My mom is kicking me out but i wana stay

so im 19 and my brother is 15

he is gay and acts girly and cross dresses

he wears skirts and panties

i would pick on him for it because i wanted him to just be normal and to show him it makes him a outcast

so i would do things like grab his underwear and rip them off in public

and pull his skirt down in front of boys

but i gave him a wedgie recently and i pulled so hard his panties ripped off and he got a hernia and had to go to the doctor

my mom is kicking me out now and i feel like a total pos

i know what i did was wrong now but i really want to stay with them

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You tried to beat the faggot out of your brother, but you decided to become OP and the fag came into you.

You deserve it. Enjoy your new homelessness

>i know what i did was wrong now but i really want to stay with them
Oh well.

Put on a dress and beg for forgiveness

well user

you have two choices

tell your parents you only did it because your bro triggered your gender dysphoria

or be homeless

Dude, this isn't the 1950's anymore, sadly. You can't bully fags and be applauded for it anymore, unfortunately. Take this as a lesson that if you want to hurt people emotionally, you need to be covert and discreet. Gaslight, manipulate, and insult with precision but not enough to blow your cover as a tormentor. New School bullying time is nigh.

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You need to admit there is no place to you at that home anymore. Sorry, man. Good luck growing up!

Ur trash bro. U cant even sdmit ur an arsehole. Typical shit. Lie to yourself its cause u wanted him to b normal so u can live with urself. Ur clearly seeing whst u hate about urself nd projecting it on to him to make u feel like u need to do those things. U got some latent homosexual feelings bro? Or u just tht much of a loser u need him to win like everyone else?

If accept ur brother for what he is u could get him to pursuade them. U got a lota apologising to do tho

Stop typing like a black person.
And your freudian way of thinking is a fallacy

Based OP shunning the faggot

indeed this

your brother is dead, and your mother is a monster.
You are better off alone.

Interesting outlook.

how did he get a hernia from a wedgie thoguh?

Bitch how is tht black u ignorant retard. Thts how i talk. Ur using big words to over complicate a simple thought about nothing. U aint shskespear bro. Ur not smart. There was no intelligence in tht comment. I dnt even wana bring race into it cause ur disgrace to whichever one u claim

calm down bro


>Has no genuine response to a valid point
>"Calm down bro"
You sure showed him user

Dnt come at me with big words nd have no intellect to back it. Ur simplton. Wake up.


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I mean I'm not the guy you were initially taking to, clearly, but you're only further proving you don't have anything other than your feelings to argue with



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And now you're proving you're illiterate and can't follow a basic conversation, after calling that guy out on his typing style. Ironic.

Tht was some insight honestly thank u for showing what a comment is. U nd me. We good. U use whatever words u want man. I can convosate with u. But thts y i was like.. no :3

What are you talking about retard I wasn't the one calling him out. You a dummy dumb fuck?

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This is now a wallpaper thread. Post some wallpapers I might use for myself. I'm into natural landscapes that cause awe; I also prefer minimalistic settings, I hate visual noise.

Thanks in advance.

You have failed as a big brother. You are supposed to talk things out with him, inquire as to why he does what he does, without judging him. If you manage to secure his trust, you will discover a lot and possibly understand why he does what he does, and maybe, then, even help him and change him. Instead, you used his problems to amuse yourself while giving him several traumas having to do with his own dysfunctions and intimacy. Bravo.

>and i feel like a total pos
Well, you are.

>but i gave him a wedgie recently and i pulled so hard his panties ripped off and he got a hernia and had to go to the doctor
Just how fucked up are you, my man? Does your brother piss you off because he is acting on what you are too ashamed to act on yourself? Do you too want to crossdress and take cock up the ass? Get a fucking grip.

>i know what i did was wrong now but i really want to stay with them
At least you have become self-aware. Here's what to do:

1. Write a serious apology speech to give your family, with a special focus on your brother; insist on how you have failed him as a big brother, and how serious this role is in a family
2. Do it in earnest, avoid passive aggressivity, do nothing other than apologising sincerely
3. Hope they will forgive you

That is all you can do. Best of luck.

Fags aren't normal dude
You tried to help your bro and failed forget about him and move on
Ist give it time your mom will probably come around she's just pissed

I would legitimately distance myself from my family if they enabled a minor getting mutilated.
They are sick in the head.

You did what you thought was right, fuck everything else. Move to some cool place, get a job and start a fresh new life.

You deserve this, do you think giving your brother a trauma for life would help him? You seem to have actual psychological issues

Almost everyone in Jow Forums has mental retardation
Thats why they are here so

You are not a monster or anything like that. This board is full of faggots that were molested or abused in some way

Just beg for forgiveness and stop being a dick
Your brother is a faggot and there is nothing you can do about it
Blame society for the loss of your brother