Well...I did it. I had sex with a girl I barely knew from tinder

Well...I did it. I had sex with a girl I barely knew from tinder.

She came over, we drank, we fucked, then she left right after.

I feel so fucking dead inside. Why does casual sex feel so depressing? What do I do now? I'm just lying in my bed now thinking about how I'm probably never gonna see her again. How do I get over this?

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You’re gay.

nice now you have aids
was it worth it user?

Congratulation on losing your virginity. Now since you realized how pointless and overrated sex is, who or what will you blame shift your life problems to?

And you can see ger again. Women return back to lovers who were skilled at pleasing them. Did she cum?

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>Pointless and overrated
And yet you continue to engage in it. This meme really needs to die.

Check your facts boomer
If the trends will continue unchanged, future generations will have so little sex the gov will have to pay surrogate mothers just to barely replace aging population.

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Women just have gotten more picky than ever

Because casual sex is degenerate

>posting these memes
You know the reason why, right? Because the millennial generation is FILLED with onions drinking faggots, many actual gays, and nerds who are too scared to talk to girls

The motivations or causes are secondary. The future is full of porn and internet addiction, but with less and less sex. Just look at japan with 40% population being virgins. They are simply ahead of curve.

Who knows, maybe one day women will finally reach the real equality: if they will want sex, they will actually have to put effort into seducing men.

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Sex is what you make of it. If casual sex is not for you, stop.

It’s because there are more faggots, nerds, and basedcucks than ever before. That’s why the number has dropped.

If you look at the numbers broken down between men and women. The women’s partner count hasn’t dropped. Only the men. Literally because of basedboys, faggots, and nerds.

the reality is they will be women in name only (maybe still have vagoo) men will be the pretty bitches with tits no rights outside of the house
it's gonna be great

So it will be like this?


>le women still have all the sex argument
How does it feel to get BTFO by hard facts and statistics?
The ratio between femcels and incels is pretty much even. And their numbers are rising.

Makes sense. The best part about sex is laying in bed after and falling asleep together.

Wowie kablowie, it's almost like casual sex is bad for society's sake and individuals' emotional/physical health. Hory sheet it's almost like whoring around makes one feel cheap and hollow. Goddamn it's almost like you're supposed to actually be fucking someone you feel a connection to and be mutually caring about one another.

That’s not remotely close to how the world and people work, lol.
Okok, i can do this game too;
Relationships don’t usually last long, divorce is on the rise. People like sleeping around and it’s positive and healthy. Both mentally and physically.
It’s like we aren’t meant to be monogamous.

>Casual sex is bad for society
Haha. Incels.

how is sleeping around positive and healthy when it can very quickly ruin multiple peoples lives?

no living together is bad for mental health suddenly it's fucking torture because you can't get away your finaces are tied together and every decision comes under scrutiny

literally how?

Not him, but I lost my virginity to a tinder girl back in 2012 and it made me feel really really bad about myself

story user? to edify us

can you just create a tinder account and get laid the same night if you're moderately attractive? hambeasts and uggos excluded

So no one is having sex anymore? Based, maybe scientist will get to work on those sexbots so we can porn addiction ourselves into extinction.

first times always bad, had a relationship still sucked. it just doesn't live up to the hype. best part was bragging to my bros

you mean so we can become machines

>Be 20 year old virgin
>feel really bad because of this
>everyone I know has sex
>spend a lot of time around chads
>always hear them talk about Stacy
>they put a lot of pressure on me to get laid
>they tell me about Tinder and how it’s so easy
>make an account
>months of no matches
>feel like shit and growing more and more desperate
>match a girl who I went to high school with somehow
>she’s 5/10
>but I never liked her
>for some reason she likes me and wants sex
>tell myself that this is my only chance and I have to make it happen
>make it happen
>terribly awkward and uncomfortable experience
>literally during the sex I was thinking to myself “I want this to be over”
>right after I make her leave
>and I just went and sat in the bathroom feeling bad
>proceed to delete tinder and avoid sex for 7 years

It's not even, it's like 28% males vs 18% females (mostly because less males can still cover a lot of women)

Maybe. But you have to definitely be attractive. The average man doesn’t have much luck.

>no one
Kek. That is a big hyperbole. According to stats in western world its ~30% of people under age of 35 reporting having sex never or 0 sex in the past 5 years and japan is closing up to 50% of virgins across whole population.

Apparently still majority of people have some sex, but as i said, if these trends will continue, soon they will become minority.

T. Didnt read the article.

oh wow user, that's bad. it's sad how much society/people pressure us into sex.
have you moved on to any other sex/relationships since?

1in 3 people having no sex is beyond massive. It's like unemployment, even during big recessions most people work. Doesn't mean there isn't a problem.

>Check your facts boomer
>If the trends will continue unchanged, future generations will have so little sex the gov will have to pay surrogate mothers just to barely replace aging population.

Russia already has a day dedicated to fucking for the purpose of maintaining the population:


It's always funny how incels talk about sex as If it's some kind of magic and after getting laid, their magic bubble pops.

1 in 3 women are raped
there are more women being raped than people not having sex

it is because the finally see how retarded they were for the focus they put on it

well, actually 2 years after that I tried again (pressured). The chads told me the first time is always bad, and it’ll be way better the second time....

>be 22
>back to Tinder
>match some 5/10
>not really attracted to her
>chads tell me “pussy is pussy”
>they have lots of sex so they must be right
>meet this girl
>feel awkward af
>we start making out
>girl says stop
>puts her hand on my chest and slowly pushes me away
>looks me dead in the eyes
>says “wait, are you a Virgin?”
>I am in panic and say no
>(I already lost my virginity)
>she says again “no, really, are you a Virgin?”
>I said no, again.
>she says “I don’t believe you”
>and kind of stares at me for a few min
>I try to continue the stuff
>she kisses me for a bit
>then says “so, we won’t be having sex now”
>I feel extremely uncomfortable and leave

After that, I had a 5 year period of no contact at all with women. I didn’t get my first gf until I was 29 and I didn’t feel comfortable with sex for 6 months into the relationship. I’m 30 now and I still don’t feel completely comfortable with sex

Nah, not really. Humanity biggest issue right now is massive overpopulation. This way we can solve it without WW3 which is in my opinion very good.

Imagine replacing bottom tier jobs like drivers, cashiers, cleaners with robots, giving everybody better education, affordable housing once again and sustainable population without cutting down every single forest down. Its the direction in correct way imo.

>one day
That wont change anything. If gov actually wanted its citizens to breed, they would (secretly) sabotage all birth controll methods (shortage of condoms, replacing hormone pills with placebo) and shut down electricity / internet for common households for a month. Or simply payed women to have babies. Imagine if having three babies would be competitive career because it would pay better than being office drone.

Turns out internet and all its offers is better than sex :-)

Kek. Where? In africa? Or you wanted to say
>1 in 3 women experienced at least once sexual assault / harrasment in her life?

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do you know why you were and still are so uncomfortable with sex?

The overpopulation problem comes mostly from Asia and Asia (except for Japan) isn't having these sexlessness problems. These affect mostly very rich first world countries where these problems do not exist.

Hell my country is getting to the point where everybody is leaving the countryside (which is like 90% of it) and just lives in a few cities instead. There is a ridiculous amount of free space and houses but noone lives there

Good user, you're not a nihilist degenerate.

Thats problem of infrastructure / centralisation, not over or under population.

Nobody wants to live in village because
>no people on tinder
>no grocery shop
>no jobs
>no fun like cinemas, pubs and so on
>no public transport
And vice versa no bussinessman will open there any shop or factory because no workers lives nearby and no customers neither.

But then again the space limits in city drives prices of everything to skyhigh so at some point people will be forced to flee back to small villages (unless they want to drive to work 3 hours per day or live in "hotels" for insect).

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>The chads told me the first time is always bad, and it’ll be way better the second time....

Well this advice is somewhat true but only if it's with the same person, once the awkwardness fades and you are comfortable with eachother it gets better.

no shit you don't have any practice
dealing with people is hard especially when you don't have to
you will always be worse than someone more experienced
get as many failures as possible and build on them
this called learning from your mistakes and it's why people date instead of marry

Married living in Japan - I can confirm I don't have sex anymore. Been over a year since the last time

My wife says she doesn't care if I see hookers but fuck that
I'll leave sex to the Chad and Staceys



are you both asian? what lead you two to this point?

I'm white she's Japanese

I'm think people are just too stressed/neurotic to get into the mood here, me included

so Japan is just a Type A environment and it seeps into every facet of your life?

maybe you two should get a bottle of sake and then you could fuck her brains out. that's sad user, not in a sarcastic way btw.

It's 1 in 6 experience rape or attempted rape (whatever that means), I know a lot of girls who say they were raped and a lot of them recanted to me later and the ones who I believe had weird details to their stories, it's not like the image the media gives us

Definitely get a divorce.

I just stopped caring so it's like whatever

I don't want to get married again either way

Casual sex is fun if you have a constant influx of it

Don't then, just live your life.

>I feel so fucking dead inside. Why does casual sex feel so depressing?

kek. I've been trying to tell you incels how overrated sex and relationships are, especially causal sex. I'm always met with must be nice to know what's it's like. You all can't help but to try it anyway. Learn my mistakes. Stay far away from women. They're a meme that costs us money and emotional well-being. Every. Single. Time

Kinda. But people who have sex with some rando one time, then judge the whole activity of based on that are retarded. It's like playing 2 minutes of an online game, then think video games are stupid bevause you've seen it

>I feel so fucking dead inside. Why does casual sex feel so depressing? What do I do now? I'm just lying in my bed now thinking about how I'm probably never gonna see her again. How do I get over this
Hahahaha the incel gets his wish
Welcome to the real world little boy, it's pain all the way down

You shouldn’t get into relationships with the intent of “just having a practice gf”

Men - not happy without sex, not happy with sex.

Probably just an attention seeking bait thread.

I've been a sexually frustrated incel, and i've felt empty after casual sexual encounters. Let me tell you, i'll take the feelings off emptiness over the feelings of inceldom any day.

Bleh I've gotten used to this. I'll set up a date go and sometimes I won't even fuck the chick (mostly because tinder slurs are ugly af and annoying af to be around)

Get u a solid girl and you'll still have urges. Just get a solid side chick that u fw and don't mind that she might be fucking other guys. I think those are the best imo.

Everything is practice. You can't talk without learning how to make sounds. You have taught to shit in a toilet, instead of shit on yourself
You have been taught to chew your food so you don't choke
You learned how to walk and grab things and hold things.

I am not suggesting to take advantage of someone with false intentions. I am stating the process of learning applies in all situations including dating.

You have become a normalfag now.

Congratulations, your brain is not fucked up.

You should date with the intentions of that partner being long term. If things don’t work out, that happens. But you shouldn’t plan on it being short term

Please dont generalize men from few incels posts unless you want me to flip out pic related as retaliation.

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My condolences OP. Hopefully next time you learn your lesson and decide to have sex with someone you've made a more meaningful bond with.

thats the worst part. after i nut i want to leave immediately.

Casual sex is too dangerous

That image is true regardless of men's happiness with sex