Will she love me if i starve myself to prove her how much she means to me?

Will she love me if i starve myself to prove her how much she means to me?

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No, she will think you’re crazy.

You need help fren

Not all women think the same thing retard.

Irrelevant, OPs not talking about all women, retard.

No she will love you if you become great, now go do that


I'm turning to lunacy, finding joy in it, meaning, hope
It's taking control and I can't fight it

No, I mean I don't know her, but most people's reaction to someone doing that would be "ugh I wish he would just go away and stop being a problem to me"

It's not about how you feel towards her.
It's about how she feels towards you.

Proof that op's girl will think it's crazy?

I wouldn't actively inform her, but she would know in the end
I have such a terrible urge to let her know I'm batshit insane, I can't hide it anymore
She makes me do things I never could on my own
She feels I'm too time consuming, so she feels bad about ignoring other people

Are you OP?
Is the comment opposing advice you’ve provided?
Why are you getting triggered?

Not op, but I'm wondering how that guy knows op's girl wouldn't like op starving himself. He either has know specifically that she wouldn't or he has to maintain that all girls would find it unattractive, thereby making a bigoted claim

No. She’ll just lose all respect for you. That’s pathetic behaviour.

You’re not proving you love her. You’re proving you hate yourself.

Get out or stay on topic.

user, you may need to accept the miserable reality that she's just not that into you. You can't really fix that.

The topic is whether or not op can prove his worth by starving himself for a girl. I say he could because some girls will like that.

I'm not going to win her over at this rate anyway, she already denied me claiming she's not looking for a relationship due to having to travel all the time but I just can't accept it. I want that warmth back, and I can find slivers of it in this self-destructiveness

Not all women think the same thing retard.

Some =! All
Some girls would find it attractive, others not. Unless you think all women would find this unattractive

Do it. This will be an exercise of will at the very least. I'm sure you can afford to lose some weight.

no, she will think you're seeking attention

Regardless of your intentions, this will likely be interpreted by her and others as "emotional blackmail" and any reasonable person will advise her to abandon or at least limit the relationship in a major way.


Imagine you've got some rando who's suddenly obsessed with you. And the rando stalks you and tries to be friends with you, but she's just not your type. She's just ugly enough to not be pretty and pretty enough to not be ugly - but her personality and yours just don't mesh well. So you know her and don't really want to hurt her feelings, but you need to be clear that you're not interested in evolving the friendship into a romance. You tell the girl and she visibly crumbles with acceptance and sorrow and even a bit of denial. She suddenly tells you that she loves you and that she'll prove it by doing whatever it takes to make you see that she's the person for you and that you two were meant to give it a try. She's now completely in denial and obsessive about this. She sends you texts saying that she's going to starve herself to prove to you that she loves you. Because for some reason in her brain, she's done the math to conclude that physically hurting herself in the name of love is exactly what it's going to take to win your heart. Next, she'll try cutting. And so on, and so on and so on.

Now. What do you do? How do you deal with this insane person who's in love with you and you've made it clear that you don't return her feelings and now she's trying to manipulate you into giving her your attention and affection or she's going to harm herself.

Manipulative bitch, right?

That's you, OP. That's exactly what you sound like to a third party looking into this situation.

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