Why does Bumble have a height filter but not a weight filter?

Why does Bumble have a height filter but not a weight filter?

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Because that's racist, silly

Because you're dumb for using Bumble

Jewish cunts

because weight can be lost and gained but height cant


I mean, you’re ugly anyways girls won’t swipe right, so what’s it out you?

Because if you scratch a woman you'll find a eugenicist

Based roastie

This. Short men are inherently undesirable. Sorry, bud

Because then fat weebs couldn't even get rejections from women.

Lmao. But short women are entitled to all the tall genes right? These cunts are not even human anymore.

Yeah. I don't make the rules. In fact, they negatively impact me. But such is life. Some people have to be genetic dead ends.

Can’t you add it in bio?

If a girl cares about your height, shes not worth it

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The rules are actually unreasonable and cause more evil than good, and stymie the development of love between people. Women are not eugenicists, they don't have the understanding of that. They are whoreish and self-serving and they are breeding us into another stone age, undoing thousands of monogamic civilization, by selecting primarily for extreme dimorphism. They are setting us back. You accepting this fact means that you too are part of the problem.

What do you want me to do, shorty? Make women find us attractive? L M A O. I wouldn't have done that a long time ago amigo if it was possible. You can care about this shit or you can laugh going to your grave thanking whoever your god is that you won't be around to see the end result of their mate selection

The dating game is largely tipped in women's favor. Accept it and move on to doing something productive in the mean time~

Bitter virgin tall man detected. Most virgin men are tall.

Weight is just a number and doesn't show anything about your body type

And OKCupid and other platforms have a body type option (curvy, skinny, athletic, etc...)