Women aged 30?

A friend told me to watch out for women who are aged 30 with no kids. Apparently they might be baby crazy? I think it’s obviously not true. I am 27 and having a baby is no where on my list right now. He was saying however that multiple 30 year old women he’s dated have been crazy and baby craving.

I am actually going on a date with a 30 year old woman tomorrow... should be worried? Is 27 too young to be dating a 30 year old woman? Do women really go baby crazy at that age?

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It's not the baby craziness you should be worried about, it's why she's still single at her age.

Should I really be worrying about that though? I am kind of a wreck in that regard also. I have never had a girlfriend.

Then why are you worried about ulterior motives? Worst case scenario you get to a point in the relationship where your values differ and you separate. It happens all the time.
If you're worried about being trapped with a baby, just bag it up and be sure to bring the condoms so you never have to think twice about it.

Found the teenager virgin. There are loads of single men and women in their 30s.


It's no where in your list because you're male and don't have to worry about a rapid slump in your fertility. Women this age are baby crazy, yes.

I'm willing to bet if they are single at 30 they either
A) had a relationship in their 20s that fizzled.
B) they might have spent their 20s focusing on their careers then a serious relationship.

Only if you're a bitch who can't ask questions

Yes. No wonder it's so difficult finding a woman that's wife material.

Depends. A woman who want children will be pretty desperate because she feels she's running out of time. A woman who doesn't, nah she dgaf. Different women are different

This. More likely than not this.

It depends on her value system

A woman who doesn't believe in the nuclear family or that wants to put travel and experiences first probably won't be baby crazy
>Personally, I think these women just peak later and usually start worrying about marriage and kids closer to 40

A woman that has been going to church since she was a kid probably will want to get hitched and have a baby in their 20s to early 30s

She had a relationship before? How dare she!

I think the user you're replying to is reubtalling against ops implication they're damaged goods. I think like you he thinks it's reasonable.

Yes OP. I have a sister who is 34 so pay attention I know what I'm talking about. Woman past 29 (even late twenties sometimes) that have had multiple relationships and are now single are damaged somehow. The numerous men before you are telling you something, listen to their wisdom... she's fucked up somehow (my sister is psycho).

Your sister is what we call an allegory. She won't be the same as others.
Relationships end for a lot of reasons.

What a dumbass thing to say, op is single too.

If youre learning to fish and a fisherman teaching you goes fishing in a lake and catches 5 fish and they're all salmon and I knows fish personally thats a salmon that lives in the lake that was caught 16 times... maybe you should listen to the fisherman

*when he tells you theres only salmon in that lake

>tfw traditionalist
All the girls of my kind are already taken and I'm too ugly to turn a "normal" one to my side.

Sorry for venting in your thread OP.

That's.. not how it works at all... If there's only salmon in the lake there's only salmon in the lake. This is a one variable problem. Are there only salmon or not? Yes or no?

Is an entire demographic of single women over 30 with separate lives, separate experiences, separate upbringings, separate partners, separate beliefs and goals all single in their 30s for the exact same reason?
I'ma say no there, Bob.
Your metaphor was dumb. You're dumb.

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