I want to marry my girl friend but it will not be allowed by my family as she is not muslim...

I want to marry my girl friend but it will not be allowed by my family as she is not muslim. I really love this girl anons. I have pleaded with her to at least try converting, just for me, but she has said no. I seem as if I have no choice I cannot leave islam because i still believe a bit and my family will disown me. i cannot marry my gf because she will not convert and if i marry a non muslim my family will disown me. I am thinking about kysing but I cannot even do that because if god exists he will send me to hell. Life is not looking like worth living...

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>she's not muslim
>pleaded her to convert
>i will not leave because MUH BELIEFS and MUH FAMILY

>living in 2019
>beliving in yehova religions that were created to control the polytheist village people thousands of years ago

pick one

why would you marry a girl who wouldn't want to become a muzzie, women are lead by men. if this woman won't do this for you, i don't know why you're even bothering with her.

Even if God does why wouldn't he want you to be happy? Just marry her

OP you should read this entire article and understand your religion was a created as a knock-off from judaism by businessman mohammed.


It is not so simple anons. I am having problems with my religion sometimes but i still feel it in me, that god is real

This is what my family say to me.. i cannot explain it but i love her. She said we can run away together. but she will not convert.

>i cannot explain it but i love her.

you lust for her, let's be honest OP. this girl is smoking and completely controlling you with that body, and turning you away from god. if she loved you she would do this for you.

>doesn't fkin care that gf could ALSO be thinking her god is real/no god is real and she doesn't want to take your bullshit
>muh family gurl, they disown me, do dis for me pls
>she suggests running away together, but you'd rather force her to do what she doesn't want to do
This bitch is better of without an egoistical person like you and should tell you to fuck off and go fuck some goats. This is why i hate mudslimes, you pieces of shit only care about things getting done your way. Fuck off.

Rofl. Or maybe she has IQ over 90 and isnt brain washed by praying 5x a day

yeah this

>religion is dumb

it's so dumb you couldn't "convert" for your man out your love and commitment, guess it ain't that dumb cause you can't just say you're a muzzie to make his family happy. instead tear him away from his family cause they're brainwashed.

look at this big IQ user.

oh and what about her relationship with her family and how it might be affected?

if it's a problem she shouldn't be wasting OP's time

>hey bb please convert to my regressive patriarchal religion about sky daddies for my family
>wat do u mean u won't?
>why u gotta waste my time roastie?

>believing women know what they want

what an absolute fucking meme.

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Wow it is a lot of posts now

Maybe she is turning me away from god. She is making me think that maybe it is not right to be so religious but when i think of this, i feel guilty and sad, like i am betraying my god and my family

It is not easy user. We are together for 4 years. The first 2 I keep it as a secret from my family until my auntie found me and her together in public and rang my mom to tell her. I fight so hard to keep her, and my parents say, ok but she cannot come in the house and you cannot marry her unless she becomes a muslim. It does not feel fair. There is no easy solutions

Islam is not so bad as you say. After all, i am muslim, and i treat my girl friend with respect and with equal treatment... I never ask her to dress certain ways or to cover her self. If not for my parents, i would not even ask her to convert... It is only my parents and family and old fashioned way of thinking.

For fuck sake. How old are you? Why do you still live with your parents? Why do you want to get married if you've not even lived together? Why are you posting about this on Jow Forums? Do you have a job? Do you not realise that your parents don't run your life? Why do you think your gf will convert?

just because God is real doesn't mean everything you've been taught about Him is true. You'll have to realize that these inescapable feelings you have are God's subtle way of telling you that you need to get out of the situation you are in and escape the repressive atmosphere that your family has created around you.

Remember, God isn't the one threatening to disown you.

Why don't you stick to your own kind, my friend?

>Islam is not so bad as you say.
Doesn't it preach the muder of non-believers?

I know user. It is hard, though, when you rely on parents for supprot, but these parents want to stop you from doing only what will make you happy

I am 19 and being a NEET right now. I know it is pathetic... What makes it worse is my gf is one of my only few friends. If i lose her i will not have many left

Even if i wanted to, there is not many muslims where i live. I do not know any muslim girls

>Even if i wanted to, there is not many muslims where i live. I do not know any muslim girls
You can ask your parents to set you up with a cousin, otherwise just drop the whole muslim thing. And by the way, if you decided you don't wanna live in a muslim country why are you trying spread that shit where you currently live? You could at least show some appreciation for being let into a western country and live that shit at home.

God damn am I glad I am not muslim. What a shit deal.

This. Guy obviously hates islam, but wants to force his girlfriend into it who he apparently “”loves””

can she at least fake it just for your parents?

Islam isn't like Christkikery or OG Kikery where you can show up at a church/temple a couple of times a year and post inane verses on your social media to pretend your a Christian/Jew.
You have to actually memorize the Koran in Arabic as a starting point to being considered Muslim.

This, another fucking muslim with a shit love story because
>muh religion

If you truly love her, either let her go or drop the muslim faith. It'd be best for you to start a new life with her, free of religious chains. If you force her to be muslim, she won't be happy & most likely end up leaving you. I know you love your family, but if you actually have to bend over backwards to please mom & dad, perhaps it's best you leave your family behind. It's up to them to stay in touch