Ex can’t pay money to irs for college

>ex can’t pay money to irs for college
>paycheck to paycheck living and no family except me
>2 months sentence unless makes 2000$ by Monday
>he texts me he’s on his way
>has lied before about being on his way
>”the person you are calling cannot accept calls at this time” anytime I call
>call the jail and he is not under custody there apparently

What do? I want to help him and I care a lot for him. I don’t know where could he be. When he gets out, I can not help him anymore because I have to move on and he will be homeless.
Is there any way I can contact him? Any ideas user?

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>no family except me

By the way I am not in his family. I meant he has no one who cares for him except me.

what are you talking about there's no such thing is debtors prison, you don't get arrested because you can't pay the IRS. he's lying to you

This. I'm a little confused, op. I've got several thousand dollars in credit card debt that has defaulted and I've never been pursued. I also have student loans but am still in college so they aren't being collected on.
Pls respond op

even if you get taken to court for a debt, it's just a judgement meaning you are ordered to pay and can have your wages and bank account seized but you would never go to jail.

That's what I thought. It's funny because I have no job or bank account lmao

He told me he is going to jail because he cannot pay back his college loans. I don’t believe he would lie to me but I’m really worried. I contacted his friend and I was blocked.

like I said, it's 1000% impossible to go to jail for not paying student loans, or any kind of loan. you're being lied to.

Hmmm, sounds fishy. I don't think people can go to jail for that shit in the US, assuming that's where you are

I’m going to wait until Monday because he told me that’s how long he had until to pay 2000$. Then either
>call the jail and ask if he’s there
>visit his house
>message his friend

I’m so deathly worried because I’m the only person he has and we’re not dating anymore but I still care for him and I’m worried out of my mind. I don’t understand if he’s lying to me, because I’ve always trusted him and hes been really honest to me always.

He’s always been truthful to me, I hope I haven’t been scammed this whole time, he’s not the type of person to lie to me like this. I don’t even care if he’s lied to me I just want to know where he is and if he’s okay.

how did you meet this guy and have you given him money in the past?

We met a year and half ago. We dated until last November and I’ve been helping him with money so he doesn’t go homeless. I don’t believe I’m being lied to because he’s always been honest to me. But I have my suspiciouns now because he told me he sold his TV but I recently went over and it was there. I should’ve asked him. He’s been there for me and I don’t believe it that he could have been scamming me this whole time. I really hope not. I just want to know how he’s doing and I’m so scared.

Why do people who are ultra poor or incredibly bad with money (to the point of having law problems) think that the thing they need in life right now is a fucking relationship. That's incredibly selfish and retarded. You should be thinking about fixing your life and not going homeless instead of going after some pussy which costs both time and money, and apparently you are lacking both of those things if you are in current situation.

OP, why the fuck did you even in the first place decide to be with this type of dude who can't even care for himself.

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He was fine but he moved to be with me and became extremely poor

So how much money did he extort from you

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He just messaged me this. Around 6000$

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It’s hideous how he has no respect for me because NOBODY would go to these lengths

Damn, can I date you for a few months OP...
I got a big dick, caring, good listener, and passionate.

I promise, I’ll neverrrrrrrr lie to you.

OP you are so blinded by the d, you straight walked into this l. You probably ain’t getting shit back. He used you like a pimp uses his whores.

Didn’t want to talk because it’s pointless.

Shit, I get $20 gift card from grandma on Christmas, I’ll at least talk with her for an hour. This dude used you hard. Regardless if you think he’s being honest, regardless of the past. You got used, you’re his meal ticket, and you need to open your eyes.

no you’re right I used to be 100% blinded because I cared for him so much I’m absolutely retarded. I don’t want to care anymore and I’m tired of feeling so much for someone who has 0 respect for me.

OP you're fucking retarded

You need to stop all contact at once. Stop talking to him ASAP.

My girlfriend just dumped me a month ago and has tried talking to me almost everyday since. Whenever she’s sad, upset, or needs anything my phone goes off and it’s her. I was stupid and picked up and tried to help her. But then I found out there’s already another guy in the picture and I cut her off entirely. Blocked on everything.

You need to cut this guy out. He’s clearly not healthy for you.

I still want to talk to my ex so bad but I keep remembering that she’s no good for me. It’s a hard thing but with time you’ll get over it and feel better.

>these are the kind of guys that get girls while you fap alone

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you will still feel for him for that exact reason, you silly girl.

Don't even try getting over him, find someone new

You're being played. He's your ex and thus not your responsibility.

>He’s always been truthful to me, I hope I haven’t been scammed this whole time, he’s not the type of person to lie to me like this. I don’t even care if he’s lied to me I just want to know where he is and if he’s okay.

The only way a debt can lead to prison time is if we're talking about fraud or serious tax evasion. In either of those cases, two months is unlikely to be the outcome. Your ex is either trying to scam money from you or playing some bullshit game. Either way, let him be fucking homeless.

He has not always been honest, he has been using you for money. This entire situation is designed to get you panicked and emotional so you'll be more vulnerable when he reestablishes contact.

>I'm so scared
Thats the point. Thats intentional. He's doing that on purpose and his story is obvious bullshit.


He wants to make it eight. Stop.

Dammit OP find yourself a good dude, girls that are giving like you are super rare, you deserve a good guy, not a piece of trash scamming liar

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