How do I overcome my penis size insecurity?

How do I overcome my penis size insecurity?

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I mean idk, why do I even try to overcome it? I’m like 4.5” and most women will be thrilled and excited with slightly above average ones, so any woman that is in love with me, in an alternate reality, would be even more in love with the slightly above average me, so idk, it just makes me lose the drive to pursue women. I have very low libido as well.


Big penis hurts whamen

i have 13 inch long penis

Yup, this. I prefer 4 to 6 inch dicks. 5 is perfect for me, but honestly i prefer nonpenetrative sex toys like wands over penis.

I don’t want big, just slightly above average. I think it would be a nice surprise for women. Below average penises are just penis. But slightly above average is a nice surprise for them.

This. Its rare for women to think "oh its a small penis."
No, its usually "its a penis."

Realise most women don't care that much.
It's a dick. It does what it is supposed to do.

6.5-7 is above average, if around 6 is average right ?

I'm 9 inches and I haven't gotten laid since 2015.
it doesn't really matter outside the sack.

My plan is to tell every girl that I have a small penis beforehand, that way its no surprise when the pants come down. This helps because at least then she chose the small dick experience and can't really blame me.

Is this going to be the new fucking daily thread? I feel like I've been seeing this thread everyday for maybe 5 days now

its not about the size but the insecurity youre projecting inside your head

That's bullshit. Maybe if you have an average sized dick, but I'm legit small, and most girls don't like small dicks, period. Its like being shorter than her.

>tfw 5.3 x 5.5
a-atleast i have girth, r-right?

then go femdom

Spoken like a retard that chews incel propaganda because it would be easier than admitting there is something about yourself that you could actually put effort in to change.

Listen faggot, unless you're packing a 2 incher down there you're fine

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you can't change your dick, and bo amount of fitness or looksmaxxing can diffuse the disappointment

1. Check the actual statistics on penis before you give this any further thought.
2. Realise that one way or the other, you cannot change your penis.
3. Realise that if a woman, or other, judges you by penis size, they are not worth your time.
4. Realise that other people will also have insecurities of their own, and will think of theirs more than they will think of yours.
5. Penis size does not matter the way incels and autists imagine. Women can come from their own fingers, so you have no technical reason to worry about unless your penis is shorter than a thumb and thinner than a pinky.

It could be worse op. My penis is average but ugly. No way is anyone ever going to see that shit.

this whole thread is just cancer


But it’s just very discouraging that it can’t give the nice bonus that MANY can give.

You can still fix what is fixable

But an above average insecure guy is still much more preferable than below average insecure guy.

3. But most normal women can still be excited and curious about above average dicks. And we don’t know what’s on their mind. They might not cheat, yes, but that’s not the point. They’re not validating me.

When it’s in, it’s in. And it will reach the anterior fornix.

Life is cancer.

If you seek validation from women about your dick then they shouldn't date you. You're just a vapid retard

But relationship is about being validated. It’s not just about finding a walking ATM or a housemaid to do the chores. I don’t need emotional support either cus I’m fine. I don’t need friends either. I just need to feel like I’m good enough for someone and that I can finally stop trying hard.

Make a life size mild and jam it into your own ass.
You’ll see it’s not as small as you think

Ass is different. It’s much more painful and tight. It doesn’t have g spot and anterior fornix.

You can have your penis size validated without being in a relationship. If you get a girl to want to fuck you she's not going to walk away once she sees your slightly-below average penis. If anything your penis insecurities will be magnified by a relationship in which you fuck the same person day in and day out.

But what would she think when she accidentally sees a man with bulge bigger than mine?

You don't. It is the single most important mark of your vitality and virility. Small penis means you come from a lineage of weaklings. She won't want your seed because your seed is weak. Either go eunuch mode and chop it all off or forget about girls. No reason they'd ever choose you when a 9+incher is just a right-swipe away

Define weakness.

Low strength, potency, energy. Frailness

How does that connect to penis size? I’ve seen a lot of men who possess such qualities but with average penises. Also hung men but inferior everywhere else.

So if I start working out and fixing myself by going to a psychologist, I can enlarge my penis size?

your size really doesn't matter, your technique matters the most . Don't ever feel insecure about your body,you must know that we are all different and thats okay. You won't look super hot like the people you see in porn (same goes for girls) , so it's fine . Hope you'll come to accept yourself

It just means your sex organs and therefore sperm are weak. Your male genes are shit. What makes you a man is garbage-tier

Go to a nude beach or nudist colony
Be naked as much as possible around people
You just need to see that while you have a (perceive) flaw it doesn't define you or hold you back

Some women have under sized vaginas other women have trained their vagina to squeeze tighter on command
Booty holes are pretty tight unless regularly loosened and months of celibacy can tighten loose holes
(The looser the more time needed)

You can also better yourself sexually by learning techniques and skills
Many men are considered tiny and great lovers by women
Even those who some consider pretty big have been considered a joke by others

it's all about experience and creating expectations

AGain, how does that connect to penis size? And what is even a “weak sperm”? It definitely could breed just fine.

>shit male genes
I know I have shit genes. But I just don’t understand the part where women wouldn’t want me because they wouldn’t want their kids to inherit my genes. I mean if I’m ugly with genetic disease, sure. But I’m not ugly, I don’t have genetic illness, I’m not low IQ, I have all it takes for a man for be functional and surviving in a society. Penis size is for the woman, not the kids, not the society.

Well, we should distinguish between "want" and "be willing to settle." Of course few women will deny you over penis size alone. However, do they *want* a small penis to be inside them? Or do they want their kids to have small penises? No. You may get to breed but you'll never be first choice

>You may get to breed but you'll never be first choice
Yeah I know that. Should’ve started the whole talk with that, skipping all the autistic “le superior offspring” thing.

Yeah idk it’s just that I wouldn’t be able to ignore the fact that if I had a bigger dick it would be a much nicer surprise for them and I would keep thinking that I’m blocking their chance to have a permanent maximum sexual satisfaction with a bigger guy who is probably better than me in other aspects as well.

But when those married women look at bigger men walking, do you know what’s in their mind? No. And that’s what makes it scary.

Sure you do: damn I wish that was inside me
Then they move on with their lives
Have you never seen some good great godly titties without ruining your life? It's okay to not have everything you want, all the time. Different things matter more at different times. If you don't trust someone you shouldn't get married them, that gives both parties certain legal rights to each others lives. Same thing about living together, they could stop paying bills or start poisoning you.

You need trust in a relationship
By setting expectations of what you are looking for and capable of, people can decide if they are willing to become involved with you

people rely on they're own experiences to make decisions, so you need to understand what someone has been through to relate and relay your experiences and your expectations and they should do the same with you

Sometimes people are bad at this, but my continuing to try they can get better

>Sure you do: damn I wish that was inside me
If married women can think that, then it’s over for me. They made a bad decision, they married the wrong guy.

>Have you never seen some good great godly titties without ruining your life?
Not when I’m in a relationship. Somehow I’m like turning gay, I can’t be turned on by other women. Simply because I think that’s wrong, and I wouldn’t want my partner to do the same, I’m SCARED of my partner lusting over another guy who’s sexually superior to me. So I become what I want my partner to be, so that they feel the pressure to return the favor by doing the same. It’s like, setting a high standard of morality. If I give signal to them that it’s a very wrong thing, they wouldn’t even think about doing it.

>If you don't trust someone you shouldn't get married them
In my situation, I can’t trust anyone to ONLY see me as the sex god in their eyes.

I only want a simple thing. I just want to relax and be comfortable. I want to stop trying hard, I want to stop avoiding my real self and competence and limitations. I want a woman that when she’s laying by my side putting her hands on my body, my penis, she’s loving what she sees and touches, that somehow I can feel that I’m good enough that she wouldn’t want someone else who might be better than me.

I want to not have to keep holding a slippery eel in my hand. I want the eel to stop moving and stop being slippery. It’s exhausting. I want to see the beautiful scenery around me but I keep getting distracted with the slippery eel that is always moving.