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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?
As Jordan Peterson says, what's the alternative? Just not to date and wait for death?

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Ladies, if I'm out with you and you get super drunk, like incapable of taking care of yourself drunk, what do I do with you? What's the appropriate course of action?

Depends on how close we are.
If we're close, take me back to my place, help me get in bed, and leave.
If we're not, convince me to call a friend of mine to help me out.

Don't really know were to go with this, but I have a quick question

Am I the faggot when I tell people how my ex cheated on me?
like, do I look like a beta, or does the person who cheated look like the asshole

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Depends on how you do it and what is your purpose.
If you cry and whine about how broken hearted you are about your ex for hours, yes - 100% faggot.
If you joke about it and move on with your day, nah, fine.

this actually makes a lot of sense
thank you

For the women: what is a greater motivation for cheating? The arousal another man gives you, or turmoil in the relationship?

People cheat when their needs aren't being met. Their need for attention, their need for instability, a combination thereof.

a not women here.
I'd say there is no actual motivation, its just that they justify it by saying "the relationship doesn't work anymore, so I got chad to make me feel better"
people who cheat are absolute scum
thing is.

>80% of guys can tell you a cheating story
>does that mean 80% of women are trash?

People cheat because they're garbage.

The only time I desired to cheat was when I was deeply unhappy with my now ex boyfriend, and someone else came around who made me feel okay. I dumped my ex, tho, not cheated.
I think most people do it when they're unhappy but don't have the courage to pull the plug.

So for clarification, being in a relationship has no bearing on whether or not a person will fuck you

Nvm, let this hang. I can probably put the pieces together on Google or something, unless the NSA alters my search results.
I was just under the impression that the cheater always had to be the "initiator".

Girls who like big arms, what do you like about them? How big is big? Do you like tree trunk arms, or do you prefer smaller more defined arms?

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depends on who you say it to, but she pretty much always comes out as the asshole

>the cheater always had to be the "initiator"
my exGf was at a party, blackout drunk, some guy initiated a kiss, BUT she went with it.

Don't really like talking about this anymore, mostly because I want to forget, but I love all of you guys, so I'll just be open with you

but it was an absolute disaster, because of the whole being drunk and no initial initiation on her part

I gave her a second chance, something i deeply regret
if I had broken up or call a break in the relationship, things would have turned out way better (because I didn't, she thought it wasn't that bad. Thing is it was bad, for me at least, for the first few weeks I thought about it every waking hour)

However, im glad I could learn from that.

Going to start trying to talk with girls in public in Hope's of getting into a real relationship.
Is there a certain way to talk/act/dress that lets girls know I'm not trying to just get in their pants?

my arms are so fucking skinny
my dick is almost thicker than my wrist
i literally can't wear a watch.
How do I cope with this

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I agree with user over here
this is a thing i also want to do.
However, some of my thought
>first make friends before even thinking about a relationship
>if i go into this with the toguht of finding a gf, it wont happen, right?
>where do you go to find girls that want to be approcated, parks? events? fairs?
>i think holding a converstaion is not that hard, but initiating one is a little harder
like what do you do? you try to initiate with something that is related to the location/thing she just did/ etc, then try to break from small talk to normal conversation territory with a joke or something similar, right?

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Do women really believe in zodiac shit?

Some do, just like men. You can find dumb people everywhere.

To girls. Has anyone been raped and orgasmed? I hear if that happening sometimes and creating kind if fucked up feelings. I’ve found myself often wondering about what that’s like to deal with. I know I sound creepy, but it’s something I’m genuinely curious about. I don’t know a non creepy way to ask about it.


If your boyfriend started having trouble with erections and couldn’t have sex anymore because of it, what would you do?

That is common yes. Which is a huge part of why so many girls don’t report it, if they orgasmed how could it be rape.
But that’s just the body doing what it’s programmed to do.
How it actually feel i do not know. Been lucky that way.

Probably break up. I’m still young.
Or if he want; open relationship.

so if you had a really good relationship, you’d break up solely because of sex? You sound like a terrible gf.

Also, the fact you mentioned an open relationship says you are a terrible gf too. You only care about sex

I care about more things. And no real complaints yet. I’m fine. I’m also with people who are like minded. So it’s not an issue.

If you really cared about more things, you wouldn’t break up with someone over sex or offer to cuck them.

If you cared about your gf you would offer it yourself. How selfish you must be. You must be a bad bf.
See what i did there? I sound like you now.

I’m sure people don’t break up over these things too. So in reality it’s not an issue, eh. Be with people like. Good advice, no?

If you girlfriend stopped having sex would you would that have any influence at all on you decide if you want to stay with her? You sound like a passionless robot. Sex matters to people.

did you not read the OP, retard?
if I had a good gf, and if she started having problems with her pussy and couldn’t have sex anymore, I wouldn’t dump her over it

What if she wasn’t a good gf. Just one you were not sure about. Sex has no influence on how much you want her at all? You’re a robot.

A good gf isn’t defined by you.
This matter to people, and some have different values. If I couldn’t please my bf, i would be okay with him breaking up. That makes me a good gf in my world.
That people have different values shouldn’t be this hard to understand.

Alright so if your going to do this, you need to understand some basics. There are really two places to meet girls; places where they go to find relationships, and places where they do not.

The first option is to go to places where they are looking for relationships. Wether this is online or in real life, you can go there with the express intention of finding a gf. Girls will be there expecting to be hit on/will be open to finding a bf. In real life, look for places like bars, clubs, etc

The second is everywhere else. Girls go about their daily lives and generally aren’t looking to be hit on. Instead, your intention should be to make friends. After making friends, if she expresses interest back, that’s when you go for the kill. And if she rejects you, remain friends. By having her as a friend, she might hook you up with one of her single friends down the line.

Start by just talking to girls wherever you go. Just make comments, oversvations, etc with no purpose other than to say the thing. If she responds well, maybe keep taking. If not, move about your day. The idea here is to just build up social awareness and confidence. When you get good at it, start trying to initiate small talk conversations. Same deal. If she’s into it, keep talking, if not, make the small talk and bounce.

Then move up from there.

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I would give her a chance to see if she’s a good gf.

It’s very shallow to break up with someone over sex. You’re naive if you think your eventual marriage will be filled with tons and tons of sex throughout your life.
Well you clearly only care about sex

You are absolutely too young/retarded to understand this. It was already explained in full earlier.

I’m 30, retard.

life is not about sex. If anything that’s one of the last things that happens in a relationship. Especially a life long one. Eventually sex may stop completely anyways as you age.

Why do some girls text in short spurts? Like, she'll initiate a conversation but then she'll suddenly end it even when it was a good conversation. It just annoys me a bit to get a conversation going only for her to just end it.

It's not like her and I are particularly close and she's pretty friendly, so she probably does this with a lot of people.

You just a terrible person desu.

Grow a personality

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Have you ever considered that people possibly have lives user-kun? I know it’s hard for a NEET to imagine, but people have jobs and responsibilities to look after. They can’t text 24/7

I outrank you still. I’m older, lol. Amazingly low comprehension for someone of your age. You have to understand that people have different values? And even if you don’t like it these people have successful meaningful relationships/marriage/family. You can’t honestly still believe the world is and should just be like how you feel,lol.

Then just don't reply until later on? Though I suppose it is possible that she just likes to keep her text conversations more immediate like a phone call.

Assuming he's an otherwise top tier perfect boyfriend, I'd try to see if we could have fun in other ways (oral, fingering, toys, kinky stuff), and if he'd be down to adopting children.
If he wasn't down to either of those things, then I'd break up.

Would you girl date a social outcast? Someone who has not many friends, don't show up in social meetings, no one remembers about

Yeah. My boyfriend and I are both heavily introverted and just hang out together at home 90% of the time. We're super happy together.
I have some friends, he doesn't have many, but we're happy.

thanks for that amazing reply.
however, we need more Locations
i for example hate Bars and stuff like that

He should go to the doctor.

I think my boyfriend has a fat fetish. I'm plus size (as were his two previous gfs) and he can't seem to keep his hands off my belly or my thighs or my love handles. It's not a problem and it makes me feel attractive but I was wondering if I should talk to him about it?

What would you say to him?

At what point, if any, as a stranger should I ask how your day was? Is that just plain weird? Can I just come out and ask what things your into, like music and movies?

I'm not really sure, maybe what he thinks makes girls like me attractive to him?

Well, okay but you don't have quite got my point
>Honey, what's your ideal type of girls?
>Something something... I like them to have some meat to squish
It's not a problem for you and it makes you feel more attractive. So, not only is not a problem, it's actually a plus. What would be your reaction when you hear him saying it?

I think you already realized he has a fat fetish, but I don't get if you'd just like to hear him saying it or if there is deeper questions you wanna ask him.

I'd love to hear him say it. I've always been big and insecure, and never been someone's idea of a perfect partner so if he was to say I was his idea of a perfect woman it would be really special to me.

I've got some fairly noticeable scars on my face from a mental breakdown years ago that ended up with me cutting my face open in multiple places.

I've had a girl ask me about it before and I just brushed the question off. I can see some people visibly react to them but people are usually clever enough not to ask.

Is this something I should ever tell a girl about or is it best just keeping that to myself? What can I say to explain the scars?

Go for it girl!

If I was planning to go long term with someone, I'd want them to tell me about it.
My boyfriend has a similar history and I don't mind.

>Why so serious?
Nah, just joking. If you are getting serious with the girl you should just tell them the truth and, if they are serious too, they will understand.
With lies and secrets (over something you can't even hide) you are not gonna go far. I don't think I have to explain you that it is a red flag, but it's part of your past and you can't do much about it. As you can see, there are people like willing to accept it.

Out of curiosity, what's his body type?

He's athletic-ish. Not like a body builder but slim.

Am I chubby? I don't have any good body photos on my dating profile and I'm talking to skinny nerds. Do you think they'll consider me a catphisher?

My arms are chubby and my hips hold alot of weight as you can see. My body/stomach is very soft bc I don't work out but it doesn't pooch out. I've lost 40lbs since January from diet alone. I'm in normal BMI range but obviously at the high end.

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No. you're average. Quite thin, even.

I really find chubbiness unattractive (I'm actually unusual in this aspect, don't take it as normal) and to me you aren't chubby at all.

Is it weird to ask a female friend what she thinks of me, not in a romantic sense, but personality wise?
I'm genuinely just curious what image I give off to others.

Lately, I've gotten 2 phone numbers from the bar. Neither women responded to my texts the next day though. Is "hi its user I met you last night at the bar. How are you doing today?" a dumb intro. Should I just go straight to asking if they want to do something?

I don't know if it is because of your clothes, but you look lean. Not extremely thin, but definitely not chubby either.

No but make it clear what you mean

it's not easy to see with those cloths, but I wouldn't think you look chubby if I saw you.

A girl from uni messaged me, asking what I've been up to over my holidays. Obviously, I want to hook in, haha. But I'm wondering if the truth "getting cooked and eating hummus" is something I can say to a law student lol.

I think you look just fine, but maybe dress lighter if you want a more definite answer.

I am tall for a woman so I occupy more physical space for my proportions. I look very big especially next to normal sized women. Does that change things?

I tend to cover up/wear sweaters alot so it didn't occur to me to wear less. Maybe I'll try again with different clothes later. All my weight is in my arms/thighs so it makes sense to show that

It's hard to give you an honest opinion without a picture that shows what you mean, but you look really fine in picture you posted. Don't be too insecure about your body, you already lost a lot of weight and nobody here said you look fat.

The guy I'm dating is way more attractive than me, and it's making me lose my mind. He's exactly my type, and sometimes I catch myself in bed starting at him and just wondering how he ever could be attracted to me.

There's never been any sign that he wasn't attracted to me, but I keep on convincing myself it has to be coming to an end at some point. He's going to lose his attraction, he's going to find someone hotter, etc.

Is this a valid concern? Guys, once you're attracted to a girl, how quickly do you lose it? It just makes no sense that he wants to be with me, he's so beautiful, and I'm just not on his level.

Bitches always date up. He probably knows he's out of your league too, so you being scared to lose him is just comforting to him. Be prepared for when he cucks you with a more attractive hole though, lmao.

Why don’t you ask him?

Ask him what? "Hey are you attracted to me?"

He'll look at me like I have two heads. I think he thinks I'm attractive but it makes NO sense to me. I just think he may lose his attraction and will realize he can do better.

This morning, around 1am, my Ex Girlfriend of 4 months drunk called me, telling me that she thinks deep down in her heart that I hate her for breaking up with me. I dislike her, sure, but for various other reasons, and I told her as much. She told me to promise that I didn't hate her, and then called me a good person. I'm stuck between thinking that this was a call to validate herself, and her actually having been thinking about me. It was a drunk call, so I'm clearly putting too much stock into but what are your thoughts?

>Hey? What do you find attractive about me? I can never feel like understand why you picked someone like me. I always felt like you were out of my league.
Give a chance to say why he’s hot for his girl. What’s the worst that can happen?

Do girls who get genuinely raped ever find they enjoyed? So many girls seem to have rape fetishes. I don’t any would admit the actually enjoyed being raped though.

I don't want to come off insecure. Also I know he thinks I'm attractive already cause he can't keep his hands off me sometimes, tells me I'm so soft, tells me he likes certain parts of my body when I complain about them.

Yet at the end of the day, I still think he must come to the realization sooner or later that he can do better

I’ve been vibing with this girl from uni for awhile, it is holidays now, and I hit her up asking what she’s been up to so far. She said…

Her: Nothing to adventurous yet haha
Her: Just been going to the city and shopping a lot haha
Her: What have you been up to?

Would it be fine to respond with something like this?

Nothing quite as interesting as shopping, sadly. Just stuff like planting a veggie garden, exploring far off and distant suburbs, and getting cooked and eating hummus. That sorta stuff, haha. Oh, and lots of trips to the NGV. You should join me sometime and we can pretend to be staff, hijack a tour group, and lead them astray. It’ll definitely boost both our quota of adventures for the holidays.

Maybe not all in one message? Break it up into two at least. Let her respond first. Be cool.

How would you break it up, mate?

The places where you can meet girls who want to be approached are rather slim. Bars/clubs are the two safest bets. But if you really hate them you have three options.

Online dating guarantees that women want to be approached and are looking for a bf/gf

>Dating meetups/speed dates. Etc
Some towns or cities have dating meetups or social gatherings intended for meeting people. They usually take place at bars, but sometimes hey are elsewhere, like say a popular picnicking area.

This one is hit or miss, and it depends on the event, but you can find women here who want to be approached during an event. Wether it’s a concert, a book festival, a parade, etc. Your more likely to find women who want to be approached in this setting than in the wild.

Hope it helps

End first message at
>Oh, and lots of trips to the NGV
Let her respond. Don’t rush her or whatever. Maybe chat about it a little more if she’s interested.

The once she’s shown she’s at least somewhat interested by what your up to, send the rest.

Depends on where you are. If your in areas where women want to be met such as everything outlined here I don’t think it would be weird to casually ask how their day has been or what they are into.

But if your out in the wild, and not in areas where women go to be approached, don’t ask that. Instead go for related things. So say your in a library and she’s holding a book you know. Talk to her about that. Get the conversation started, and if she seems interested, start asking about other books she likes and talk about book you like etc.

Another tip, by the by, to get women (or anyone) to share something with you is to openly share it yourself. So if you want someone to tell you about their day, share yours first. People feel weirdly obligated to reciprocate.

Oh and don’t just ask questions like it’s an interview and don’t just listen just so you can speak. Take the time to ask a question, listen, respond to her experience, then comment on yourself, then next question.

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Bump for this

Girls, what about this compliment?
>You are so hot that I'd buy your bath water!

I ARE insecure about it, and that's fine. Is he your boyfriend or your living vibrator? Don't be afraid to share your insecurities with him, unless of course your relationship hasn't gone very far. In that case, maybe just ask him later.

I've never had this experience, but I think I'd kind of like convincing a girl that I think she's sexy.

Bump this

Hmm interesting. I may bring it up in a casual way during our usual pillow talks. He already knows I'm an insecure person, and I make a lot of little comments about myself that I think he picks up on. I just don't want to come off like a basketcase

Would women find me attractive and give me a chance if I got plastic surgery? I’m 27 and it’s creepy but every girl says I’m not her type and I utterly fail on dating sites and at finding single members of the opposite sex that find me attractive in any way. I know looks have much to do with it, should I look into actual surgery? Because I can afford it and I’m tired of being looked over

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Watch this scene and tell me it isn't the sexiest thing ever. If you do it anything like this, he'd love it.

How do I know if a girl not being attracted to me is just based on her personal preferences or if I'm just an autistic creep?

Aww this was cute. I feel like our time in bed is similar to this.

God I wish I was with him right now D:

Yeah, that's a great scene, and if you give him the impression that you think he's so sexy that your body isn't hot enough for him, that would be a huge ego boost, and he'd love to comfort you and tell you how sexy you are.

why do you still have internet access?

I'm still not fucking convinced, women. The sex for you must feel like shit, I bet you'd enjoy having a dick far more than a pussy.

No, I can't understand having 50,000 sensory cells, making you 10x more sensitive than a male's genitalia and calling it pleasurable. It would be like me trying to have sex while I'm cumming, it would feel impossible.
For fucks sake I personally sometimes can't stand it if it's too slippery, it feels too sensitive and more like I'm pissing myself rather than having sex. It feels like shit. I can't fucking understand this self lying that you could enjoy overly sensitive stimulation. I personally hate tickling and feet tickling, always did and always will.