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So I accidentally brainwashed myself into being into Asians. This is problematic as I want to have white kids...… How do I become attracted to white women? (I was into white women, accidentally brainwashed myself, and now I need help out!)

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Also the reason it says "4 Chan Shitpost is because I have used this image in shitposting before.

I have a couple asian girls at my work. They only talk to white guys. There's some asian guys there and blacks
The asian chicks only talk go to white boys

They do these things lol, they like whites

fap to white chicks only

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True. If they're born and raised in the US and are not traditional than they usually go for white or dark skin guys in some cases.

If they're traditional they'll usually stick with their own.

I worked in an Asian dominated workspace for five years and the girls would treat me so nice. I gotten more complements from women there than anywhere else. It blew my mind. Now I go back to working with white American women and they treat me like shit.

Why can't they treat me nice too
I don't even want Asian women

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Also fapping lowers your testosterone level, I body build and I really need it

It depends. I know traditional Asians that only want white dudes. But in my area the white women are disgusting so there's that

That's modern feminism, it sucks

Look at pictures of Asians without makeup on.

I’m in the exact same boat as you. Idk wtf happened, but all of the sudden I fell in love with Asian women. I’m a crypto white nationalist who is currently talking to and seriously considering getting into a relationship with a beautiful Southeast Asian-American girl (not too unlike the girl in your pic). I want white kids, and I want to help repopulate the white race... but white women are total degenerates and Asian women are trad, loyal, and submissive. Such a dilemma.


Already tried that, it's the irl Asians :( (I dated one, that hasn't helped either

I know the feeling. I want to secure the future for our white children..... but the issue is we can't secure the future for our white children if we can't have children at all. It's a dilemma, I just stopped dating this Asian girl I've known since 6th grade about a week ago. She made it a crash and burn scenario, but they're honestly a thousand times better than white women..... it just sucks

>white women are total degenerates and Asian women are trad, loyal, and submissive
I hate degeneracy from fornication to adultery as much as or more than anyone, but I know that the damage from a degenerate life is restricted to said life--we have always had cycles of virtue and decay in history. The damage from a lost bloodline, however, is permanent.
Even a child from a whore can be raised to be morally upright. But a child from mixed parentage will forever be deprived of an identity.

I'm not telling you to compromise on your standards--we should be saving both our values and our people. Personally, I would rather die alone than settle for a degenerate. But neither would I act out of selfishness and date my moral ideal by sacrificing the racial ideal.

If all options run out, then you can still adopt a white child and give them a loving home.

Sorry for your loss, user. But you made the right call.

Fucking yikes. I would really hate to be in your head for a day.

Dang user, I don't disagree with the identity thing, but that's extreme dude. Don't get me wrong, it's completely logical, and you DON'T compromise on your ideals, but holy crap dude. Based user!

The mental gymnastics you guys go through to try to escape yourselves really is something else

Just imagine being that obsessed over what color your children were.

>But a child from mixed parentage will forever be deprived of an identity.
I can tell that you've never spoken to a mixed-race person before.

It seems I'm already in yours, rent-free.

Y-you too...

>imagine being that obsessed over what color your children were
Race and identity are much more than skin color.

>I can tell that you've never spoken to a mixed-race person
I live in one of the most "diverse" regions of the US. Try again.

I can vouch for the guy on the identity thing, I ive in a diverse area and they don't have to much of a racial identity outside of being American

White leftists don't understand the in-group. That is, if they don't already actively dislike it.

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I'm a little confused. What does it mean? WHat is the in-group and out-group?

It's a measure of racial feeling.
I.e. how blacks feel towards blacks compared to other groups.
For white liberals, it's still how they feel towards whites compared to nonwhites (not how they see white liberals only).

That makes sense! I was confused why they hated eachother. They're so brainwashed they don't realize white men are the reason they're able to live their lives how they do

But hey, I must go to sleep. Goodnight, user! Th

hank you for the information, user!

Sorry, my keyboard is being stupid

No it doesn't you retard

I agree with you.
It's not some sort of race fetishism, I deeply believe it's a societal fault and that something is wrong with women in western civilization

>How do I become attracted to white women?
Just look at Elizabeth Debicki pictures for a while. If that doesn't work, watch some of the gifs made about her. If this still doesn't work, I'm afraid you might be a homosexual.

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It has, the west has failed to give us women who are good wives, so thus we move east. It's the most logical solution, however our race shall parish :(

She's beautiful, but they don't look like that in real life. They're all horribly obese

I have a real solution for you OP
Go after Russian and Eastern European girls or those descended from them
They have more East Asian admixtures in them then Western girls and are more feminine

I have ancestory that traces itself back to the Rhineland, if I went for Eastern Europeans I'd loose the perfect 100 bavarian ohenotype (watch Murdoch to get the reference.). I'd ruin the genetic purity by doing that. Plus I think Russians are ugly, circle faces are gross

Thank you for the advice, however

>Worried about losing his phenotype to eastern EUROPEANS but is perfectly fine with a """traditional""" racemixing gook whore

White devils please leave pure asian girls alone.

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>circle faces are gross
then why are you attracted to Asians? they are the penultimate of circle faces

ya don’t have to find a hapa or qupa

Why do white girls have no lips.

No nigger, I'm not good with either. However, Asians are move attractive than Eastern Europeans. Circle faces and white facial features don't mix

They ones in my area have square skulls like us

>I have ancestry that traces itself back to the Rhineland

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Not him but read your last post, it was mostly about losing your phenotype, and complaining more about corrupting it by being with Eastern Europeans than Asians is retarded.

Another odd thing about your post. How do you get "brainwashed" into losing attraction to white women? Does their degeneracy make them less PHYSICALLY attractive or less attractive as potential wives? The latter makes sense. But if you're telling me you that you suddenly find them less attractive, it sounds like a cope for your inability to find a suitable white mate.

You can just tell this guy has mantits and is attracted to asians from watching too much anime

She is so hot.
But she is 6' 2''. Can't even imagine ever dating someone like her.

STFU, Faggot

First, Eastern Europeans are more proper for my phenotypes survival than Asians. However, for whatever reason I thnk Eastern Europeans are gross (Already tried it, that didn't go well.). With that, the "Accidental Brainwashing" was an odd thing. I noticed I do better when going for Asians versus white women, and for whatever reason in high school I lost my attraction to white women and just noticed it (it took me years to realize). But it went from me being only into white women to being only into Asians, with a couple of white women getting an acception. However, I do find modern white women to be repulsive. The degeneracy they possess is asounding, I've noticed the white women in my area are either stuck riding Tyrone's penis or they're eating vagina. Not to mention they're all 300 pounds, and if not they all lack a sense of humor. I remember my first crush (in middle school) went tranny. I remember before then she was super fucking based and hated niggers, jews, and we used to chant Heil Hitler together (Ah, I loved being edgy in middle school.). But then she switched schools, got a bunch of gay friends, got on tumblr, lost her sense of humor, then wanted to be recognized as a man. That's legit the only white woman I had a shot with, and that was in middle school. The rest are some sort of LGBT, Fat, Feminist, or some disgusting mixture. Coming from a "Racially diverse" area, I've learned to spot the nigger lovers by the sheer smell of them. It' not that I can't get a mate, I've been solicited for nudes multiple times, I bench 2 plates, I'm about to squat a 3 plate (I just started a month and a half ago, I had a great squat in high school and the muscle built up fast.). I'm great at biology (hence why I recognize racial differences), and believe in listening to everyone. My issues are that I can't stand people who blindly follow, lack self discipline, and for whatever reason think they're bisexual because "(part 1)

Because they're open to dating a woman", yet literally have never been attracted to them. And don't even get me started on the coal burners who think blacks are superior. But, to answer the question I do find them more attractive due to the potential of being good wives/parents. I wouldn't call it coping, it's more so because I've noticed they have self-discipline, are horribly racist, and actually understand there is a role for men and women in society. And I think that recognition has helped steer me more towards them, and I didn't realize that until recently. They're the only normal ones in my liberal ass, coal burning, fudge packing, STD carrying, Black Panther is the embodiment of MLK state (end of rant). And now I'm left to try and find a suitable white mate, and they don't exist here

>my phenotypes survival
What did he mean by this

When you find an actually decent white women it is top tier, however the good ones are unicorns. It is much easier to find a trad wife among the asians. There are obviously not enough good white women to go around sadly.

White people, I want my people to survive. Well, I want everyone's culture and ethnicity to survive, but mine is the Aryan one.

I know user, that's what sucks :(

>Be black
>Girls I attract the most by far is asian ones
Feels good, they're almost all I match with on apps too, dunno why this makes white dudes so mad though, if anything it should be asian guys up in arms

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You're exotic and a Chad compared to most Asian men. There is also a common perception from Asian women that non Asian men are both more assertive and romantic.

Please don't reproduce. There's enough trash on this planet as it is and your racist filthy genetics should die with you.

Not sure about the assertive part but Asian men I've heard are just garbage

Look, a faggot who doesn't believe in a separate place for every race. Ur a racyss!

Just look at the Westernised Asian's politics. 80% vote democrat, and that leaves 19.999% who vote for cuckolded anti-racist "conservatives". The majority of Asian women are race-mixers. If you have any interest in preserving the eternal fire of your heritage, you would not waste a second with the wet cumrag of Asian women. Their leftism is a huge turnoff.

There's only one race - the human race. What you don't like is the culture.

The majority of white women marry their own race, and will only date within their race. White women are the most beautiful and will give you the most beautiful sons and daughters. You will bring shame on your family by taking a foreign gook as your "wife".

Wrong. Different races are suited to different climates. Also some races are uglier than others.

I'd be willing to bet good money that you've been born, raised and lived in the same town your whole life. Am I right, Cleetus?

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>If you have any interest in preserving the eternal fire of your heritage
Does anyone else just not give a shit about this? In a hundred years everyone alive right now will be dead, who fucking cares.

That's a common error of anti-racists. It's usually those who have been exposed to savages that are more concerned about preserving their heritage. The High School Musical liberal bubble produces people that actually believe all people are exactly equal.

Answer the question.

Sure, that would be the majority of people. Most '''men''' are beta male escapists who spend their whole life chugging s.oylent, playing video games, and doing cross-dressing masturbation while avoiding any kind of responsibility.

Lol, those fucking projections, I can feel how cool you think you sound.

No, I was raised in Dearborn which was literally overrun by Arabs and niggers from Detroit next door. My old house is a mosque. Now I live in a spic-majority shithole in Florida where people speak only Spanish at Walmart.

That's accurate though. You don't want anything but escapism and that will obviously lead to hard times in the next generation.

>That's accurate though
>Continues projections and assumptions
Is this really how this site operates now?

Where did your ancestors migrate to america from? Unless you're native american or a black slave that was brought over by boat, you migrated to this country from somewhere. What's your heritage?

because it's more attractive

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God what a pathetic thread. You will never enter a healthy relationship if you pick your partners solely base on racial fetishization or the potential skin color of your offspring

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Oddly enough the ones in my area are pretty based. Then again, I make it a point to make a bunch of racist and sexist jokes to figure out if they can take a joke

That's a globalist lie.. "A group of people identified as distinct from other groups because of supposed physical or genetic traits shared by the group.". Negroid, Caucasiod, and Mongoloid are the three main skull structure, and this is a 2019 liberal definition that throws in most scientists don't recognize race, even though it's clear in the skull structure, muscular structure, etc. The culture is only a second part

Not in my area, they all believe blacks = superior

user, you need to leave your children in a better state than you found it, don't be short-sighted

>"I want a white partner"
> "YoU WIlL NeVeR EnTeR a HeAlThY rElAtIoNsHiP If yOu PiCk YoUr PaRtNeRs SoLeLy BaSeD oN rAcIaL FeTiShIzAtIoN

You totally missed my point you idiot

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No nigger, your comment had no point


GTFO, Faggot. I'm looking for Advice, not to gain an extra chromosome

Yes I am an immigrant. My ancestors literally genocided the native American population when they moved in and now I'm supposed to think it's a good idea for foreigners to mass immigrate again. No thanks.

What's your point then?

you need to see white women porn since seeing the best we have is going to make you like white women more.

so like tessa fowler for example, a absolute goddess and a semen demon for sure.

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I can't do that, it'll mess with my physical fitness and ruin my gainz

The white wahmens is trash. When you have boys your y chromosome is copied with 95% accuracy. Asian bitches are perfectly fine but don't go for no 3rd gen immigrant because they're poisoned by our culture as well. If you want a decent wahmens you'll have to get one from a poor country and preferably move to the poor country after building wealth or with a remote work job.

The 3rd generations are to Americanized. The white women are trash, I've never heard of a single white alt-right female

bro you can wack it and stay fit. You just have to condition yourself to find them appealing.

I have an issue with doing that and staying fit. how do I condition myself?

I usually leveraged it using the skinnerbox method, once I did something productive and I was feeling like wacking it I would. I am currently at a point to where I only do it when I've finished my chores and did some exercise.

That's because being alt right has no benefits or advantages for women.

Sounds like a good idea. However, the wacking thing is off the table, for whatever reason I'[m a genetic freak and it messes with my workout stuff. I mean, how does one condition themselves to like white people?

This is true, it gives them more "Freedoms.". I'd argue it's the same for men, the blue pill is much better than the red, so I don't see how so

That's not true. They offer stay-at-home motherhood in a monogamous marriage, many children, and a future for those children not infested by mudpeople.

But sadly women are to dumb to see that as a gift