Flat chest

what do i do with small boobs? my chest is so flat i feel very self conscious about it. they are not going to get bigger i am already 23. i avoid looking at myself in the mirror. what do?

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own it
very few men will care

You can do it!

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True. Chill, everything will be good, just find a good person!

do you have ass

But what of your ass?

Flat is justice!
Trannies should all be gassed, though. Sorry, OP.

Many men are fine with it if your personality is nice.

Also engage with a shrink pls and work on self-confidence

inb4 delicious flatchest


Own it I love that in a girl!

check this thread that was just above you . bitch.

There's this famous cam girl Emily Grey, she had no boobs and decided to enhance them, worst choice ever.

It's women's issues, men aren't going to snub anyone for small boobs. One thing, don't enhance them, it's going to look hideous and you a silly person.

can't tell you what you should do. but you could let me nibble on them

As a man, you should do 30 squats every day minimum. A toned ass is way better than some titties.

I understand where you come from but men don’t care as much. I bet your female friends give you more shit than any man would. Bitches can be fucking horrible to each other.

I had a friend who ran track in HS. She hurt her foot in college and she had to stop running. A few months later her boobs grew

Show thine tits or leave my sight you vile cutting board

That's right, OP, just break your foot for instant tits!

Typical attention whores thread


Shit my gf ran track and has small tiddies
I like it that way but thats a funny coincidence

Just post them on Jow Forums and witness that
1) no one cares about their size
2) everyone compliments cause it's boobs


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do you have nice hips? DFC + nice hips is a good combo

Your best option is to hop on Jow Forums and whine about it so low-value beta sperglords, who would not touch IRL with a 10 feet long desinfected pole, can boost your fragile millenial ego by telling you how AWESOME small tits are.


stop being a tranny

Just get implants if it bothers you that much