What do you do when you have no future and no life?

What do you do when you have no future and no life?

>age 30
>never kissed a girl or been in a relationship, a virgin
>no hobbies or passions
>studying physics, a field where jobs don't exist

I'll never be happy or experience 10% of the life you normal guys are living.
Reading this board, I wish I had your problems, they're always relationship related.

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If you went out and did shit just because you want to do things, you would make friends and meet women.

Can you imagine what it's like being 30 and having no idea what the good parts of life even feel like?

>naw bro I think you just fine, go jogging or something

Fucking normies don't even possess the IQ to realize someone in this state is bound to be incredibly depressed and troubled.
They actually think a 30yo virgin could be happy and balanced, when they can't go 3 weeks without sex.
Normies are too busy enjoying their lives that they don't have the time to help dropouts or to spare one thought to their condition.

>studying physics, a field where jobs don't exist
Since you posted such a blatant lie it's likely everything in your post is made up lies.

>Can you imagine what it's like being 30 and having no idea what the good parts of life even feel like?
Not OP, but I'm a virgin in my early 30s and sure can't imagine things the other way. Coming home to another person or having sex seem so distant, foreign and unobtainable.

Unfortunately it's all true.
I'm never gonna make it into research so all the jobs are in coding and financing which isn't even physics. It's just greedy companies abusing the fact that most physicists are nerds and good with computers. I'm actually not.

Why are you even studying physics? It sounds very likely you don't have what it takes to finish your degree.

>hurr me smart normies dumb
Quit it with the fucking entitled attitude.

If I quit now, I'd just drink at home and watch anime for the rest of my life. It's not like I'd find some other field to study.

You seriously think you have the dedication and intelligence required to get a physics degree? It's one of the hardest to get.

That's why it's the only thing that got me motivated.
I tried trade school, like plumbing and shit, and quit it 6 times. Reason: it felt mind-numbing, uninteresting, unimportant and didn't challenge me one bit. University physics is so far the only thing I have not given up on so it's either this or nothing.
Just getting accepted to uni was a huge deal for me so I don't even care if I drop out, I'll always say I tasted the uni life for a while before going full NEET. At least I won't be a trade school dropout then.

>intelligence required
I'm an autistic virgin, it's like a seal of approval from God to be a STEM guy.
If there's one thing I learned in my trade school years it's the difference between normies and robots.

I got my first girlfriend at 31. You know what I did that was different from the past 20 years? I put in an effort to spend time with a girl and then asked her out. Somehow doing this tricked her into being my girlfriend. You should try it as well.

Wonder you’re alone.

You are bitter and lack any sort of work ethic, goals or ambitions. I can see why no sane woman would want you touching her.

Bullshit. STEM majors are no more autistic virgins than anyone else. Everyone else you study with probably has a gf. Or those who don't will eventually get one. Autistic virgins are more NEETs than anything else.

Wow this helps me so much and I will magically now be able to correct my errors and get laid tomorrow thanks to your insightful advice.

What you're stating is the obvious results of being 30 years without human contact, and blaming me for it is just enforcing the negative traits.
If you mock a bitter virgin for being bitter, he will get twice as bitter.
Figures a normie wouldn't understand jack shit about human life or psychology.

I still fail to see any /advice/ here.

Sounds like someone is bitter they suck at STEM.

Fuck you asshat.

If you could set the past aside and stop fucking owning it and dragging it around with you like a dead puppy on a rope you would have a chance at being normal. But you have achieved a level of self pity so deep that your misery now defines who you are. Until you break that cycle you are fucked and nothing will change.

It’s funny how OP has never even asked a girl out on a date. Too scared to take a risk he is. Haha!

Just wanted to let you know I'm no longer following the thread.


Lol true to form OP runs away like a bitch from anything that makes him even slightly uncomfortable.

Is baby scared now? You gonna go eatch your favorite television show to make you smile and feel better.

You’re fucking pathetic, you disgust me.

No wonder your life is void of anything valuable, you just fuckin run away every single time shit gets tough.

Good for you, use this time for some self-reflection.

Look its op.

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You wont take risks, you won’t get rewards. Sucks to be you, yosef.

>what do you do if you have no future and no life?

Nothing. If you have no life you can't do anything. Your future doesn't exist save for those who remember you from your life.

But if you are alive, you have a future. If you want advice about what you can do in your present life to impact your future ask a question.

Thats true like Said.

user just get your degree and try to find any job. Unless you want to get a masters in engineering, youre kinda fucked.

I work in property management atm and have been looking for another job. Most people when they see you have a physics degree know youre smart. But unless it is coding or finance (but good luck getting a job in there unless you took some courses to meet the reqs) theres nothing you can really get thats unique. I have been just trying for general analytical work now.

Hell Ive been thinking about going back to school for an IT certification. Something i really dont need to take many classes for but its easy to get a job in that, and with a physics degree too, it sets you apart. Also user if you need short term work, tutoring/something in education youre always in demand due to lack of people able to do high math/physics and you would know your stuff. Im terrible at interviews but finding something related to teaching has always been easy for me to get

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I'm curious, what "goals or ambitions" do you have?