Should I feel bad about being on disability and having no job? I feel like a leech

should I feel bad about being on disability and having no job? I feel like a leech.

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You shouldn't feel bad, but since you do. Start a business, when you are the boss you control the pace.

I was on disability for a while and living in my mom's basement. I got off it, got an entry level job doing shit work for shit pay, and 3 years later I'm still in the same predicament. I'm still in my mom's basement, I still hate it, and the only difference in my life is that I spend 8 hours every day doing backbreaking labor for a corporation that could replace me with a snap of its fingers if it so desired. I honestly miss having all the time in the world to myself.

Make the most of your time, user. Start a blog. Make a youtube channel. Stream on twitch. Do something. You have that privilege. There's no such thing as 'honest work'; that's just a lie people stuck in the workforce tell each other so their lives don't seem so bleak.

Well you can always look for a job?

Depends on what you are on disability for.

it might be because I'm sort of slow and have social anxiety. I have trouble following simple direction sometimes and sometimes not. I tried doing room cleaning in a hotel and remember being given a map and still not understanding where to go. a couple other things happened while working at other places too like hiding so I dont have to be around people. stuff like that.

The more you coddle yourself, the worse you'll get. Challenge yourself.

Should I worry about the inevitable meltdown if I fail? or should I just go for it?

Dude, what. Do you think that receiving vague answers to your even vaguer questions is going to change anything in your life? Pick a path and go down it. Do something, or do nothing. It doesn't matter in the end and nobody will care except you.

yeah thats pretty problematic.

even basic jobs require a certain organizational skill level. But thats no excuse to not try. At this point what else have you got to do?

if you throw childish tantrums when things don't go your way, thats a completely separate problem from having to work on improving your competence.

if you got a lot free time, try spending some of it learning something creative if you don't think you can go out and look for work
it beats wallowing in despair

thank you. I'll ask my worker to help me out with this stuff.

you should be fine, just front-load the discussion a little bit and most people will be more understanding than just being thrust upon by someone struggling.

Just set them up with a simple, "i'm sorry ahead of time, but I may need you to explain things to me a couple of times until I get going, its difficult for me to focus on the first pass."

being genuine goes a long way.

cool thanks

This is such a bullshit cope, the vast majority of people are mentally and physically capable of getting shit done, the reason they don't is because they are stupid assholes.

your an asshole. I literally cant understand basic direction half the time. that doesnt mean I dont try and put in the effort to try andunderstand. its people like you that make it hard for me to get help without being dismissed and called lazy.

No it's people like me who end up paying taxes and supporting retards like you who supposedly can't work even though most jobs are built for retards and require almost zero brain power.

wow that hurts. I appreciate that you support people like me but that doesnt mean I dont try.

Either get disability or try to find a simple fucking job. I see retards working cash registers every day, you can probably do it if you stop overthinking every little thing and get over the idea that you are special and everything has to give you a bunch of sympathy and attention just because you get a little stressed about things.

Fucking based

I dont think I'm special though. I just need a little extra guidance with stuff like math, time, and direction. also I cant do math so I'll probably do something like stock shelves.

Okay give me some basic info. How old are you, how much education do you have, what jobs have you held, and where do you live?

I live in canada b.c.. im not telling you exactly which city/town. I dropped out of highschool in my last year because I was suffering from hypothyroidism and sleeping in classes as well as being afraid to go to the graduation ceremony. I worked stocking shelves for a bit in highschool and got anxious and quit and then when I dropped out I tried to finish my ged but didnt understand the material.

I swear, every millenial canadian I hear of has something profoundly wrong with them. This is going to kill you to hear: you don't actually have to go to your high school graduation ceremony to graduate, it is entirely for symbolic purposes. You just have to stop by the school and pick up your diploma. You dropped out for no reason, retard. How do you have no one around you telling you you're full of shit about this stuff?

talking with you gets my anxiety up im sorry

I was told I needed my ged to finish? I'm confused.

If this is bait it's pretty good. Retard, you could have just waited and gotten your diploma without doing the graduation ceremony.

i was told I needed to go the ceremony to get it. by the principal no less.

I'm physically disabled from birth so... y'know, actually disabled and I went through a long period of time where I felt worthless and like a leech.

Find people who appreciate the things you can do. I'm the house bitch for my wife and our two roommates and they all appreciate the fuck out of the fact that they don't have to cook or do the dishes. They still have to clean until we move into a house with hardwood floors but they don't mind.

You're so full of shit, graduation ceremonies don't give you a diploma at all, they give you a holder to put one in because it's too hard to handle giving everyone the right piece of paper under that kind of pressure. I had to go to my school the next week to pick mine up even though I want to my graduation.

Anyway, if you decided to cuck yourself out of your future to avoid sitting and waiting for your name to be called for an hour then you are a lifelong loser and will never succeed at anything. Life is hard for the best of us, weak retards like you don't have a chance.

Im not though and I remember sitting in the office and talking with him about it a number of times. and fuck you for trying to make me seem like a liar.

Whether or not you are telling the truth, this is all entirely your fault

or maybe I'm remembering wrong? I don

ok so how can I fix this? or are just going to make fun of me

>social anxiety, slow and can't follow simple directions
Dunno man. Still sounds like you should be able to do some things. These 'disabilities' (if you can even call them that) aren't a good enough excuse to leech off of government welfare for the rest of your life. There are plenty of jobs that you can do effectively even if you're as dumb as a box of rocks.

can you give me some examples? im more than willing to give it a shot. I'll try my best

Stop being a faggot, accept that fact that no one cares about your made up bitchboy problems and your value in this world comes from what you can actually do. Drastically lower your standards and make peace with the fact that you will have to deal with a lot of unpleasant things and you can't just run away from everything that makes you a little worried, then get your retard ass to work.

You're canadian, go be a lumberjack. They'll find you a job and sort you out.

I'm sorry. its just that talking to you gets my anxiety up. could you stop calling me names? I'm willing to put in the work

dude's shitting on you for funsies man.
just ignore him

Get used to having your anxiety up, retard. I don't care about it and neither does anyone else, I actually fucking loathe "anxiety" faggots like you and wish you didn't exist so I'm not going to coddle you whatsoever.

Oh.thats not nice. You would think the amount of time I come here I would get used to it. I wish we could all just get along. I feel bad for getting mad now. I should apologize

Im sorry I made you angry. I cant help it. I dont want you to coddle me.

Starting to think this is bait again lol

I personally work a logistics job in a warehouse. My employer hires pretty much anyone who isn't a complete idiot.

its not bait I dont know why you think that.

thats interesting ill ask my worker to help me find some jobs like that here.

Because you write like such a retarded, lost-test faggot that I'm not sure how you'd even survive to adulthood.

Not your fault.

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>Because you write like such a retarded, lost-test faggot

I mean I already said I was slow.

Stop listening to that dumb boomer faggot, he's probably slower than you.

I was on disability for years on and off, kept getting jobs then losing them because I'd disassociate and then walk off into the distance without any clue why.

Eventually I bit the bullet and stayed on disability for three years, bettering myself, seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist multiple times a week, spent all my money on ramen, medical bills and guitar strings.

FF to now and I'm running my own record label and people that used to call me lazy and coddled are begging me for work and exposure.

Turn your pain into something beautiful. Just don't give up. You're here for a reason, figure out what it is and then shoot for the stars.

OP, im also in Canada, and i work a job that takes me on service calls to multiple residence's every day. If you are thinking of being on disability/ welfare long term, please consider this. Ive seen what it does to people, over the years they fall into a rut, they become progressively lazier, basic housekeeping lacks, they become socially inept, their overall health deteriorates. Eventually they become completely dependent and convince themselves they cant do otherwise.
A job isn't necessarily about money, it can be a good form of physical, mental, & social stimulus to keep your brain active and keep you out of that rut.
Even when you are on disability, try to always keep busy with something productive.

How did you get on disability?

Lol you can't honestly believe that you guys who can't handle showing up to school are smarter than 'boomers'

t.fat retard, go tend to your lawn.

I knew a guy who was mentally handicapped. Like he had difficulty walking and with basic speech and he needed a social worker just to get through the day. He held down a steady job. I don't know exactly what he did because he wasn't able to communicate exactly what he did but he worked with loggers.

If he can manage a job then so can you OP.

this gives me hope thank you

▶ I don't believe in anxiety, mental illness or personality disorders
▶ btw I'm also incapable of understanding perspectives different from my own

I understand them, that's why I hate them.

So you live in the suburbs huh?

yes but no

>I'm still in my mom's basement, I still hate it, and the only difference in my life is that I spend 8 hours every day doing backbreaking labor for a corporation that could replace me with a snap of its fingers if it so desired. I honestly miss having all the time in the world to myself.
i've been in and out of work since i started working almost 7 years ago and im in the same damn spot except i've never had disability
i'm at the point now where i don't feel happy or sad when i work it's just bored the same bored i had at home so i might as well make money but the bad part is i don't care and im probably really close to losing my job cause i cut too many corners
if i could just have disability and make it so im not leeching off my mom i'd be perfectly happy existing only to wake up and collecting a govt check


>Doesn't want to leech off mom
>Would prefer to leech off everybody, including mom
>Wants disability because work is boring

People like you are the reason those with genuine disabilities have a hard time applying

Not really. The average African American woman in the US costs the federal government 750 thousand dollars net over its lifespan. If you work you subsidize that, or something similar in your country.

thank you for all the wonderful advice. im sorry if I upset anyone

Until the CIA drops dead, paying taxes is evil. So.

Thank you.

Be sure to thoroughly read the conclusion, it applies to you 100%

>the vast majority of people are mentally and physically capable of getting shit done

Except when they aren't.

There are exceptions but odds are you're not one, odds are you have some relatively normal issues you just have to deal with.

>These 'disabilities' (if you can even call them that) aren't a good enough excuse to leech off of government welfare
Most people don't have crippling anxiety though.

Yes, including everyone in this thread. They have normal to slightly above normal anxiety and embraced the retarded meme that getting nervous sometimes makes you special and for some reason try to fix this problem by overanalyzing every little issue they have and, surprise surprise, make their issues way worse.

You’re fine. Just try to find a way to do something.

>embraced the retarded meme that getting nervous sometimes makes you special
I don't understand what you mean.
I'm sure most average people don't have anxiety levels that prevent them from functioning on daily tasks. The people in my workplace for example, they definitely have some problems like getting their car stolen, breaking up with their couple, getting sick for a few days. But none of them seems to have anxiety that prevents them from doing their work. But I do.
I don't care if it makes me "special" because that word doesn't have any importance. There are people who have "crippling anxiety" and regardless of whether they are a minority or not it's a real issue. It's just that many people are still stuck 50 years ago when mental problems weren't considered real problems.

50 years ago we didn't encourage assholes like you to define themselves by vague words describing some tiny issue they have that may or may not be any worse than anyone elses, you don't have any way of knowing what we suffer from but just silently deal with.

Well in 2019 I don't need to even pay attention to someone calling me an "asshole" so I'm not reading the rest of your post.

>you don't have any way of knowing what we suffer from but just silently deal with.
lmao stop whining, faggot

Wow impressive
Wew the old switcheroo got em *dabs*

>"Wew the old switcheroo"
>this person thinks anyone should take them seriously

I’m in the same boat op. I don’t think you should hate yourself. When I could work i was happy and proud to pay taxes to support people who got fucked in life my illness. Now I’m one of the people who needs help.

By some miracle I’ve managed to start a company that makes some money, and my disability allowance is now reduced. I’m still a net drain on the state though. At least I’m doing something though.

Stay strong.

I bet you think you're cool

Don't apologize, he's poking you where it hurts.

I suppose I should have more of a backbone. I still feel bad for hurting his feelings

Well, yes. I agree

What I'm trying to say is that mental and physical disabilities are very real obstacles, and they're not as easy to deal with as the op suggests.

Don't be so hard him

He needs someone to be hard on him, he has to get over the idea that it's okay to have a 'meltdown' over every little inconvenience .

I cant help it sometimes.

Work on it

I am.