Anything i should know about dating a young girl (19)

Anything i should know about dating a young girl (19)

I'm 28.

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You need to give more details; what is the nature of your relationship? Do you live near or with each other, or is it long distance? Is she with her parents, in college, on her own, or, as I asked before, living with you? Does she behave like a 19 year old? Is she more mature?

Friends but becoming more and going her house
She don't live too far away
Live with parents, mature.

Never had sex with someone this young at my age, or hanged around such a young girl. Not sure what to expect sexually wise, relationship wise etc...

She’s literally a child and you’re a grown ass adult, which makes you a low key pedo - but legally it’s “allowed”. Want to argue? Do some basic studies on brain development and get back to me. I’m mid 20s and I would never date a 19 year old because they’re way immature and look and act like children. If I ever meet a man who is your age dating a 19 year old, I immediately assume there is something wrong with them that women their own age won’t date them

Wow dude, you sound really fucking bitter.

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You mad bro? Stating facts out here but I guess you’re offended because it hit too close to home

You just sound jealous as fuck. Either you never had the looks to pull a young girl at OP's age, or you're still a virgin who's never had a girlfriend.

Which is it?

>Do some basic studies on brain development and get back to me
Funny that this rhetoric never happens regarding alcohol or drug consumption though, huh
>19? Bro, she's still a *child* mentally, you can't fuck her at your age!
>Bro, she's *19* she can smoke a bowl or drop some e if she wants

this, 18 is old enough to be sent to war.

She will change 100% between 24 and 26.

Enjoy the pussy.

>dating a girl for 4-7 years

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My fuckin hero.

LMAO I’m a woman who’s been with both women and men, but I still wouldn’t date a 19 year old because I prefer people on my own level

He mad because he’s a pedo, can’t get mature women, and the truth stings

They shouldn’t be doing alcohol or drugs at that age either, because it can effect brain development. But whatever the government decides is 100% correct right? Lol sheep
>inb4 raeg

I mean honestly I think it's a bit weird but most people that pull the "bro age gap bro" shit are hypocrites.
>No she shouldn't be fucking a guy 10 years older than here
>Oh look here comes the morality police SEETHING because they didn't have a decent drug connection when they were 19

>LMAO I’m a woman

And there we go, literally just jealousy because guys your age don't want to date your used up out of date ass.

Kys roastie.

Let’s get real I did a lot of drugs between 17-20 and that shit was not good for my mental health. I also dated older men and they were also not good for my mental health,because they always acted like weird over-grown children with a fetish for teenagers

Seething roastie, please post a photo of yourself so i can see just how fat you are.

>raeg insues

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Show me a pic of your prostate, spread it wide to confirm that you are a man. Don’t forget time stamp. Unless ur scared

.t backpedaling

haha fatty is jealous.

OP here
Still going to date my 19 year old beautiful cutie and show her what it's like to have a real, mature, man with his lift all sorted out.
If you want, i can hook you up with a friend of mine who is about your age and weight, he's 35 and about 300 lbs.

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He mad and scared
>tfw you’re gay and afraid of women so you’re triggered by them on the internet

>he’s triggered by the truth and the desperate coping mechanisms kick in
>uh hurrdurr you must be old and ugly!
Post a pic of yourself op with timestamp and shoe on head

Sorry, I'm just excited, thinking about holding my cutie in my arms again (I lift weights), so I've got a tight, strong, healthy grip which makes her feel very safe.
Sorry you've never had a man hold you this tight, although it's your own fault for being as wide as the boulder in the lost arc in the raiders of the lost ark.

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>real mature man
>can only date immature children

This is a navy seal cringe tier response

.t boulder

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>lifts weights
>can’t even lift a Boulder
You’re weak

it's a known fact girls are most attractive at ages 16-21.

>listen up it’s a known fact that I’m Actually A Pedo and I’m not afraid to blog about it on Jow Forums, virgins

Yeah I'm a woman too and it's weird to want someone so young.. because it says that you have some flaws and want to find a naive younger girl. I'm in my 20s now but I recall how weird it wasveing hit on by older men and it's still weird now honestly. It's rather creepy, because they see you as a fantasy or escape from life and not as a human.

But I think there are rare exceptions where people just click and happen to have some years between them. Nobody can tell you how to date but remember you have nore experience in life and you need to respect her boundaries and her life path, even if it eventually diverges from you.

>Also the number of incels in here isn't surprising. The jealous fat girl does exist but you really have no idea who is posting. A hot girl knows from experience that 99% of the time it is a creepy motherfucker and sends warning. Leave inceldom and buy some bathwater to jerk it with so you have some sort of interaction with a woman and calm down.

>Being a pedo is bad now

Uhhhh okay, tell that to Muhammad the prophet.

If Leonardo does it, I'll do it too.

Sorry ladies I'm taken

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I'm in my 30's and always date woman aged 18-25, they aren't soiled and been used and abused. They are like fresh fruit taken from the tree, wheres women my age and mid twenties are all dried yup rotten fruit that's been on the floor.

Imagine actually believing this angry and jealous at the OP

>But I think there are rare exceptions where people just click and happen to have some years between them
Why do I get the feeling that this coincidentally only happens when you have a significant age gap with your partner?

what is significant to you?
I was always against age gaps more than like 3 or 4 years but ended up dating a guy 7~8 years older (depends whether birthdays have passed) and I got along with him better than anyone ever in my life. It didn't feel like a difference and he was and always has been cautious of my younger age and less experience and respectful to me.

However that is rare, and I think any more than that of a gap is just wrong, because people taoe advantage of each other. In OP's case, if this is even a real thing and not another incel role play, he doesn't seem like a gentleman, so I would heed warning against it.

>Ride to my girlfriends work (Red R6) she's also 18
>Park at the front of her job, right in front of the window
>Leaning on the side of my bike
>Tight fitting leather jacket, jeans, boots, helmet, and boots on
>Arms crossed
>About 10 of my girlfriends coworkers all staring at me through the window and whistling
>She walks out, gives me a kiss, i grab her fat ass, whiles shes putting on the helmet
>Lift her up and put her on the back of my bike
>Get back on, look to my right and they are still staring
>Ride off
>Arrive home, gets on her knees telling me to put my cock in her mouth, within 10 seconds walking through the front door telling me how much i turn her on.

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weird flex but ok

>If you want, i can hook you up with a friend of mine who is about your age and weight, he's 35 and about 300 lbs.

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casually seeing this girl whos about 4,5 years younger then me, shes 19 and definitely quite a bit immature(playing games) but she pretty worth it ,have a felling im gonna hit that this summer, but stupid college in the way on both sides :/

hammer that pussy while its fresh. this is PRIME TIME for her. Take lots of pics. Panties. Etc. Keep that pussy fresh in your mind and then when you get tired of her childish nonsense, pound her one last time and move on. Welcome to the best sex of your life

>hammer that pussy while its fresh. this is PRIME TIME for her.

whats so good about it?

Lol, no.
Girls her age have already taken miles of dick before him, but it's definitely better than some 25-year-old roastie.

Know that age is by far not what makes people vastly different from one another. Her intelligence will influence everything a whole lot more. Don't put too much stock on her age. She almost certainly sucked a few more cocks than you did.

>19 isn't prime time
What then would you say is, user?

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I'd say prime time doesn't matter and that the actual person matters. A moron at her prime time is not ideal and never will be, not unless you're a moron too.

Even a youthful body will not top a woman who knows what she is doing (and I don't necessarily mean through experience).

There is no better prime than your perfect match.

is a 19 year olds pussy much tighter than that of a 20+?

Ok, now can we get a serious answer from someone who is not a woman.

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Do it my dude.
Sure they can be a handful sometimes but it's refreshing to be around those that life hasn't stomped into the ground. Little by little they lift your spirits and if you're serious about them they might learn to be supportive with your guidance.
The only issue is the growing up might take them elsewhere in life. So pound the prime pussy for as long as you got her.
Ignore the splatters on the wall, simple as that.
Prime pussy man.

t. 30 yo user with a 19 yo gf

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It's absolutely normal. Every guy is attracted to women in the 18-25 range because their objectively better.

>more attractive
>more fertile
>easier to change
>not as bitter
>less time to make stupid decisions
>taken less dick

Cope all you want but aside from fetishes every guy prefers young women it's biologically ingrained in us and to top it off most women spend their 20s getting fucked and will end up just as stupid in their 30s.

It's not weird when you're approaching your 30s.
If you get another 30 year old then you're risking a bit cause you have a very short timespan during which you can go from not knowing each other to having kids.
Let say it takes 5 years in total. She'll be 35 then. Borderline shouldn't have kids.
Whereas with a 19 year old, she'll be at her prime at 24.