Recently my son has been eating like a cavebeast, he goes through 2 pizzas a day, and a full salmon...

Recently my son has been eating like a cavebeast, he goes through 2 pizzas a day, and a full salmon, what can i feed him to satisfy his hunger?

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get him checked for tapeworms


He hasn't been losing any weight, just gaining it, and it would seem that he doesn't have any of the effects of tapeworms.

Oh crap, forgot to mention he's 16.

My large hungry son is eating me out of house and home. I'm at wit's end. I came home and caught him pouring onions sauce all over our cat, "Like the chinks do", someone help me.

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Invest in potatoes, they’re cheap, you can make a shitload of dishes, without breaking the bank. He’s probably just a growing boy. My son has times where he eats everything at arms reach, even sitting next to me and eating my snacks with me while I’m relaxing. Also maybe teach him to cook real foods, frozen pizzas aren’t as filling as homemade ones, plus it’ll make him calm down a bit on his eating in case it’s becoming an emotional habit.

Yeah he does enjoy potatoes, but not sure where I can find some recipes for potatoes, I only know how to make string beans and mashed potatoes lol.

Do you recommend any vegetables other than string beans?

My son is the same way. He has also become much hairier and less vocal over the years. He's also quick to anger, doesn't shower and destroys things around the house. I think it might be autism. Is your son the same?

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Exactly the same, he even complains about his knees hurting even though he only works 3 hours a day.

The thing I'm afraid of is if I put him in soccer or football, would his hunger increase tenfold? Anyways, he does love soccer but I'm just a bit on the fence about it.

Just noticed the picture attached, he sits exactly like that.

Your son sounds hormonal, he’s probably struggling with his identity, and feeling insecure about the changes happening to him.

Baked potatoes, easy. Serve with cheese, sour cream, bacon, and a piece of chicken breast.
Fried potatoes and ground beef burritos
Potatoes and eggs.
Honestly, it is a good idea to push vegetables, but as boys get older, they need more protein than anything.
Try googling potato meal ideas on google, it’s kinda a hassle, but sometimes you’ll find a diamond in the rough.

I’m cooking potato wedges, corn cob, chicken and biscuits for my son right now.

Yeah, his hunger will increase, but his eating habits won’t be so erratic. Especially because they spend more time practicing instead of sitting around and just getting fatter, which can lead to boredom eating. Coaches promote healthy eating, and usually send home sheets with recommendations.

My coach used to bench players if they broke their weight restrictions from not following the team diet.

if he gets fat it's 100% your fault. It's child abuse. fuck you and your fat sloppy detriment to society


Potatoes au gratin

Fuck now I want some

Broccoli is healthy and filling. Roast it with spices and it’s tastey. Meat and carbs help fill you up, personally pizza doesn’t have a lot of nutrients so I can eat a lot as well. Rice helps too and is cheap and healthy. He’s at that age where his body is growing a lot so it needs a lot to produce more growth, it’s pretty normal. He could also try bananas and yogurt, and a healthy cereal before bed. If I’m still hungry before sleeping I can eat a banana and cereal, and the grains take longer for my body to digest so it usually keeps me going thru the night

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