Future plans

Finally decided to kidnap my ex.
Wanted to post pic (99% sure nobody I know uses this site ) but decided against it.
I know her routine and I live in a third world country so the chances of getting caught are already fucking low
Any other suggestions to avoid getting caught

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What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Disgusting bastard.

Why would you post her pic? And I guess the only way you MIGHT get away with it is if you make sure she doesn't know it's you.
Don't do it though, you'll get bored of it and then think "oh fuck I shouldn't have done it" because your anxiety will get you to worry even if you now think you are safe from being caught. Your anxiety and guilt will make you make mistakes that will get you caught.

Say what you want there's nothing holding me back now
Also I'm not going to kill her or anything

Dude you have no ideas the shot you can get away with if you're rich in my country

>Also I'm not going to kill her or anything
There's not much difference between killing someone and keeping that someone kidnapped for life. What do you plan to do with her?

Why do you even need her if you are rich!? Just buy some sweet shit and forget about her.

Make sure to leave your ID, so the police will know you were kidnapped too.

I've already got sweet shit
Don't even know what I want to do with her at this point, I tell myself I don't want to do any thing sexual but I probably will
And I can't forget her with the way she keeps posting on social media

It's a fucking third world country the police will come and say they will investigate and then do nothing

Is she cute?
What’s her @?

Kinda of cute
Don't know her e-mail

I bet she’s ugly...
Post her @? As in instagram...

I bet she’s super dooper ugly.
Dead eye, frizzy hair, horse teeth and shit.
3rd world country stinky.

Spread her legs, cum on the wall and let the flies do the work...

OP you’re a dirty dog lol.

What continent?

So block her on social media retard
Or better yet just deleting delete that shit entirely

I obviously can't give you her indtagram
I'm not stupid
Also I'm wealthy dude in a poor nation and of course I'd date an ugly chick

Africa, where else

Just do some little shit that would make her uncomfortable like take pictures of her feet or some shit then set her free. This is kinda peek incel at this point just don't be a retard about it and you'll be fine.

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In that case will people and the police even care?

Shut up, you ain’t wealthy, and you just admitted she ugly.

You ain’t gonna do jack, you’re gonna chicken out and be back here next week asking, “how do I get my ex to fall in love with me again”

And everyone’s going to call you a loser and laugh.

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Sure, I'll hire thugs to kidnap her (already a crime also not cheap) take her to my house and then just take pictures of her feet.
Not an Incel, never had sex but I could very easily

>I could very easily

I'll believe it when I see it. Not only are you kidnapping a woman but you're being defensive lmao. I would suggest a hobby.

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I don't believe in casual sex(religious upbringing )

Haven't gotten any meaningful suggestions so far

Based af op. Good luck

>I don't believe in casual sex
I see. A man of morals.
Post a pic, and I'll give you advice.

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>casual sex is bad
>kidnapping is good

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And yet you'll kidnap someone
>I tell myself I won't do anything sexual but I probably will


Have no intention of harming her but I also want her to know it's me I need a long term plan that's why I'm here