Should I ask her or not?

Me and my ex broke up about five months ago. Currently we're trying to work some things out before we decide to get back together.
Before I decide, I want to know if she's been with anyone whilst we were on a break. I'm pretty sure she has but I think she'll just say it's none of my business unless we're getting back together.
But I don't want to be with her if she slept with another guy

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No point in asking her cause whether she did or not you’ll still get a “no” out of her

Nah she's pretty honest, and she's already hinted at it. I don't mind so much if she only kissed someone but much more than that and I'll have to think twice.

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Uhhhh... really it's none of your business.

Why do you think that?


because this wouldn't happen if you had other women in your life

I'm batting above my league as it is.

Why does it matter if she was with someone else while you weren’t together?

My girlfriend was with 3 guys before me. What affect does that have on me?

That's different. I don't care the guys she was with before me, but if she's already slept with someone during our break she obviously didn't think much of me in the first place.

Should I ask her or not? This keeps playing on my mind and I need to decide soon.

>I'm batting above my league as it is.

Ah yes, classic cuckold mindset. No you aren't. She probably sucks ass. Most women will go hook up with someone unless you dumped then and they are convinced they'll be able to get you back. If she dumped you she did it for another man and it didn't work out. If you dumped her and she didn't make excuses to contact you over and over she probably had something lined up too.. Just my advice based on observation of millennial relationships

I wish I could get a straight answer. If you don't think I should ask her please qualify why.

OP you are a beta cuck who has only veen with one girl max your entire life.

Your ex probably banged at least 10dudes while u had a break.

You should bang some hoes too before u get back tigether, otherwise youll only be thinking with your dick and forever be a betaboy

I think I should ask her because it's playing on my mind a lot. I know she's done *something* but if she has slept with someone it will really change how I feel about her. I don't think I could be with a woman who couldn't keep it in her panties for a few months.

she probably has. i mean, girls these days can't get sex like that *snaps fingers*

it's not the same for guys, unless you are the degenerate life of the party

so the real thing you need to do is judge whether your ex, as a person, is worth taking back over your feelings of jealousy and resentment at her getting dicked down while you two were not together

You think like that because you are an incel. When you are 25yo the only virgin u r gonna find is mentally handicapped

You misunderstand. She's not a virgin. I don't care that she's been with guys before me, but I think it's disrespectful for her to sleep with anyone while we were on a short break.

If you recognize your girlfriend as being higher value (sexually) than you, you're already screwed.

Ever heard of hypergamy? If a woman realizes she can do better than you, she sooner or later will. If you're a male and you do not consider yourself a solid catch, you're setting yourself up to either get cheated on, or dumped at some point.

>relationship break
Idiot. "breaks" are for when a woman thinks she's found someone better than you but isn't really sure. The "break" is a chance to test drive without cheating.
So yeah, she probs did fuck a guy while on the "break".

But that's not why we went on a break in the first place.

I'm gonna just say this, OP. As someone in a near exactly identical situation except for me knowing for a fact that she fucked and was with someone else, your ex definitely was getting it.

Women have 0 time to grieve and will fuck any time and anyone they want after you're gone. Accept it as it is or just move to someone else if you can't handle it.

You don't think I should ask her just to be 100% sure?

Why are you so insecure about her sleeping with other people? You two broke up, whether it was a break up, or you took a "break" to work on yourselves for whatever reason. Loyalty means nothing in today's world.

If you go in asking her if she slept with someone or multiple people in the 180 days you weren't together, she'll either tell you no or yes. If it's no, she might resent you for asking - like why does it matter? We're getting together now - who cares?
If it's a yes, you'll be upset and wonder if you need to be with someone who has been sleeping around.

Either way, you make a choice in whether you want to be with this person or not. Morals are out of the window at this point considering you're getting back with someone you broke up with.

>Why are you so insecure about her sleeping with other people?
I think it's slutty behavior and disrespectful to our relationship for her to to sleep with someone else not long after we broke up. I don't think I'd want to be with someone like that.

That’s pretty stupid. You were broken up, why are you expecting her to not move on to other guys?

I would expect because she was still getting over me. Sleeping with another guy within a few months proves I'm worth nothing to her

I don’t think you understand what being broken up means

You really think she's gonna tell you that she's got a back-up dick she wants to try out?

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My point stands. There should be a period of grieving after a breakup if that person meant something to you.

>and disrespectful to our relationship
You were on a relationship break you retard, you weren't in a relationship during that break.
Next time this happens to you, don't be a retard, take the break as an opportunity to find an upgrade from the THOT you made the mistake of going out with.

Do all incels think like this?

>There should be a period of grieving after a breakup if that person meant something to you.

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I honestly don’t understand your mindset. You two were broken up for nearly half a year, how long was she supposed to remain celibate in order to spare her ex’s feelings?

correct reply
op gotta chill stop being insecure thats why u take breaks duh

t. butthurt white knight.

Sex isn't everything. If I meant something to her she wouldn't have jumped some other guy's bones within a few months. That just makes her a slut.

>doesn’t answer the question
>just calls her a slut
ok yeah this is a bait thread

I'm saying IF she did that it would be thot behavior. I'm afraid to find out


im on the same boat OP just find someone new, i made the mistake of taking her back after she cheated on me with one of my "friends" and she asked for a "break" as well. dont let her get into your life and rekindle what you felt for her cause thats all she wants to do. and if you are going to let her back then make her work for it.

also what the other guys are saying is 100% true she DID fuck other guys, and youre right it is whore behavior so its up to you and how much you respect yourself cause she doesnt

There's been surveys done. Only 2% of breakups end up in the couple happily getting back together. You're not special and it won't succeed. Don't go back to her.