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For the past 4 years I have been trying my luck at becoming a musician and parents seem to be disapproving. I have started this dream of becoming a successful musician since the beginning of high school and have been practicing religiously, usually 4 hours a day. Despite the fact that I have been getting straight As ever since high school, even up to my first year of college, my parents seem to be ashamed that I am even going to attempt to become a musician. Its not like I have no reason to doubt that I have the capability to do so, considering I have befriended a few mildly famous internet stars and have put myself out there. However, this tension has intensified when I brought up to my parents that my cousin, who is a professional artist, took a multitude of art courses in college and that I would like to do something similar with music. My parents exploded when hearing this and told me that my music will never amount to everything and that I am delusional. Jow Forums, be honest, am I be unreasonable to try my luck at this when I already have a stable future with my current grades?

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If you've been at it for 4 years and haven't made it, yah, you might just be delusional.
But regardless of whether you have talent or not you can still land a job with some sort of music arts degree so it's not that bad. Look up actual jobs you could get with your course and show it to your parents. If you can't find anything good then know that that's what the future holds for you and your parents are just trying to avoid having a wagecuck son.

Please get a grip on your life user, it's time to be an adult that pays bills in just a couple of years from now, hail Mary dreams are for homeless people and wagecucks.

Why even bother with music college? Just form a band and play at pubs until you get big enough to write your own songs, then EP, album, label...

Honestly, do something practical. I went to school for art, and despite my passion for it took me no where but a bunch of debt and shitty retail jobs.

Still play music, just do it on the side of something that'll actually pay bills

everyone doubts u until u r successful just prove them wrong op

OP here. Sorry I didn't make my post clear. I have been practicing for the past 4 years like a professional, but I have put myself out there until recently. Also I'm not telling them that I want to major in music or go to a music school, I'm actually majoring in Bio. I told them that I want to take a couple of music classes for the semester thought which freaked them out.

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Do it. There was a time and a place when I would be with parents, but me see clear now. Must do this, in order to preserve soul. It is question of life and death: will the man you are survive and flourish, or will he submit to oppresor and say "Yes master, I will do as you say! You are wise and mighty in all things." When he do that, soul is doomed. Soul wither and die, you left as holo husk.

My college has some arts and humanities requirements I need to fill out though. I just thought might as well try it for that requirement and if I like the classes I can do more like how my cousin did a ton of art classes but still did his major requirements.

As a former full time touring musician. Taking a course or two in musicianship isn’t a bad thing. Realistically there’s many things you can do as a musician, assuming you’re not just going for the life on the road playing sold out auditoriums...which is what everyone assumes you mean whenever the word musician comes up.

You can go into:
Sound engineering
Video game soundtracks
Music instructor
Classical musician (if you’re really amazing)
Musical advertising

As a musician you can do a lot of stuff, but it’s honestly extremely cutthroat and purely based on location, work ethic, and cost. It’s really hard to make a living as a musician, but it is possible.

The common thing anyone who’s ever been a musician will tell you is this: always have a back up plan.

Best of luck, I think it’s kinda shitty your parents spit on your music like that, but honestly so did mines until I started playing with bigger bands and got into film soundtracking.

Grug say RESIST! RESIST! NEVER SURRENNDER TO THE WRECHED OPPRESSOR! Resist and win, or submit and be destroyed. Resist and live, or submit and die.

Then go for it, just don't quit Bio over le music.

I know absolute shit about music theory but I can jam power chords and hate my government. Made some small money playing pubs doing covers and even wrote a first song a few weeks ago.

You don't need music theory that much at least for the start.

I think they are being harsh with me because they are afraid what life as a musician will entail. When I was five or so, I auditioned for a role in a Nickelodeon live sitcom and got the part. They changed their minds about letting do it though because they thought i would end up a drug-addicted failed actor as an adult. I'm guessing they similarly fear that I will become a drug addict and/or crash and burn later in life if I become a musician.

Music theory is pretty much obsolete with the low requirements in these glorious modern times. Eventually we’ll be grooving to inaudible hums like that Outer Limits episode where the music turned the kids into aliens because their sun was dying or something like that.

I concur but I think music theory will be a useful tool. I play already at a technical level that is professional, such as playing songs by Steve Vai and Buckethead with no problems. I just think music theory can help me compose though.

Also see

thank you for that link. Some of the posts on that thread opened my eyes on how my parents fears of crashing and burning later on in life while playing music professionally might be true.

I worked as a musician in videogames for a while and like said, it's extremely cutthroat. The other old cliche is that it's not what you know it's who you know, and that's absolutely true. Location is a huge thing too, if there's not a big music scene where you live it will be especially difficult.
I'm not gonna tell you not to do it, cause I know if someone had told me that I wouldn't have listened anyway. Just be prepared for a lot of failure, it's a hard thing to do.

do you recommend posting on youtube? My reason for wanting to do it professionally is because its my one passion and l want to share it, but if I cant do it professionally I'm fine with just just having a small following online.

Couldn't hurt to try it

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