I do not feel any pleasure whatsoever when I wear a condom, sometimes it's difficult to even stay hard

I do not feel any pleasure whatsoever when I wear a condom, sometimes it's difficult to even stay hard.
Anyone has this problem? What's a solution to this?

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>tfw used the same brand condom on a girl and she pretend to enjoy my half flaccid chub
It hurts lads


Your dick might be too small, like it doesn't touch vagina walls when fucking

This is going to get personal, but you'll need to make sure you get a condom that fits. My dick is smaller than average so wearing a "regular" removes all sensation due to the looseness. Similarly, when I got the ultra thin ones designed for manlets it was too tight and also cut off circulation. Try out different brands. If you're short on money, you can ask the companies to send out samples, some companies do this I've heard (I never bothered).

I don't really initially, either. Even with the extra thin guys, it feels a bit like fucking a shopping bag until you get a bit of pre-ejaculate to lube the tip, and then it's not as bad. So perhaps try putting a bit of lube around the head before rolling it on. Might help.


I really dislike sex because of this. I’ve never had sex without a condom before. But can’t do that. So sex is not fun for me and I honestly don’t enjoy it

>tfw I don't feel anything with regular condoms
>tfw ultra thins feel ok but I've they break really easily
>tfw raw feels too good

but I've had them break*

So like have you never had sex before?

The solution is obvious: find a reliable girlfriend so you don't have to worry about STDs and then get her on birth control.

>but can't do that

Just don't fuck turbo thots and you are fine. I only fuck Asians and I raw dog them all the time. Statistically they have the lowest STD chance, granted that does not mean there aren't Asian hoes ridden with STDs. You just need to know which ones aren't hoes.

To answer OP question, I use the Skyn brand. Good fit, good feel and good lube.

Get your girl the Mirena
I blow mad loads in my girl

close, the solution is to get a visectomy for $500, always pull out early and fuck only people you trust

Kimono condoms
Very thin, preferred by gay men so you know they something

If I have a vasectomy I can't ejaculate? Jizzing is the best part.

i basically don't use condoms. i can't. i fuck a lot of girls and haven't had problems yet. hopefully it stays that way

You still ejaculate, you're just shooting blanks.

virgin here, you're telling me that in this day and age companies can't find something thin but durable for a condom?

Nah, STDs still exist, just fuck clean chicks on birth control and you will be fine

There’s many websites which compare your penis size to help you find a comfortable and safe condom. Don’t be afraid to measure your dick, to find a good condom. Sure they take away some of the feeling, but if you find a good match for your dicks specs, it can still allow pleasure for you and your partner.

No, I swear, I’m not a salesperson.

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I just don't use condoms and make sure she's on birth control while pulling out.

I can't get hard with condoms

The only way that works for me is rawdogging. Just pull out, user.

Get a vasectomy, senpai.

The grillz love that I can't knock them up and I fill their wombs up every time.

Why don't heterosexual couples engaging in recreational sex stick to only anal and oral acts?

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Anal sex is an energy harvesting ritual. Anus, second only to spine, is the most positive voltage in the body. Penis slightly negative. Vagina is slightly negative.

This is why sodomy is used to break young boys. That's what that South Park episode was about.

And by this I mean the base of the spine. The back of the skull is also strongly positive relative to all other points, but not as much.

Don't use a condom

I've had this problem and may have solved it. Most condoms are the same standard size. If you can't fuck a toilet paper roll because you're too thick, there's a chance, like me, that the condoms are too tight and kill your boner while they kill your sensations as well.

I've since then bought MySize condoms, much wider, and it feels a whole lot better when I try them on: they don't fucking crush my dick down. I haven't had sex with them yet, but I imagine it will feel a whole lot better when my dick can actually fucking expand.

Consider my advice.

this. i've been fucking my gf unprotected for a year on steady birth control. i just feel sorry for manlets who still use condoms.

>homosex degen doesn't understand the joys of vagina


Same, MySize stopped choking my dick. I also got some Sagami 0.02 Large recently, they're also larger 58+-2mm diameter, 190mm in lenght, and super thin, as the name suggests. Though the price is like 2eur/condom. Maybe for special occasions.

>Consider my advice
>I haven't had sex with them yet
Great post

Jup. Literally me.

When i'm having sex with a condom, often times i don't even enjoy sex anymore. Not only does it significantly reduce the pleasure, it's also a massive pain in the ass to have to interrupt foreplay to find a condom and put it on. It just kills the sexual tension entirely.

I'd rather just pull out instead. Most girls my age are on birth control anyways so the odds of knocking up a chick are fairly small. As for STD's, i've never gotten one and i've gone bareback on every girl i've had sex with (not that many though.)

You’re fucking retarded. What the fuck

Don't use a condom. I pulled out for years and never got anyone pregnant.

Just make sure that after sex you ALWAYS pee and wash your dick. Guys fail to do this and then have a second round of sex, and remaining sperm finds its way into the vagina.

>as other anons said, make sure it fits and experiment with different brands (including non-latex ones like Skyns)
>apply a bit of lube inside the condom before putting it on for enhanced sensation
>practice masturbating with condoms so the contrast is less jarring and less exclusive to sex