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I shouldve took psychology instead, god why did I listen to the opinion of an incel.

I couldve met nicer people and possibly take care of cute kids instead.

I hate normie children, children with disabilities are easier to take care of because of they're naive and have a sunny disposition in life.

If I had to shoot a bimbo or an incel
i'd shoot both but aim for the head towards the incel and have the bimbo survive the injury.

I fucking hate normies with the bottom of my stone cold ice cream heart.

Why did I become like this anyway? what the fuck happened to me, me.

People around thought you're a good person. not a massive ball of anger and disgust.

no first world has privacy

I wish we swished dispositions in life then have my family lose everything in a casino.

damn there too much man
how tf am I gonna do this and still come out on top????

I love seeing first world people with money suffer from depression because it reminds me that the southeast atleast have a soul and that they're assumptions are wrong, no we're not beneath you.
You're the one who's beneath us.

We're happy and content with simple joys in life while they whine whine whine whine like a bunch of infants instead of picking themselves up

I've already sucked his dick twice WHY am I so fucking autistic about starting to send nudes. He literally always lets the girl make the move first. I'm having stage fright.

Whine whine whine all night, they don't deserve to live.
Why not kill yourselves, here have a sedative
Whine whine whine like theres no santa clause.
they're pathetic because they whine
They wine all night~

im not talking about the teens btw, im talking about the adults, fuck them all

They're supposed to guide their offspring, instead they send them off to hell and never discipline them properly like a responsible human being.

I accidentally erased the h, I think.

"everyone has something good inside them"
yeah no, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree
kill them if their parents arent good people.
I may not be a good person but atleast im doing my job in a perfect and calculating manner.
suck on that losers



Insted of lazing around crying and whining
why not help each other in the society and help each other genuinely.

But being genuine is out of the dictionary so im calling genocide instead, both side of the world
north, south, east and west. kill each other and let's see who's the strongest of them all

It's pathetic very disgusting.

Go away.
This isnt about you narcissist.



I don't mind experiencing world war 3 if that's what it takes to kill of the baddies.

For years and years, world leaders are tired of keeping everything in balance. Kill each other off instead, the justice will always prevail from now on because I said so.


I feel like I wasted my potential and morally bankrupt myself. As well as making dumb mistakes I shouldn't have. I just want to do things right going forward but I don't know how to proceed.

I always get what what I want. even if I don't gain the material itself.

For example, toys:
I didn't get the doll but I have other dolls to play with and besides, I don't need it, all of it, I don't need any of the dolls at all.



Books scares me because i've read books all my life and it reminds me of the times I felt alone.

A good set of friends are all I need and im ready to aim towards the top, but im solitary so i'll stay at the bottom insead. Good thing I can use methaphorical dead bodies to climb myself up to the top alone.

It has always been this way, noone will help.
Keep it together and im all good next semester.
Psychology, here I come.

It's so hard to help people. I feel very dumb and apish when I try to help because I am not very good at explaining things to ppl. I just want to stop caring.

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Dammit I bit off more than I can chew


I guess I have to have some faith







Why did she literally just drunk call me claiming that I hated her for dumping me? We ain't talk in months and that's what you call me with. Women I swear.

I hate that I have this shitty oneitis and it‘s not going away. What the fuck is this. Didn‘t even fucking seen her for 4years. Is my body stupid? Go away

How the fuck do I rid my lust for your dick especially knowing I can never have it I should be over this by now what is this black magic

I've never wanted anyone as much as her. And now we can't be together.

And why is that?

Got fired from our place of work. Told the manager to fuck off and that was it.

A group of us were supposed to go out and have a good evening, maybe a few drinks but because of the firing. I'm unable to. Lost all contact completely.

She was a dime, dude. Big tits, cute face, young. She really knew how to arouse me, and make me feel wanted. Guess we each got off on that, even though she had a bf.

Probably doomed from the start, eh?

>even though she had a bf.
>Probably doomed from the start, eh?

Just because a chick has a bf it means nothing.

Don't advocate degeneracy. If a woman is willing to cheat she is auto-trash and you should never be enticed to stick thine dick into trash.

I'm not even here anymore. Didn't i respond in the last thread?

You don't respect me so im done.

Nigga you gonna drive yourself crazy thinking vague ass posts are for you.

I'm already "crazy"

Ok well you have responded to my posts a few times and now you are driving my crazy. At least tell me the initial of the person you seek so I know to ignore you.

You say that only because you haven't come across the ones willing to mate guard.

An attention whore, sure, but not crazy. Just needy.

It means she is not worth talking to until shr doesn't have a bf.

>cuck posting

If she has a bf it means absolutely nothing. Have you never played this game before?

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You really don't understand do you.

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>how am i playing games?


I'm the king of the north!

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I guess I know how you feel about me now.

What's up? Who are you.

Fuck outa here J I am not going to let you lewd me. You had your fun years ago, you're done with me.

My bf is a sexual degen, addicted to porn, makes sexual comments about underaged girls, lusts after my friends, has paid for premium snapchats, lied to me about these things and more, has a tor browser that he will not tell me what he uses it for and I still love him. What is wrong with me.

One day soon, one of us will leave. And who knows if we'll even talk after that. I wish I could have been more for you but this just isn't that time in my life. We make each other so goddamn happy but I can't be more than friends right now, even if I want to be.

You can love him but you have to break up with him. Eventually you will get over him.

Are you a good friend to them?

I sometimes want to hang myself an slith my wrists and bleed till I die, because of my argeuing senpai and life around it all the little things and the sickenning Syndrom that haunts me everyday I remember it, cuzz I cant produce any kids, but I can't because I have the most loving friends and I will Protect and love them till the end and they are the world to me, I would do anything vor them. it is all too damn frustrating.. I just want to marry someone and be happy(and I am already fucking nervous if some kne will accept me for who I am knowing I cant produce any offspring) apart from having kids sadly, and I know I could adopt children but I dont know about that, I just feel too damn sad and I want to die, the darkness is seeping within me... (I have had 5years of crippling depression and setbacks and mental breakdowns.. life is gong slightly better right know but I just don't know.. and I'm still just 20yrs old.

I meant family not senpai*

Why me man? I guess I just have to let it go.

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I think my mom's right. It's just laziness. If I try really hard, I'll figure it out eventually.

The problem is that I always fucking crash and I don't understand why. How am I supposed to get anything fucking done like this???

2 questions:
-Is it wrong to think I'm a good person and that I'm a better person than most people around me?
-If other people have freedom of speech to speak against a certain demographic I'm a part of, does it mean I don't have the right to be offended? Or that I have the right to (and maybe even should) say something against those who say it?

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Your mom is probably like mine. From a generation that didn't believe in depression because discussing mental issues was super taboo back then.

I wish I took advantage of my opportunities

I'm going to a party for the first time in 5 years tonight. Hope I dont sperg out and embarrass myself.

Good luck. Is anyone you know going there? How do you plan to pass the time if you are not having fun? Who else is going? If there's a lot of people and alcohol involved it probably won't be a big deal if you "sperg out". I haven't been to a party in ages as well, but even so there's probably only one party in my life where I had a good time because everyone was super chill. Every other time I'm just awkwardly hoping time would pass faster so I can go home.

I hit wizard status in 1 week. I'm scared as fuck and feel like I'm a failure in life. Do I just hire an escort to get it over with? I feel like it's going to be a let down either way.

What is the point of that?

Some of my coworkers will be there. They're the ones that invited me. My social skills are still a little rusty, and yeah there's going to be booze and food. It's for a UFC fight, and I dont know much about that stuff.

Oh well if there's a "theme" or "activity" involved I'm sure that will help a lot with dealing with potential awkwardness.

I love you, but I am probably going to leave you very soon. I don't want to blow up on you. You've turned your therapist into a weapon against our relationship and refuse to allow me to do couple's therapy with you. We always end up "working things out" by ourselves, during a fight which always seems to threaten the relationship. You've had a foot out the door the whole time, used me to get at a guy in a band you'd been stalking, and ruined my connections in town by sleeping around and telling warped versions of our fights to men who wanted to rescue you.You continuously gaslight me and say you have PTSD from our relationship, but I'm the one who was thinking of suicide while you ran away to party. Now you're either obsessed with, or sneaking around with a coworker. I know because you came home with a paw print on your uniform, and he has a small dog. I know because you made me watch Isle of Dogs and hate wes anderson. I know because you don't like that band enough to put their sticker on your phone. You call me crazy when I accuse you of cheating even though you collect reminders of the men you see. I'm not going to bother telling you all of this when I leave, either. I'm not giving you a chance to abuse me anymore. I'm not here to feed you or give you money when you screw up. I still have opportunities to advance my career and so much potential. I'm not burnt out yet and I want to make sure I never get there. I'm sorry.

Toxic af. Get out dude and expect a major fallout from her.

You keep telling me that I sent back on my "promise" after the relationship but you never kept any of yours in the relationship, did you ever consider that?

I work with this Chinese girl. I want to fuck herm i guess yellow fever is real.
Not sure if she wants the D. But everytime I talk to someone she looks at me. I talked to her yesterday

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If only you bother to talk to me about your date situation genuinely.

I guess I have to suck it up.

Why can’t you love me?

Why can't you?

>But everytime I talk to someone she looks at me.
She's clearly eye fucking you you autistic fuck why haven't you bent her over and fucked her yet

I already fucked this up. I'm not "fun enough"

Well then work on that you lil bitch. Literally just talk to chicks

Can't visit your kid but you'll visit the con. That'll be fun to tell the judge.

Went to a club for the first time and drank some alcohol for the first time. After 9 shots(some vodka, tequila, and something else i forgot) i was actually able to let loose and be social. I was even able to dance with some girls. I think im gonna make it lads


No self esteem. Learn to feel better about you and know you deserve more.

What does that even mean

>privacy edition
OP should an hero for being this much of a ass sniffing newfag.
There, I feel better!

I am most definitely staying here forever, but you need to leave. And we aren't friends, either. We will speak never again.


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