying my confidence until at least my late 20s when i finally started working through some of my bullshit. its been a hell of a ride

I lived in a tiny ass village in the middle of nowhere and most of the people I went to school with I knew since I was 4. Nobody dated anyone they have known for that long. The few new students we ever got usually got into relationships with someone but there was nobody for me. Not that it mattered. I was not emotionally mature enough for a relationship back then but I was mentally mature enough to know I wasn't ready. Couple that with the fact that after high school everyone would move to different places and I knew better than to start something doomed to end.

Shitty. I had one enormous crush that never returned the favor beyond friendship, several smaller ones that I was too afraid to ask out, and I accidentally friendzoned girls that I didn't know were into me.
I realized that now at 24 and I'm still a dense mofo when it comes to reading signs. Really wish I was different.

Some girl was hitting on me and I wasn't interested, so she moved to other guy. I'm sometimes regret not sexing her, but at the same time feel good that I turned her down

I really miss high school for a lot of reasons and girls are one of them, back then It was so much easier to get a chick. It also helped that I have never seem so many hot girls at the same place before, seriously It had like the biggest rate of hot girls per capta. Want to go back to those glory days now

>Born with muscular dystrophy
And a bad back injury at a young age.
>Had to have a paraprofessional
>Had to be escorted by elevator
>Parents wanted me to take yellow school bus, lived too far from school to go myself.
>Mother wanted it to be a short bus so the ride is easier on my back.
>Bus drops me off in front of school by lift because I legally couldent take stairs
>Small HS of only about 130 students so word gets around
>Parent still wonder why I never dated anyone.

I was antisocial and pathetic and not very attractive. Some pretty severe depression in middle school warped my behavior for a long time afterwards and I only realized just how deeply it determined how I was going through life when I was 25. I actually got one cute girl to like me in HS but I was too much of a pussy to actually escalate and ghosted her. Now I'm just antisocial. And still probably not very attractive, I have no idea how to rate myself, but more than I was in HS. But I'm not pathetic which is a major improvement. When I do eventually have kids I will make goddamn sure they are nothing like I was.

Social interaction in general, I was literally invisible about 90% of the time. The other 10% I was "that quiet kid that was going to blow up the school".

Was was worse for the opposite reason. For some reason I was the one everyone told their dirty little secrets. I did not enjoy hearing the intimate details of my co-workers sex lives and who was fucking who on the side. I was 17 and these women in their 20's and 30's. The fuck was wrong with them?

you mean asocial

they thought you were gay user

I actually mean formerly avoidant, currently schizoid, but know most people use "antisocial" to describe those.

Very frustrating when i look back on it.

I know about a few very attractive girls who liked me back in high school. Yet i was too much of a pussy and too clueless to make a move on these girls. And given that these girls were every bit as clueless as i was, nothing ever happened.

Needless to say, i stayed a KHV throughout all of my high school years.

Looks matter when youre older around early twenties, you would be surprised how much virgin girls think twice about their first time. Losing your virginity is more likely with older women at that period of your life. Most girls lose it during college, and the 'slutty' ones during high only suck dick or leave it at second base.
If you come across a girl your age who is eager to have sex, she was most likely molested.

its actually asocial

antisocial means criminal, and so on

I'm not too sure about that.

I've heard and read about how girls can be crazy horny and itching to get dicked as early as 13-14 y/o. Roughly when they become fertile.The reason why most women stay virgin until around 18 y/o or so is because most guys in high school have zero confidence to ask girls out and they're too busy playing video games.

From my experience, most girls really don't have much self control when it comes to their sexual urges. If they meet a guy they like and he has the confidence to pursue her sexually, she'll give in 99% of the time regardless of what her age is.

It depends on what school you go and what type of girl youre going for, but for the most part if you have 0 experience with girls theyre not gonna even reach second base. Reading and hearing isnt the same as fucking them user.

highschool was hell. late puberty, smallest and skinniest boy, it didnt help my highschool was chad paradise, full of sons of famers/fisherman/builders. hierarchy was based on how big framed and developed you were. I developed selective mutism, depression, symptoms of schizophrenia. missed all parties so the damage was done. zero interest from girls, sister in year below me hooked up with most of the chads who bullied me. literally bullied by chad by day, fucks my sister by night. now a 24yo post college kissless virgin. i did grow to 6'3 at least.

Read it again you fucking manlet. Had I known I was chadlike throughout high school I'd be bored of pussy by now.

I still get mires, at work and sometimes women even stop me in the street to tell me how handsome I am. I could fuck any of them but just because I don't want to doesn't mean I'm not chad.

Random. Literally. I met my first girlfriend while I was having a walk. A friend of mine was hanging out with some girls, she was there and we started to talk.
The second and third ones had crushes on me I don't know why yet. That's frustrating.
Then, almost everytine I try to be successful with girls I fail. Sometimes we make out and even we have a date or 2 but never really succeed

Got my girlfriend pregnant at 17, the very first time we had sex. Still with her though a decade later but it made life tough for a while.

Shut up degenerate.

Easy in some ways, difficult in others. I was extremely introverted in high school and could hardly bring myself to make eye contact with most people, but I managed to land a girl who I found very physically attractive. She even came on to me and did most of the work. All I really had to do was be a body.

But my introversion/autism/whatever you want to call it is all but impossible for me to overcome, even to this time. Even though I found her very attractive, I could never bring myself to get handsy or go further than making out. It's a weird phenomenon that I thought I would outgrow when I got older, but I never did. Years down the line I finally started getting laid regularly, but I found sex pretty repulsive and it made me nauseous.

I think that even though I can admire a person's aesthetics, the underpinning functions of the human body will always gross me out. It sucks and I wish I could overcome my disgust.

It was horrible mostly because I had next to zero social skills. Girls would crush on me and I'd have absolutely no idea. Now I don't get girls because I have standards

I remember being invited to a cookout by the popular girls at one if their houses, I always hung out with the nerds but they found me attractive. I went to the cookout and they made the mistake of having a trampoline in my presence. I had never used one and had always wondered what they were like, I was 17 at this point, so I didn't stop bouncing on it. Forgot what happened but I ended up screaming "WHITE POWER" at the climax of each bounce. I'm black. They never invited me over again.

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>What Was Your Experience "Getting Girls" in High School
>Explain in detail.
When I finished school (16yo) I was 5'3", fat and had a voice like mickey mouse being gang raped. Most of the girls in my year were the same height as me or taller. I didn't get any girls, I didn't even register to them, I lived in one of the worst places in Europe for teen pregnancies and not one girl showed any interest in me.

My parents had/have an unhealthy relationship punching the fuck out of each other, my dad doesn't let my mother socialise with anyone and my mother told me that she lets my dad see prostitutes if he wants to, I've always suspected they are swingers as they would drive out to meet my dad's married friend from work and be overly familiar with people they just met and insisting on hugging/kissing them as they leave... these are the same people who see people hug to greet in public and think it's unusual.
Dad can't hold his drink and looked for a reason to beat me/my mother or smash my possessions, I lost count of how many N64s and gamecubes he smashed, he routinely told me I'm not clever and lack any work ethic.

When I was 18 and got my first gf she came from an unhealthy home (dad left after battering her mother, mother became a mail order bride for someone 15 years older than her), when we argued her default response was to punch me which I thought was normal, this went on for 5 years.

I'm now 28 and still struggling to find a normal relationship, the women available to me only gets worse each year.

7/10 made me laff user

First 'was' was supposed to be work. Fuck me.

>they thought you were gay user
Any actual fags wanna speak to the validity of this?

> the underpinning functions of the human body will always gross me out.
I sympathize, most life functions are pretty disgusting when you think about them.

At least, depending on the crowd, you've got one hell of a story.

Easy. I was an awkward ass kid with more confidence than I really should have had and fell in love with every girl who talked to me.
Some found me quirky and my humour unique, and when I'd be like "lol I like you" like 1 in 20 were cool. All of my game was on man. Can't appear awkward and stuttery behind a text wall.

All my game was on msn*

Easy but bad. Back in high school, I asked this girl out after knowing her for about a month. My tiny kid pea brain only did so because her body language screamed "we could fuck all over" after the first couple times we hanged out. She thought me inviting her to a movie was the kindest thing ever. Once we started dating she became super possessive. I was on the school's tennis team. She would randomly show up during practice and interrupt it by walking on to the courts to come and talk to me. People had to stop playing because of the implied danger. Like, girlfriends coming to watch wasn't uncommon, but they were respectful enough to watch from behind the tennis court cages. The coach started fucking hating me because of her. I still remember him blatantly pouring gatorade over my head saying the fakest "oops sorry" I have ever heard. That being said, she wanted me to come over and fuck her all the time. She would also always ask for my tennis jacket so she could masturbate to my smell. I never fucked her though. (I think a part of my tiny pea brain knew that she was trying to trap me by having a kid) Once we got closer she told me how she was raped a lot by her uncles growing up and had a lot of issues because of that. She wanted me to take her away from her shitty poor family. Looking back at it now, I think she was a fucking grade F loser lol. I mean, I'm a cuck on Jow Forums now 6 years later, but my god, there would be so much more problems if she was still around and we had a kid.

Had hormonal imbalance back then so I was basically asexual. It is pretty fucking strange to think about that now, to be honest.

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Didn't care or need them. Went to community and faded out of the scene. Fuck all those fake-ass people I once knew. And fuck me, too.

"dated" a girl end of freshman year. was super nervous to ask her out but she said yes. I then foudn out she was the most antisocial person on earth, she'd take days, if not weeks to respond to texts. You'd think she just wasnt into me, but when we were together at school she'd act like we were a happy couple. It then got to the point where we just stopped talking completely, and when people asked me if we were still dating I legitimately answered that I didnt know. I was depressed about it most of the way through sophomore year, and then still hated her for making me think girls were emotionless manipulators for most of junior year. I only really got over it when I saw how ugly her knew boyfriend was and heard about how jealous she was that I was talking to the thot in my class. Said thot was a really good friend, but when I thought about asking her out, all my friends told me it was a bad idea and her friend told me I'd probably get shut down, so I quit while I was ahead and stopped talking to her. Probably a bad idea since she was both fun to talk to and within my league, but my last experience with women kind of shot my self confidence. Then I didnt really talk to any girls senior year, and after a few more bad experiences finally got a real girlfriend my second semester of college. She's adorable and makes me so happy, and even if we dont last forever just being in a happy healthy relationship has given me so much more confidence, and I think I will leave it better. tldr: highschool made me feel like girls only cared about themselves and I was a total lose, and I didnt get my first kiss until 19

Non-existent. I was an ugly, skinny balding chinlet and I know no girls wanted anything to do with me. Some nights it was hard dealing with shit like seeing some of my friends getting girls fucking effortlessly.

Non-existent. Some of the girls would give me the eye but never approached me and some of the chicks I liked were too damaged to get close too. Eventually I learned over time that the women in my state weren't hot at all and that foreign women were hotter--eventually I had a foreign chick from overseas fly out to see me and my parents and I dated her for awhile--she stayed at my house for two weeks as well.

I lost interest in dating after middle school. Unfortunately, there a girl who was obsessed with me who made the first two years of high school hell.

> ugly, annoying, clingy, crazy girl
> climbs on my back wanting piggy back rides
> sneaks up behind me while I'm at my locker to give me hugs that keep me from getting my stuff for class
> hugs last several minutes
> does not understand the meaning of "no", "get the hell off me" or "I really don't like you"
> keeps coming back after getting rejected multiple times a day
> befriends all my friends and family to get them to pressure me into spending with her
> talks my parents into dropping me off by her place so she can spend time with me (I lived >10 miles away from her, so I couldn't walk home)
> tracks down tons of my personal details, I have no idea how
> convinces teachers to let her sit right next to me in LITERALLY EVERY CLASS
> uses this proximity to feel me up in class and make me as uncomfortable as possible
> I complain to people, including teachers
> people get confused, ask why I'm complaining
> "user, you're lucky that you have a girl that likes you this much!"

Eventually she realized after two or three years of this that she wasn't getting anywhere with me, and so she moved on to more desperate guys. Last time I heard, some meth addict knocked her up a few times.

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it was horrible but that was because im hideous

What was her body like?

Non existent. Oh, that also extends through uni.

>explain in detail
I never got girls in highschool.

i didn’t talk to any girls in high school and i stopped hanging out with my friend group somewhere near the end of my freshman year

there was a girl crushing hard on me in middle-school, later everyone found out i had a crush on her as well ,at first she denied it to protect her image but later came out with it ,but i was too big of a whimp to do anything about it so nothing came out of it

i could literally see the disappointment in her eyes thou

Absolutely non-existent.

High school I had one girlfriend then had a thing with another girl. Been 3 years since I graduated and haven’t had any female contact since.

Never actively tried to get a girlfriend, but ended up having two throughout high school and going to prom with some girl I never really talked to who asked me.
I honestly always thought there was some sort of joke being played on me, but I didn't mind the attention.

People said I was attractive, so I think I had an advantage in the girls at my school's first impressions of me. But I was a complete spazz so that quickly rendered my percieved good looks useless.

I got better as grades went by.

You learn as an adult those feelings weren’t real, all hormones mindfucking you into doing dumb things. You might care about someone but your motives for having romantic feelings are super shallow at that age. I feel sorry for the people who never moved on from that mindset, they control governments and still think like edgy teenagers.

>115lb as a freshman
>130lb as a senior
>ok grades
>only had 1 gf throughout hs
>senior year started going to the gym
>gained 8 lb after i graduated
>look better now
>last time i checked i was 140
>getting more attention from girls at my old hs

Just try dude
honestly my gym near me was expensive so i went to a further one that was cheap as fuck
Kept going consistently whenever i could