Lied to a real innocent girl at work

>Lied to a real innocent girl at work
>Pretended i was a saint, just to have sex with her
>It worked
>She came out with the "i cant believe you're different from other guys"
>"you are the first guy i actually believe wants a relationship and trustworthy"
>Haven't replied to her messages for 4 days now

How do i break it to her that i don't want anything more, and to leave me alone?

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Just keep ignoring her until she gets it.

Why don't you want more? Not attracted to her?

Somebody will have to change jobs soon

You are a degenerate and should feel bad about yourself and your role in the story of this world.


You’re just putting another bitter girl out there that’s gonna hurt someone else.

Typical lying man and you have to brag about your conquest but big bad man, killing a fawn and mounting the head in your den is pathetic. I hate you.

Message her, you cannot just leave her in the dark because you're unwilling to deal with your own urges. If you at least give clarity, it is for the next person who shows interest in her

t. Guy who has to deal with 'I just want to be single' because of previously abusive relationships

You shouldn't be assuming anything about her. As long as the sex was consensual, there's no reason more to worry. Don't assume a woman to be clean because they're not clean. You don't owe her anything, remember that when she accuses you of raping her.

I hope your head gets mounted on a wall.

So these kinds of people get girls and I don't?
Jow Forums keeps on saying I need to be a decent human being to get a girl and that girls can "smell" toxic personalities.
Isn't it weird?

Fuck you.

Girls want a guy to make them feel physically safe, and financially taken care of.

>innocent girl
>she fornicated
Yeah, no.
You're a manwhore, but she's no catch herself. Remember, ladies, waiting until marriage means you avoid faggots like OP.

She just keeps texing thinking that he is busy, but it finally dawns on her that she is uneanted. Unfortunate for her she already told all of her friends and her mom about this “amazing” new guy at work. Now she just wants to hide.

At work she doesnt want to cause a sceen but she wants to know why he is so busy.

Two weeks after he milked his nasty jewish cock inside of her she realizes that she was played, nothing more than a fucktoy, now she is simply spoilt goods, like a package of expired hamburger.

>Dried up roasties want a guy to make them feel physically safe, and financially taken care of.

Ignoring her would fuck with her head really badly. She might think she was bad in bed if he suddenly disappears as soon as they have sex. She might be left with issues of feeling unsexy and unattractive.

So in other words: fuck no. Awful idea. OP, you deliberately manipulated her, so you owe it to her to clean up your mess and tell her the truth.

Meh cbf fixing it up. Rather ignore, it's easier.

You make the bed you lie in.

Basically, it's easier to just ghost her rather than continue the relationship and risk having her realize you're not such a great guy. The sooner you accept that the sooner you can starting having fulfilling relationships, I promise you.

He fot what he wanted, now he eants her to disappear.

She’ll stop showing up to work soon enough. In the end OP wins.

What a fuckin worthless whore that bitch was.

Not op, but "ignoring me until I get it" is what girls do to me every single time.
And if I complained about it you would tell me to "just get over it" or that I was bad in bed and somehow deserved it.

Normies are fuming. Their worldview is crumbling.
A person with a toxic personality getting a girl lmao

Some people would say that, yes. I wouldn't. Ghosting and the silent treatment are cruel, evil things to do to people. The genders involved have zero relevance. It's even worse in this case since OP deliberately carried out an elaborate scheme to reel her in.

That girl will ghost people without mercy. It's good that she gets a taste of what it feels like.

So this is what being redpilled feels like.

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lol shut up

You tell her exactly that. Closure is better (and says more about your character) than ghosting.

because being attractive has nothing to do with being a good person and everything to do with being exciting and interesting

there is a reason why psychos get ridiculous amounts of pussy

Basically personality doesnt matter
It's all about looks

Your mother must be so proud

no, not really
personality does matter

but the traits we assume are good to attract women (being kind, listening, empathetic) are completely trumped by more antisocial traits like being dominant, aggressive, doing what you want, not caring about what people do, showing low empathy because women are attracted to that kind of shit

This kek
Based af op. She probably wasn't innocent anyhow. Women often project false personas, especially if they get more attention or higher social status from doing so. Keep ghosting her and make her understand how many guys do

I like how it's not ok for op to ghost a roastie, but it's perfectly fine for roasties to ghost every guy they lead. Bless you op, but fuck all these normies

just trust yourself
you got all the way here

Just because most women are absolutely garbage human beings unable to even communicate something as simple "I just don't like you" doesn't mean you have to be like that too.
Besides leaving it open also lets her go around the office telling everyone how much of a victim she is. If he just tells her outright he'll save himself trouble later on.

Nah, what goes around comes around. The more attractive guys have to do it, though, because us uglies never have the chance to do it.
Once again, based op

you be the mature person that you are and calmly explain you can be friends and hang out occassionally but you aren't going to do it in the hopes that it becomes something bigger than friendship. maybe say you just sincerely lost interest too. you could maybe say it in a text i guess if saying it at work is weird, but if you see her often at work i dont know how you went 4 days without you guys feeling awkward around eachother

ok look, the thing about ghosting is its okay to do if you already calmly explained you aren't interested and they start raging at you for it,

BUT its not okay if you outright lead her on so you could get sex, but the fact that you lead her on already ruins any innocence it seems like you could have

You guys are so fucking hopeless, you will inherit what you put out there. It’s like the world you interact with is marred by the rottenness inside of you. I don’t hope to ever meet any of you.

Please don’t use that word you degenerate fuck. I don’t know why you all think it’s cool to be deplorable.

I didn't know Hillary came on 4channel lmao

I’m not american so I’m not offended by whatever quip that was but I also just wanted to let you know that you’re a huge fag and the shit you type is very faggy
Go stew yourself.

You will be utterly, totally and completely Karmically smashed into smithereens in due time. That being in a state and situation where you least expect it.

You generated this idiotic situation yourself.

Wow a toastie normie

No u

If you just want to get laid, then yeah go ahead and lie all you want. It works 100% but you'll come to regret it down the line.

OP's toxicity is why he could never make a real relationship with the girl work, so he has to throw her away before she sees who he really is.

congrats dude you created a slut

Just to be clear, once again: Ghosting is inexcusable no matter what the genders involved (unless you're dealing with someone who gives you no choice, but that's generally not the case). Female ghosters are garbage human beings too.

Guys become rotted like that exactly because they are guys, every problem they face they have to face alone, because they are guys.

Thats why they acquire some admirable traits, tenaciousness, confidence,relentlessness, cunning etc. that every girl finds attractive, but they do come with few bad sides to them like arrogance,being prone to violence, abuse or just using the girl and moving on to the next one.

Nobody would care for a guy if same thing happened to him, so when they reach the point of rottenness you talk about, they really don't care if they hurt someone or not.
They're just happy they got their way for once and continue about their miserable lives.

Mind you there are guys, that have been through all of that and still turn out good in spite of it all.

I guess its either you are born with it or you are not.

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Someone told me one time that you "have" to experience suffering, or else you're just going to be a monster, with no empathy for anything.

You're getting ready to suffer, boy. I'd start looking for a new job, or apologize and actually be a decent boyfriend. Either way, I can't believe you. I can't even find chicks like that. Most of them have a fucking line of exes and just want a "friend." You could have picked ANY ONE of those slags, but you decide you're going to just hurt someone precious. Why? You did nothing but make things worse for both of you so you could get your dick wet.

You're actually fucking gross.

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you are such a fucking whore for doing this to her I hope you rot in hell

Just hit her up for sex a few times a week and keep communication to minimal, just enough to keep her chasing. They will try hard to please you, it's great.

He did nothing wrong. She should know better.

I second the blackpilled gentleman

For all the femanons in this thead I just thought you might want to know: When a guy ghosts a girl it's just cuz he's worried about having to deal with the fallout otherwise. She might get abusive and violent, you just don't know and so it's really for the best that he does this :)


youre a girl

women will talk about every fucking social justice issue on the planet yet treat men like shit and ghost them and then justify it by treating themselves like children but that doesn't mean i'm going to do the same, im a man after all, if you can tell a girl to fuck off after you fucked her then you are not a man.

I have zero empathy for bitches.

based AF

don't worry, she isn't as innocent as she claims if she had sex with you before anything serious developed
like, sure, you're a dick, but she brought it onto herself

So are these the kinds of things you tell yourself to feel better about being a morally reprehensible hunk of shit? Like, its okay to be an awful person because the people that you're hurting probably deserved it?

I don't pull this kind of shit anyway, but you make your own bed and that girl was stupid at best if she was actually expecting anything good to come out of that
and as I said, OP is a dick and the world would probably be better off without people behaving like that, but that's a different argument

Lol, where are all the bitches now saying that OP doesn't owe her anything? This seems to be a common saying whenever a bitch ghosts a guy and he comes here to complain about it. But suddenly OP is fucking satan for just behaving in a way most women do these days.

He doesn't owe her a relationship just as no woman owes a man sex, or even attention.

Still loving how all the normies crawled out of the woodwork to defend this "innocent" girl they've never met from big bad op. Men getting ghosted "is just life, bro" but a girl getting ghosted is the most evil happening in history LMAO

woman are hypocrites, whats new?

It's always the men who rush to their defense that get me, though. Why is this acceptable? Or, if it's accepted, why will no one admit it? These "people" (normies) are slime

Now that she's on to you, you should probably cover your tracks and hide all evidence this ever happened. It wont be easy. You'll need some tools- saw, shovel, maybe some kerosene. But don't worry user. You can do this. It's just like the last one. Dont you remember? No one ever found out right? Just remember to keep flirting with the old lady next door and do whatever she asks from now on and nothing bad will happen..weve seen this all before. And so have THEY

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It was the OP that called her innocent brah. He's the one that knows her better than any of us. Being a piece of shit because "well, some woman somewhere is also a piece of shit so she deserves it too" just makes you a piece of shit that's also pathetic.


Lmaoing at the whiteknights in this thread

OP was a dick but the girl is just as guilty. Can’t leave your door unlocked and expect to not be robbed.

Op isn't a dick tho lmao he's just giving roasties what roasties give guys