How do I stop having two personalities?

How do I stop having two personalities?
Also, how do I get my other personality to stop existing?

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Everyone has two personalities, embrace it.
Your brain is split into two distinctive processing units, you would be dumb to think that you have only one.

See a psychologist

that sounds like something a psychologist would say

Tell us more

Did you will this second personality into existence? If you didn't will it into existence you will not be able to will it out of existence.

Integration of your personalities into a unified psyche will ease the sensation of having two personalities.

we all have several different ways we present ourselves to the world. Its called adaptive communication.

Thanks. Actually, hours after making this thread, I was trying to remember a song that my other personality could so I waited until we could switch so she could find it for me. That's a great thing. I wonder how it works neurologically though.
I don't know much. I just know that sometimes I can have conversations with people and then all of a sudden they're referencing things I've said but didn't remember (which I attributed to my other personality) though originally I thought it was just a poor memory until I started noticing I hated a lot of the music I listened to (which I assumed she liked).
No, I always had it. It's a weird thing because she's more dulled towards feeling physical pain so sometimes if I hurt myself really bad I try to switch to her but I can't do it at will. Meh.

It feels really awkward talking about "her" in third-person since she's me but just not me right now but she's really not me because our personalities are distinct and she has a better grasp on things I can't do and vice versa.
It's not that.

See a psychologist. No, see a psychiatrist.

I'm not going to give your kind any fucking money, jew. Psychology is a pseudoscience anyways.

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Is "she" speaking again? Is that why you posted that?

No you retard.

You should tell "her" to be quieter. "She" gets awfully angry, doesn't "she."

"She"'s the quieter one. "She" wouldn't have made a thread about it. In fact "she" doesn't use Jow Forums(nel). I think "she" lurks on Wikipedia for video games and rottentomatoes and doesn't use any social media.

Is that what "she" says or just what you think "she" says?

"She" actually uses a website like rottentomatoes but I don't think it's rottentomatoes but I don't know what it is. Also, I don't fucking know? My me right now is unconscious when she does shit but I do know she's very standoffish and hates talking to people which is pretty faggy. I love people and then all of a sudden this faggy cunt bitch comes up and mopes around and makes ME look like a fucktard. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO BE SEEN AS THE MOPEY KID BACK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL WHEN YOU WEREN'T????????? Ugh, so annoying. And it took me YEARS to figure it out that she was ruining my life right in front of my eyes but I couldn't remember. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what a homo.

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See, this is the kind of thing psychiatry helps with. They prescribe drugs so you don't have this kind of experience. Doesn't that sound nicer than whatever you're dealing with here?

Nah I kinda wanna just merge our personalities so I can gain her half of my memory and keep my half and also both of our talents and abilities and not her taste in food because y i k e s I have a bunch of jars of pickle juice and I don't drink that shit but she does so now what the fuck am I supposed to do with my pickle juice? I can't drink this shit. Tastes like ass. I always hated pickles. Also, she can speak Italian but for some reason I can't? Like, what gayass bullshit is this, Lord God in heaven? Why give me this retarded superpower? Makes no sense.
My mum has the same thing. She can sometimes speak Chinese (she studied it) but sometimes she just doesn't know Chinese and it's like yeah okay yeah okay and duo personalities. Her lesser personality is a total bitch though, yikes.

Go see a doctor you fucking schizo

no u

I have one word for you:

mood t b h

Currently I'm trying to figure how to do this since they are polar opposite

First let me talk to the personality that isn't retarded.

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Okay lemme just fuckin' phone the subconscious second personality
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There's no one here right now. Please leave a message after the tone. Beeeeeep.
That's not how it works, homestyle.