How do i not want to fuck my sister

how do i not want to fuck my sister

she's so hot it's ridiculous

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why didn't the westermarck effect work w me

she wants to hang out again soon but i'm thinking of dodging her so i don't have to intensify the guilt i feel for wanting to fuck her

i can't help but flirt with her and check her out when she's around, her seeming complicit with this is no less disturbing

pic of sister so we can determine if it's possible not wanting to fuck her

I second this, sometimes there is no way around sin

i can't really post pics

not an incel tho, i've dated 6's and 7's (and managed to pull off mff threesums)

my sister is hotter than that by a significant margin

You should seek help fucking yesterday

Fuck her and tell the whole story to us later on here

i can't afford help

this she sounds down

I third this, we need the photos to give proper, reasonable advice

like this but with a way hotter face

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more like this but w.o freckles and a more attractive nose

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but that's not what we asked for...
we need her pics, not some e-thot

the other day we were walking in a confined space and she stopped and when i bumped into her my dick touched her butt

Fap to MILF and Mature porn exclusively.

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Visual would be preferred.

after i see her it's hard not to fap to the idea of fucking her for a while

Well, i want to fuck your sister too

What how did you not bend her over and fuck her right then and there

there were people around

plus no matter how much i delude myself that maybe this attraction is mutual there's no way something like this would work out

just when i think it could it'd blow up in my face and i'd be ostracized from the family and probably my friends

i don't want to risk that all over an inappropriate relationship with my sister

but i would

>but i would
Based op is based

This is a very important question. Have you seen her naked or does she wear revealing clothing? This may contribute

starts fapping to asian/black porn so you change fetishes

i haven't seen her naked and i wouldn't say her clothing is more "revealing" than normal

but omg the yoga pants

and she has some dresses that are nuts

my fetishes are already all over the place

i wouldn't even call this a fetish, it's not like i get off to the idea of incest, my sister just drives me crazy, i feel like i can barely control myself around her

The yoga pants; are they see thru? And what's the issue with the dresses? Are they really short?

this can't be a real thing

As an user that has a sister and when through the same shit.
Realised that it was because I didn't had a stabile sex partner, spent some time with her living in the same house and the lack of pussy made me turn my attention to what was closest.
After some time I realised that if id done it it would end in two ways, both are bad:
1 Eventually develop a relationship / marry.
2 Never talk/see her again.
I know a irl example of a situation like this and it was fucked up. A sis and bro have sex, develops into a relationship, they say it cant go on. She marry's a guy and the guy found out that they are still doing it and filed for divorce.
Having said all of this don't let me or society dictate what you should do.
If you are going to fuck your sis do it while she is still young and looks good.