Looking for Chad's or people that made it

Made a bloomer group. But so far most people are doomers including me and I have to larp as a chad. We talk about how we can improve ourselves. So far doing challenges


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Good luck fellas


I want to be part of this

It went to shit. Somebody sent invites to r9k and people are posting porn/ pol shit now.

Might join if you can wait it out, sig threads died so I guess this is it

I remember ending in the "Chad"/" Successful" range not too long ago. It was a picture where you get points for certain aspects in your life. Don't have the picture anymore but maybe you know which one I mean, it gets posted to Jow Forums a lot. Can't guarantee that what worked for me will work for you and I'm not a therapist, but if you want, we can stay in contact via Telegram (@fruehauf) because I don't use Discord.

Good luck with your group, man!

give us an overview of what you did, please

Its back pls don't send retards


That probably wont happen

You mean, in terms of life accomplishments or what I did to get into that "Bloomer/Chad" thing? Here's what I can tell about myself:

>24 yo
>Moved out early
>Finishing grad school early next year, grades between A and B
>Working on the side and making decent money
>Play multiple instruments
>Lost ~50 lbs in one year
>Speak German and English, learning Korean
>Had a relationship of two years

Apart from that, idk. Be nice to people, have a good work ethic and be curious. Just being nice to people and open for new or weird stuff can get you places. Asking also never hurt anyone.

You can join if you want

Bump for chill vibes and blooming anons.

As I said, I don't use Discord but I can offer you to talk with you one on one via Telegram every now and then. I know it's kind of a dick move since you're more or less explicitly looking for people to join a Discord group, but I can still try and give my two cents on things from time to time. If you're not interested — which I'd completely understand — I apologize for posting here. Either way, here's some things that help/helped me. Maybe, they're something for your group.

>Do experiments for a duration of 30 days: It's long enough to make a commitment, short enough to not have long term things interfere with it. Document your experiments and feelings during that time as it makes evaluation easier.
>Keep a diary: It's a relief to write down your thoughts and reading it every now and then makes you see how you develop as a person.
>Get enough sleep: Your brain is the most important organ in your body. Doctors say, seven to nine hours per night is ideal. Never compromise on sleep quality and if there's one thing worth spending money on, it's a good mattress.
>Whatever you try, be consistent: Even doing something ten minutes per day everyday is better than having a two hour session irregularly. Especially goes for studying something.
>If you really want to get into stoicism like many /sig/ anons, don't start with Aurelius' Meditations On The Self: It has a lot of historic references and biography in it which makes it hard to read. I recommend reading "A Guide to the Good Life", then maybe Seneca's letters. Reading secondary literature is always the best way to go for anything regarding philosophy

Gonna go to sleep because it's pretty late/early here now, so I can only see your response in a few hours if this thread is still up. Either way, I wish you and the others the best of luck. We're all gonna make it bro, God bless.

Grug only want to make people laugh. Grug has failed.

Could someone describe how the whole Doomer and Bloomer thing gestated on Jow Forums? Was it a clear divergent path between the two? Genuinely interested.

Also, I might check out the disc after I validate it's not raided by r9k cucks again.

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Fuck you grug no spammers

Grug deserved better, Grug just wanted to self improve and be happy!

Yeah man that caveman posting gimmick was kind of tiresome

It's off to a good start now user, you're welcome to join

I thought it was funny, don't worry Grug, one day you'll be a star.

Looking for Chad's and "made it" people that want to help others but also wouldn't mind being helped. Just started up again after a great first few hours. No spammers or retards ... I know I'm asking alot from you guys.


PS: fuck grug

bumping so more see