Am I attractive? What can I do to make myself more appealing?

Am I attractive? What can I do to make myself more appealing?

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I think you're nice looking user and between you and me, that's all that matters.

You look good!
I think you would look nicer without a mustache though. Try that out

Weak facial hair indicates weak genes

Lose weight, bodyweight exercises 4x/wk, better haircut that makes it seem like you put effort into your appearance, remove facial hair.

You look fine. Showering is all I would recommend

shave, work out but stay nice looking dont get cocky


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user, no homo but you fine, just try to arrange that hair and get rid of the rapist moustache and you are good to go.

I think you look good. Facial hair is kinda corny looking but I feel like you'd have a baby face without it.

You're cute. Just shave and you're good to go.

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>inb4 beardlet

You're alright. But get rid of that scraggly shit on your face you call a beard. Having such a patchy beard only shows people you can't grow one.

Keep yourself clean shaven and you're fine.

It's really not that remarkable. In the past there was enforced monogamy and arranged marriages.

Absolute cope. Women would prefer a man with the ability to grow lush facial hair. Doesn't mean some used up roastie won't settle for this hairlet and birth a spawn or two of his

Try to dress better. No hoodies. Wear solid colored sweaters/shirts that fit your body.
Shave your face.

you're filtering the line between handsome and unattractive. try losing some fat on the face and working out. That should solve your problem

stay clean shaven and you're good to go.

I'd say grow the mo out, tidy up the facial hair everywhere else, and grow the hair out a bit more. But keep that shit washed.

Grill here. Only pointing this out for context, assuming you're straight and wish to appeal to women and not unemployed neckbeards.

You have a nice face shape, but with beards it's kind of all or nothing. If you can't grow a full beard you need to shave that shit. Luckily for you, like I said, your face shape is nice. A lot of guys almost have to keep a beard to add definition because their faces are too round, but you seem to have won the genetic lottery in that regard.

So once you shave your face, you should consider wearing less grungy clothing (unless you're in high school, in which case, keep wearing what you're wearing). Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but in general you can't really go wrong with a golf polo, just make sure it actually fits you... you're obviously not fat so don't buy a shirt 2 sizes too big (I see this happen often).

My last suggestion would be to shorten your hair length in the back. The curls on top of your head are very cute! I would leave that alone, but the length in the back should be shorter.

Overall though you look nice! Good luck to you.

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Thanks for actually giving advice

That sort of not really grown also clearly not exactly shaved beard makes you appear a bit like a teenager or someone with health issues no matter whether you're older. Grow it more or get rid of the not dense parts.

Some women also definitely like piercings and man-jewelry, if you feel like trying these they probably do work with some.

That's just some improvements BTW, it really isn't like this would completely stop women (or men?) from being interested in you if you put in the effort to hit on them. You probably just need to go straight for some of them.

The facial hair isn't doing you any favors, it's just way too patchy. If you're older it might grow out eventually but until then you should keep it well shaved.

Hair looks good, maybe a little greasy? Hard to tell with dark hair, I'm not a good judge. The style is alright though.

Face structure is good. Try to keep a positive outlook, it will show on your face. People want to spend time with positive people. You don't look depressed or distraught or anything, just a bit tense. Spend more time outdoors and in crowded places (do your hw in a coffee shop if you can stay focused?) and you'll naturally be more calm and relaxed around people.

Hard to tell from that pic what your weight is like, but you're not a skeleton, so losing weight wouldn't hurt your body and could tighten up your physique, and neither would getting some tone on your shoulders. Right now you're hiding your body under a baggy jacket, when you could be building it up into something you'd be proud of other people seeing.

Meant to write, if you're younger it might grow out eventually as you get older.

get Jow Forums, get tan, and improve your fashion


Shave and workout. Definitely not a bad face, no homo. Get a thick chad neck and wide shoulders.

Just shave and you'll look pretty good.

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You already look pretty good, if you want to improve:

- get your haircut fixed and take care of it, look around and try lotions
- stay clean shaved
- lifting a bit could probably do wonders in your case
- get better clothes

Get rid of the facial hair until it actually grows in full. It looks patchy and childish for the moment.
Lift up your shoulders more if you can, they look like they're hanging down off your frame when they should go straight out.