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/gioyc/ - Get it off your chest!

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I hope I change for the better. I hope I can make everyone proud. I am just a little nervous is all. I just need sleep for now, tomorrow is another step forward. I don't want my last impression on you to be what it is now.

I think about you all the time.
I miss you and I want to see you.

I'm just so very tired right now.

I can't say I like this or that this even makes any sense but I just wanna succeed. If I lift the heavy weights now the true test will be easy.

>Match with girl on app
>Hang out with her twice
>This girl is awesome, similar sense of humor and hobbies and we click right off the bat
>Wednesday asks if I'm free sunday(tomorrow)
>Say yes and start making plans
>Hasn't replied since
>Not left on read or anything, just nothing
I guess that's that then, happens anytime I get a little too happy about things, I should know better by now.

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I know you're scared to have your heart broken.

LARPers gon' LARP.


Why the long ass?

I should've majored in UFOlogy in college.

If I had ever bothered going to college.

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My brain is full of fuck.


It feels like he's teasing me because he wants me to think he likes me, but he doesn't actually like me and I hate that.


These threads just keep on getting curiouser and curiouser.

I am officially confuzzled.

Somtimes.. shits alright... i have no other thoughts

Yep. The jig is up. I failed epically. I surrender.


I just–

I don't even–

The jig is up? U been listening to kenny? :3

Shes outa my league. Dnt trip

I treat you well and you act like I don't exist. I treat you like shit and you act like you adore me. Every time I switch in response to your new behavior you do too. What the fuck do you want? Stop giving me hope you bipolar bitch.

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Who be you?

What- whataquaaaa!?

I just- i just called.. to say..

I dont even- i dont even have a song for this one. Mustuard on a beat?

I drunk texted you last night, and you don't browse Jow Forums.

God damn it. My manifesto was never going to be all that interesting to read anyway, I think. I must've been high as fuck on amphetamine when I came up with that shit.

I guess I should go back to jerking off to porn now or someshit.

Typical female. She think she got game. Ur not an actual variable in her mind

I feel i have no understsnding of the female mind. Like at all. Yall some wierdos

I can't fix myself. I'm sorry for everything. I hope ypu never find this, and if you do, I hope you can forgive me one day. Tnis wasn't your fault and there was nothing you could do

What the hell were you doing driving behind me on Bevelry and La Brea that one day, anyway?

Wait what no. Uv already involved him. Thts just baisic rdlativity. U gota tell if not for u for him.

How could i have known u were different

Maaan i wish i was shorter.

What. The. FUCK.

I wish i knew what to believe in

I didnt mean tht shit bout u being mug. But tht shit u pulled was real unattractive just saying. Man ur bitch somtimes. Hope u never read this

I don't want to ruin her life because they're ruining mine. That's not right she doesn't know how to fix those sorts of things anymore
If they make me leave they're going to unintentionally allow all of those things to happen again to her and she'll have to be put away.
I'll have to make a portfolio about her care. When they find me they'll have to read it. Hopefully someone's guilt will make them have some regard for it because they wouldn't if I were alive in that potential disgraced position.

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If knew u think id b writing this?

Writing wot

How about you sit down one day and just think about that

I don't feel nostalgic about the past, and I don't feel hopeful for the future. I don't really enjoy the present. Got a new job. Don't like waiting for my money. Don't like not knowing what I'm doing, or how to do it. Feel tired. I feel like other people are so underwhelming, or bland. I don't know what to do. Fuck everything. I want to sleep for a long time.

Just think about what you think people think about or were thinking in certain situations you might like it

I reaaally needa get my mind right. I can tell the voices apart i just wish it was just the one in my head. Im past hoping im just crazy. I literally dnt know what tf is wrong with me

I'm constantly in a nihilistic crisis. I thought it was because I was poor and struggling but now that I have finally "made it" I still fail to see the point in life. I just don't want anything.

Im so fucking dead inside. Sorry, it was just a pisstake ud even try at this point. Obviously its me not u. Hope u never read this shit

I had a weird dream where I was raped by a vampire one night.
But last night I had another dream where this guy, I think he was ajust a serial killer instead this time, same guy. But I couldn't see his face.
The last time I had dreams where I was being sexually harassed by someone more than once, I met the guy and we dated (yeah broke up though) but I can't see this guy's face.
I remember I felt nothing for him. It was strange. He kept murdering people and then he saw me and told me we met before but I'm narcoleptic and I fell asleep. It was weird. When I woke up, he was holding me and frothing at the mouth like an animal. A while later, he took me out to get omelettes at a cliff-side clearing, like a picnic.
Anyways, I don't appreciate being raped in my dreams. I wish this guy would stop. I'm not going to date him in the real world. I fucking hate psychics...

Uv got a good heart. I mean tht. Too good for me. I mean tht too

Maaan i just wana go to the next part. I dnt wana b here.

I shouldv jumped in front of tht truck when i was a kid

What the hell do I do. I love her. I see her every week at least, I've known her for 2 years, she's my greatest friend who treats me so well and encourages me and we just click, but she isn't into me. I just want to be her friend, I'm so tired of seeing how beautiful and smart she is

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I thought you did a cover up to get rid of tattoo you dedicated to your ex gf, but it’s not, it’s still here.

god this turns me on so much...


Moira Walley-Beckett I curse you, I want to gouge your ugly eyes out. You are a curse that is ruining the world, destroying works of art. It makes me so fucking sad that people like you exist.

Whyd i have too b so fucking pathetic i cant even kill myself

I'm not going to have sex with you Captain Kirk.

Im too old for this shit

Please make them stop. They are ruining the world.

Don't make me fucking hate you people. If I do, you'll be in concentration camps soon.

I just dnt wana live feeling like this.

He loves me. He'll always love me. Get over it.

I hate u all dnt if u know. U know u never read anything. We aint good like tht

Had your chance.

I'm done with being kind. I guess you were right, I think they deserve death. You were right all along.

How do I green txt

Yea i know

I migjtv been wrong bout u. Dnt sell urself short cause i lump use together

Just let me be your faggot slave and serve you like the alpha you are.

That was probably the 10000th chance.

I don't feel guilty anymore about what happens to them at this point. They deserve everything that is coming to them.

Literally who

Can u just give me moneys instead tht sounds like a bit much

You people are so fucking stupid. Your luck has run out.

I dont need ur chances. Im done

I will no longer protect you.

Tht sounds kinda gay bro

You're fucking EVIL. They have every right to end you.

U better protect her.


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No they dont. Literally. It literally my word vs all of theres. Nd i dnt even talk to anyone really

I NEED sex but I dont want to Fuck someone's wife.

Why are they okay with this? Is this how you ruin or save the marriage?

I wish my gf never knew what degenerative porn I watch, not to say about trying to reenact that shit. I want to enjoy myself in this relationship.

They're ok with it because you're ok with it. Women suck at upholding morals they just can't keep them

I mean and I know this might sound outlandish to you, you could always fuck a woman who ISN'T someones wife.

I don't want to fuck you, I never did and I never will. I lied.

I will do anything for my goals. Anything.

I just wanted to trust u. U never had my bk from the start

Better start sucking sonny

Consider this as getting blow jobs from prostitutes because you don’t want to get your wife dirty.

Dnt do tht. I know a sonny. Tht dnt sit right with me ur doing such things with one

I just had a weird message on my answering machine from my girlfriends number. Sounded like the phone didn't hang up properly and it was either picking up the TV or somehow she was talking to her parents on the phone about me but it was also recording on my answering machine. It was all garbled up but here is what I could hear.

>your boyfriend
>trade up for a hotter guy
>not married
>isn't good enough for her
>not talking about this, I'm done
At which point the phone hung up

The last line sounded similar to my girlfriends voice and the other 2 where a man and woman. The recording was about 20 seconds long but that's all I could make out clearly. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions but it is slightly concerning. Not sure if I should bring it up with her or not.

There are much more important things than you, you fake.

If you saved the voicemail then absolutely bring it up. Just don't do it in a confrontational way.

Ever wonder why I didn't really give a FUCK when you were gallivanting around with other women and trying to make me jealous? Hmm...wonder why....

i keep fucking up but i would like to think that it is happening for a reason. at the end of the day i still have food and a roof over my head. im lonely and i feel like a fucking idiot.

You protecting me? That is hilarious.

It was me protecting you. Now you no longer have my protection. Prepare for the worst.

You are surprised I never had a girlfriend?
Wow thanks! You know how often I have been told that? And somehow never once did they themselves have a desire to date me.

And I also love their reasoning.
>You are nice and cool dude and not ugly
>not ugly
Thank you, you also don't look too shitty yourself. It makes me so happy that you think that I am not hideous enough to make you avert your gaze.
You know I think there is a big difference in just not being ugly and being ok or good looking. Just don't say anything if thats what you are about to say.

Had this kind of talk again for the Xth time. Fucking hell.

Dont get cut. Seems they were as nice as they coulda been. Its not there fault they dnt like u. Move on. Bit of a hint all dudes r ugly. Try being funny or having a personality. Or money.

I missed on another “one in years” dress. Wasn’t sure about it when it was on sale but now I feel sad.

Simple shh like tht is why i come to this thread. Thank you user

God why am I horny again

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