This 19 year old girl made roughly $15k by selling used bath water during 2 days...

This 19 year old girl made roughly $15k by selling used bath water during 2 days. That's a bit less than my yearly salary, and where I live (not american) my yearly salary is pretty damn good for a 26 year old person.

This shouldn't affect me but it does. It makes me feel like shit in fact. Two days of taking baths made her less than half of what I make working around 2000 hours a year, not even taking into account education and time spent on honing skills to be employable.

How do I stop feeling miserable about it?

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Cope by filtering, blocking and ignoring everything that has to do with her.
The black pill is real but I try to ignore it.

Do you believe that human happiness is a zero-sum game? What practical difference does it make whether this girl sells bathwater or not? Are you angry because someone has it easier than you, or has more entrepreneurial vision than you, or is fortunate enough to live in a country where they can take pictures of themselves for a living? Because this girl is not the first or the last of any of those things. If it so infuriates you beyond reason then your best bet is to just look away.

It's not like it's a sustainable business model. Unless she keeps putting out more and more, eventually people are going to start dropping her, and she's going to have to get a real job, or at least a boyfriend that'll pay for everything.

There will always be people who are more young and successful than you. And there will always be people who can make easy money while you can’t.
There will always be someone better than you in what you do best.
This shouldn’t be a surprise and get you down. But since it did, welcome to the world. It isn’t fair and no one is equal, do your best.

I pray to the Lord in hope that the solar storm comes and destroys internet communication.

Why? Since you don’t like it, no one should have it.
you don’t have to participate, but something tells me you would miss adv

>selling pictures of yourself is being enterpreneurial
I mean, that's a bit of a stretch
And since I can see the reply coming
>y don't u do it
1. not a woman
2. thousands of women do this and only a few luck out enough to get the following this one has

So in reality you’re just jealous of how the real world works. That seems like a waste.

I'm not OP, just thought calling her enterpreneurial is a complete stretch

Because your money is good money, it's money she deserves, this girl will probably never know the feeling of getting money that you earned.

kill her user

Of course I'm jealous, who wouldn't be? This girl could bottle one of her farts and sell it for my monthly paycheck.
I just want to know how to feel less bad about it.

Is it? She is world famous for this. Why not give her the credit she deserves? No one plans and expect to be world dominant in something. It’s still an idea she had and just testing the waters (pun intended) she fucking nailed it.

But you do know that this isn’t just her. Millions of people are much better than you in anything. And can also sell their farts. Some people don’t even work, ever. And they become famous. It’s hard for me to understand the jealousy since it’s part of our lives since birth.

You're absolutely right but $15k in two days is pretty decent fucking pocket money.

The idea wasn't even hers, it was just a recurring meme of her fans when she posted bath pics "Omg kween let me drink that water" so she just did that. Also girls selling their fluids has been a thing forever.

She's a millionaire already user. Unless she is stupid enough to not get someone to manage her money she isn't going to have to work a day in her life.

Yup. Most people get their success from something that already is a thing. They just figure out a way to do it better, or put a nee twist to it. It dosent have to be original. Then pretty much non of us would be considered entrepreneurial.

It’s so lucrative it dosent have to be sustainable. I know plenty of women getting rid of all their student debt and/or getting a house by monetizing their body. And they do it in ridiculously few years. They can jump right over to passive income and basically just figure what to do next with no concern over finances. Ever.

>Selling pictures of yourself isn't entrepreneurial
You have no idea what that word means clearly despite most likely being an avid user of pornography

Yeah, it's insane the reach you get thanks to the internet. Any decently looking girl can advertise herself on the internet, take some nudes and basically solve all her financial problems while she moves onto whatever she wants.

If you don’t want sex work to exist do not support it with your money. Start campaign, name and shame BUYERS, speak up on cases of broken relationships. There will not be supply, if there’s no demand.

I think it’s insane the amount of guys buying this shit and creating a market where it’s better to hold back nudity and sex for money. I mean can you blame these women? If you had a resource that is common, but millions of people would just hand you high amounts of money for it and also love you for doing it. Would you really go; nah bro. I’ll give it for free to just one or few people. Fuck money.

Pff in what world would that remotely be reality.

In a world where #metoo did a thing

Because there is a lot of virgins in the world and the internet let's you reach these virgins. Also people are lazy and paying for sexual connection is easier than trying to find a real one.

I don't blame them at all, hell I would love to be able to just slut myself around for a year or so and build a nice bank to study another grad with.

>I'm not OP, just thought calling her enterpreneurial is a complete stretch

How can you NOT consider the girl entrepreneurial? You need to reevaluate your definition of "entrepreneurial".

I hope someone rapes that moneygrubbing bitch and slits her throat

I work in finance making around $200k/yr after about a decade in university + working combined

Knowing girls can just drop out of HS and make the same amount hooking makes me feel bad

You could say that their career path doesn't have much of a future but most people in my career end up burning out anyway. And girls can just cover up their past and get married to someone rich

>Of course I'm jealous, who wouldn't be? This girl could bottle one of her farts and sell it for my monthly paycheck.
>I just want to know how to feel less bad about it.

The fact you are burning with jealousy reflects very badly on you user. The girl is using the resources she has to make a fast buck. Good for her.

That's pretty impressive if that's true.

All the same, I don't believe that just any woman could have success just jumping into this sort of thing, or else they'd probably all be doing it honestly. You've got to be blessed with a good body, and decent enough facial structure that you can powder it into something serviceable. I don't think a good looking man could really do anything like that, though. People would probably just laugh at you.

Yeah, I guess there aren't too many downsides, but it's not something that just anybody can jump into with that same degree of success either. It doesn't really feel right to call it entrepreneurial, as it's not really satisfying a need that people necessarily had, but appealing to an insatiable aspect of male attraction and lust. It seems like a fairly safe thing to do, so long as you take the proper precautions.

I don't even know what the male equivalent would be... fixing things? Apparently people pay more for their porn than useful services though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Drugs maybe? Slightly more illegal and dangerous.

She's an exploitative cunt like 99.9% of women. It's just the sad, desperate losers who buy her stinkwater are even worse.

There is no male equivalent really.
Also honestly I'm not saying every girl cns do this and become a millionaire, but to a decent success (mid paying college education job) yeah. Just have to know how to string along a few whales and drain them of their money.

This is what happens when sex workers are treated like human beings

Once or twice I paid a few hundred bucks for some hooker

She was about as good looking as me and I felt ripped off by the experience

Never again.

Have any of you guys tried charging women for sexual services?

Next time you match with a girl on Tinder see if you can get them to pay

If you don't at least try the playing field won't be evened

Attractive women do not have to work if they don't want to. Everyone knows it. No one says it because it sounds sexist. It is what it is. Don't obsess over it.

I think such women should be treated like shit to discourage it.

Otherwise women will all turn into parasites.

If someone is dumb enough to buy my bath water, why shouldn't I be allowed to sell it to them?

Women are unable to understand the notion of paying for sex. For them the concept of not being able to have sex whenever they want is as foreign as the sun orbiting around the earth.

she's a god damn genius is what she is, she knows exactly how to play the game to get people hooked, that's why she'll never do porn or get fully nude, and people will pay hundreds if not thousands for the hopes of seeing such things. I can guarantee each and every one of you would do the same if you were in her position. It is shameless i'll admit but it isn't exactly sex work, she just takes risque photos and exists as being a cute girl. she just won the lottery, don't get jealous

>i feel bad because a prostitute is making more than me
Just think about how many like her failed HARD. And how much more stable you're than she'll ever be.
Not only that, look at the amount of camgirls, hookers and porn actresses who ended up in shit. Instead, you compare yourself with the single example that ended up well.

Use this feeling to recognize how shitty our economic system is. Her bathwater is valued at the same price as your job for those who can afford the luxury. Also, blame the creepy straight men who are buying this shit or the 12 year olds doing it for the shits and giggles. If there were no people to buy it then she would not have made money. It's not her fault people are fucking retarded.

Jealous as fuck femanon here. I used to be skinny and having nice face, but yet have to work my ass at the office for the fraction of that sum and you don’t even (You) me with “but you can marry the rich” bullshit.

The only thing pissing me off is that idiots (like you) keep advertising her for free like it's funny or even a new thing.

@ 21094370
>fake female here
Go directly to hell. No (You).


It would help if you stopped talking about her and perpetuating her marketing for free. Delphine's an overvalued fad. If there was a way to short that investment, I would.

You’re cute, but I’m not fake. Look at her: she doesn’t go necked, she doesn’t do porn, she doesn’t have sugar daddy. The impact is minimal, but she yet has anough money to never ever work in her life again. It’s her own money, she doesn’t owe any dick for having those. Honestly, try and pick any disadvantage in her situation, especially compared to some random let’s say even white collar girl who has to work or maintain relationship with man who supports her.

Yeah the world is fucked and all and we just kinda gotten used to it but there's still something gutturally upsetting about this chick, like she's skating through life by abusing basically everything wrong with our society right now. Only real way to cope with it is that its not sustainable and she'll likely OD on some shit some day anyways because the chick is mental

It's called capitalism, m8. She's tapping into a hot market and gaining HUGE capital.

Honestly, I used to be a virgin my whole life and what for? For some fucking ass dick to enjoy their superior status next to other people who could be my partners. That’s the sole fucking purpose. I’m so upset you guys.

If you're nice looking like you say you can make a patreon and do similar shit, it won't blow up like hers but it will be some nice additional income. And if you're lucky maybe you'll be able to live off it later on and be able to quit your job.

I know a girl like this. She makes a pretty comfortable 3-4k a month off her patreon, all she really does is a few photoshoots every month. She can afford her own place and is saving lots of money while being like 20.

Understanding living expenses and how income does not equal wealth you dumbass. $15k is enough for two months for a family in many parts of America and they probably live worse than you

I’m 28 and about to cake it up. I said that I used to be cute.

You can still do to and keep it up though. Girls can be real fucking hot up until 40

Besides most pics are going to be airbrushed and photoshopped to hell and back

What the fuck kind of country is $15k pretty damn good? That's below the poverty line in my state (MI) in the US and would qualify you for government aid. Instead of feeling salty that some girl is making your yearly salary in two days, why not emigrate somewhere better where you aren't making shit wages?

He's most likely European. Also he said half so he's probably doing around 30-40 which is a decent salary in certain European countries (and I don't mean the shitty ones, I mean Germany, Spain, England)

You can do it as a guy too surely

Why don't you give it a try before giving up

Nah, as a guy your market is much limited since that kind of thing appeals mostly to gay men.

Closest male equivalent is an extreme high-risk labor job like mining, deep sea fishing, working on an oil rig ect. You obviously work a lot harder, but it's similar in that you're doubling done on masculine characteristics and cashing in, no education required, you'll probably burn out in a few years, and most people will never do it because they're pussies.

You got that backwards user. Degeneracy should be self-correcting in theory because once it becomes normalized to the point that every girl is a whore the pussy market will crash. It happens on a lesser scale in countries where prostitution is legalized.

I don't think it's even comparable really. Quick google tells me Oilrig workers make on average around $100k a year for backbreaking work that does leave a mark on your body.
These gals easily make this and way more for job they can comfortably do from their home, working probably a tenth of the hours, with no real repercussions and they can always do a pivot into some ex e-thot job position like "social media manager" or shit like that.

Also what they do can easily be coordinated with college and shit like that.

I just want it to crash so I don’t feel like missing out

Why dont you just make millions of dollars screaming into a camera and making content for babies like Pewdiepie then? Why are you acting like this phenomenon has anything to do with the fact she's a girl.

The average druggie/uggo whore doesn't make much either. You have to keep in mind that the average person who goes into this kind of work is often bordeline-illiterate with a drug problem and questionable work ethic. If you have half a brain, you can handle the work physically, and you're willing to work you can clear like $250k at 19, do it for a few years and go to school in your early 20s.

This won't happen. She will forever be at the top of a soon to come saturated niche. As long as she's saving her cash she is set for life.


It's crazy that women are so picky that there'd be so many men that desperate and it's crazy that hookers were banned due to FemNazi ethics.

You feel miserable because of it because you yourself are still attached to it. If you realized how stupid this shit is you wouldn't see it as authority and thus stop being upset from it

she wouln't make as much if guys didn't cater to her. They're enabling her to do this stuff so really it's partially their fault. Guys should have higher standards.

>or else they'd probably all be doing it honestly.
As much as I like to meme with the plebs here, telling them that all women are whores. The truth is, not all women are whores.
There's a lot of women who honestly would not and do not monetize their looks even when they could.

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>You can do it as a guy too surely
Nah, like said. You gonna have to go gay for pay.

In Japan you can get rich being a host

Why would you even care? There have always been people like this and probably always will be. It's nothing you can change and more importantly, it's nothing that affects your everyday life in any way. If anything, I'd feel sorry for the people that are enabling this shit with mommy's credit card instead of using PornHub like a functioning adult lol. But then again, I'd guess your time on Earth is way too valuable to be holding up with that kind of stuff, no?

>Guys should have higher standards
Especially since all of her photos are shopped. Can people honestly not distinguish a super altered image from a normal one? It's pretty laughable

Well take comfort in the fact that everyone's dying and you'll probably have a slightly easier time since you have less money to lose. Also what the other nigger said

That's wise as shit.

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That's right op. If you want to help ruin the "careers" of future whore camgirls, find the secret to curing inceldom and write a book. Give it away for free, post the PDF on Reddit for some publicity. Or make self help videos like the old Elliot Hulse. Just find a way to teach even ONE person how to stop being a worthless betabux-paying KEK.

desu I lost the 0 respect I had for her when I saw her facetune stop for a split second in one of her vids.

You stop feeling miserable about it by rethinking your life and the sources of your income. If she was working a 9-5 like most people she'd be in financial distress like everyone else her age. She found a way that works for her to make mad dosh

This guy makes over a million dollars a year from desperate women

Why do you guys keep saying it's only girls who can do it?

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Supply and demand, baby. You say "the cutie who sold her bathwater" and I know you mean Belle. You say "the guy who does [whatever you do]" and I have no idea which of the million shmucks you mean. The market rewards unique goods and services.
Now imagine how much some beta nerd would pay for special reserve bathwater that was bottled straight from her crotch.

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Salaries in the US are bloated because your housing market is fucked and you have to pay a fortune for healthcare.

This is why our species is doomed,
We can't deal with pollution or end poverty because shite like this is someones priority

I don't blame her, I blame the fucking loser beta orbiters that paid her for it. They are a cancer in our society

I don't know how to feel about this.
I've never paid for sex work and likely never will but by the looks of it she has managed to find the right business model to make a lot of money with minimal effort.
Blame capitalism.

I'm a woman
Tell me why I shouldn't do this
You don't even need to be in the bath

do it,
but first you need to cultivate a following of beta orbiters who are willing to pay you absurd amounts for it.

also, given time + makeup + photoedits etc, are you as cute as belle or even in the same class?

You should be a prostitute instead, easy money.

And how difficult would that be really. From what I’ve found a average girl can make 400-500$ a day. And it’s not hard work.
It’s such good job as you don’t even need education for it. Can you imagine landing a job like that with no experience and no student time/debt.

There is no reason not to. I'm not OP but I'm far more ashamed by my fellow men who pay for this than I'm bitter at the girls shrewd enough to take advantage. I'd encourage my own sister to make money like this if I had one.

The market will collapse if too many people catch on

Before the financial crisis an average sex worker in Japan could make like $140k/yr. Now it's more like half that.

So do it,
it still takes effort and time and some dedication

say what you want about belle, but she is trying.

no, you're a retard, whores of all kind have always been around and no the market is not going to collapse. The sad reality is that most ethots don't make the money belle makes.

You're spiritually fucked if this bothers you so much. Being mad because someone has it easy in this fucked up world is not a good attitude to have. She inspires me to get on my grind harder.

lol I was kinda joking but I want to afford a house.. and in any job you essentially sell your soul to make money.

actually without makeup I'm quite attractive with good skin, and I habe a good body
but I would likely use a costume just to hide my identity anyway. but the thing about having followers you're probably right,I don't currently have any social media so I'd have to start from scratch.

I don't do casual encounters so nudes and prostitution aren't an option. This would likely be a one time thing and not a job for me, social experiment. I really just want a nice little house in a small country by the mountains and ocean.

> I would likely use a costume just to hide my identity anyway.
you'll never reach belle tier that way, but there are lots of "no face" cam girls that make some money

why not masturbate on cam a few times a week for some extra cash?

do you think she was born with pink hair?
and a fresh makeup face?
she has a costume and does well

you are trying to say how hard this is when she just sold bathwater to tons of thirsty guys. I already know it's very easy to cater to men in this world. I could make a lot just locally where I am now, but I think I would try something different than bathwater.

And stop suggesting adult work.
It isn't necessary and it's foolish effort.
Being a cute sweet girl who likes what guys like is really all it takes. They fall in love with the idea of that girl.

The task of selling bath water isn't difficult, and neither is building up a following of beta's

but it does take time and effort. YOu cant just go online with no following and get that response.
If you think you can, then you are too naive to be on the internet

>Being a cute sweet girl who likes what guys like is really all it takes. They fall in love with the idea of that girl.
bitch wants to take advantage of betas and you suggest she is just 'cute' and hopes that does the trick.

fuck you don't live in reality, and clearly have a hard time focusing in on a single topic of conversation

>Being a cute sweet girl who likes what guys like is really all it takes. They fall in love with the idea of that girl.
Delete this please

>putting on a humiliating performance for filthy horrible men
>not hard work
You do it if you think it's not hard work, faggots are even more willing to throw money at you than straight men are at women. For me it's disgusting and I'd rather clean septic tanks.