I live in a small European country with my boyfriend. I met him four years ago, and he was always a little different...

I live in a small European country with my boyfriend. I met him four years ago, and he was always a little different. He's bipolar, so he was always moody, but the moods came and went pretty quickly. Well, we've moved in together, and it's clear that he's more than just different. He is basically a full-on right wing extremist. He's not violent or anything, but he goes on about how non-whites need to stay in their country, and how we have to preserve our culture and heritage over here. He has a copy of Mein Kampf too.

I don't know who else to turn to. I want this relationship to work. I would even be willing to marry him. My mom says I should get out of the relationship as soon as possible. But I love him.

Should I break up with my boyfriend for his political beliefs?

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>should I break up with my boyfriend over his political beliefs?

No probably not, it could just be a phase maybe in 5 years he changes his political direction

The only thing that's a problem in your post is his being bipolar.

why is that a problem? he takes his medication and is pretty normal

Then there isn't any issue at all.
His beliefs aren't wrong (nor are they meaningfully "extremist" if he's nonviolent), and I'm assuming that he's not just saying it to be edgy like a retarded skinhead.

>stupid people changing without education
Yes OP, you need to break up with him because he believes he would rather have a weak and divided country against the imminent alien invasion/mass extinction/inevitable heat blast and ice age. Leave him to die out.

There's nothing extreme about his beliefs. This shit is retarded.

Do not take this tranny's advice

Your boyfriend is based as fuck, and you'll be hard pressed to find guys like that these days with those beliefs

You're over exaggerating things, stay with him and work things out

> a weak and divided country
That's what happens when you destroy any respect for heritage and identity. You don't "strengthen" families by randomly assigning kids to different parents through a lottery. You don't "strengthen" nations by telling the inhabitants that their only function is to act as docile debt cattle while millions of foreigners are imported for the same purpose.

>implying "education" has anything to do with it
The word you're looking for is 'indoctrination'.


>you'll be hard pressed to find guys like that these days with those beliefs
They're everywhere and they're Retarded. Don't breed with these inferior men, Femanons.

Kek imagine coming to give someone the advice of "you're exaggerating things"

Op MN is tied for second dumbest namefag on adv, whereas Girl is only second most annoying and doesn't even rank in top 5 dumbest. Take this as you will.

These men are the ones that end up breaking you "for your own good". This user had already asked for advice asking if he were an asshole for doing so and then lashed out when told he was. These people aren't safe to be around, they only pretend to be until you're too stuck to leave

Bipolar may not be the actual issue, especially if his moods change quickly, and even more so if they change due to actual triggers. Bipolars typically have cycles that last for 5 weeks or more, and it's not due to events or triggers. You want to make sure your man is bipolar and not BPD instead, which are different types of issues altogether.

Your boyfriend may also suffer from paranoia, like most extremists. If you give me more symptoms, I might help better.

If he refuses to consider therapy, I would advise you to leave. You will not save him. Either you embrace the racism (not advised), or you make life easier for yourself.

>He has a copy of Mein Kampf too.

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If his beliefs aren't hurting you or others and you're happy, why does it matter? [spoiler]You'll eventually switch his side anyway. It doesn't matter.[/spoiler]

>aren't hurting others
his beliefs are genocide you fucking imbecile

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Yes stupid unless you want him raising your babies like this

Flooding white countries with mass African immigration is genocide.

Your boyfriend sounds based af

You can only commit genocide against people you idiot.

Have you ever considered that he might be correct? I may be crazy too, but I agree with him.

imo you're completely living up to the dumb bimbo stereotype. How much has the media brainwashed you, whore? Just because he's proud to be white you cannot accept him?

He should dump you or at the very least you should accept that you are ashamed of your race and then make the long slow trek back to being proud of who you are. With his help.

Your boyfriend's opinions are legitimate and it's sad to see people instantly label him a racist
He's not violent and you two have history, as long as his not calling for genocide or anything like that I don't see a reason to leave him.
Keep in mind that some of his beliefs are indeed true and justified