How do I get over the fact that people with more active social lives than me are winning life in comparison to me

how do I get over the fact that people with more active social lives than me are winning life in comparison to me

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Their lives are also more shallow than yours. They don't think too much, they don't talk to themselves, they don't even try to understand how reality works. Of course this is only useful to yourself, that's why they call it "autism"

I dedicate my time on working and watching anime. try not to think about others as much. focus on myself more, got tattoos, piercings, doing weird stuff to my hair, anything thatll make me feel better for being me

By understanding that they're merely coping for their own lack of integrated love-objects. They lack Self. We require nothing external, all meaning, value and pleasure are within us. So long as they use others as a libidinal release for pleasure and a temporary relief of suffering they will never reach the optimal anxiety required to become an individual.

Society is a tool for projection, analysis and integration of self-objects. To use it for anything else is merely masturbation/dependency and not to be envied.

They may end up more socially successful but you could still come out materially or spiritually successful. Or maybe you become the next big actor and end up socially successful too

>They lack Self.
They do but some of them don't even realize that they live their life in know surrounded with a lot of friends and huge circles of communications, they succeed in their jobs and in life. Compared to that my "self" just makes me miserable, unsuccessful asocial fuck.

Reeks of cope desu

I'm rich and they are poor but what's the point?

You can go out more and crate image of success and happiness on social media, they will be jelous and feel miserable compared to you.

That’s for you to decide. But “friends” if it matters that much to you. If I was rich, I personally would design or have designed a house deep into the mountains with a giant personal library and just live out there, only making occasional supply runs or going into town for things like the symphony or lectures.

Success is constantly challenging yourself and seeking to do better. There is no number of friends or acquaintances at which you become a social success. Success is meeting a new person and connecting with them. It is the distance between 0 and 1 friends. It is the effort required to put yourself out there and meet new people if that’s something you have a hard time doing.
Comparison with others can be useful and broaden your perspective, but if you’re only beating yourself up over how relatively bad you look then it’s time to find a new approach.

lol you're a narc

>the amount of cope
kek. It's called extroversion. This is how you get a form of success, at least financially and socially. If you want to get higher pay/new job, OP, just be actually interested in people. Talk to them. You'll actually form friendships, and even start getting recommended and shit. Heck, you might even find introverted people like yourself. If you really wanna get over it, the only option is to not give a shit. Look at what you have. If you're satisfied with the things you got, then there's no need for comparison between you and others.

Stop being basic

What if it's hard for me to care about others? I want to be more open with them, but I always overthink every interaction

I’d start a film studio and art gallery all in one, artist can showcase their talent though effects and props. Film makers can draw from a pool of in-house talent to create the visuals they need. Then if people are fans of the group they can buy signed concept art prints from specific creators.

By making friends and having sex. Don’t listen to the coping virgins.

>Inside a faggots mind

Who is handing out the prizes? If there's no prize there is no competition. If there is a competition realize that you are probably higher than everyone just like you who is just worse off.

Holy shit user you are destroying your own body because of shit mental health
I always knew that's how it worked but it's still surprising to read the logic up close

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yeah but if even one person is better it's all pointless and over haha I'm probably mentally ill

I lose in my own mind to them

But she's a moderately attractive late 20s girl who is going to hit the wall so idk I might win in the coming 5-10 years

but she'll probably always win in body count

yeah but average attractiveness men always lose socially to average attractiveness women it seems

They live shallow social lives, normies only talk about shit. The greatest geniuses in history were antisocial

try to get a social life. I didn't say GET a social life because everyone has their situations, but trying is doing your best to make it happen so you'll feel accomplished


>focus on myself more, got tattoos, piercings, doing weird stuff to my hair, anything thatll make me feel better for being me
Here's the funny thing, these days everyone is sporting some sort of "unique" look, be it tattoos, piercings, dyed-hair, numerous badges, wearing a classic gameboy round their necks etc.

There's nothing unique about you, not anymore.

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i hope to god this is bait

I have one but it is inferior therefore a failure

Life isn't a competition user.


That's not what 10 years on this website taught me haha

please help me

>winning life
How do you even win at life? By having family? Or big circle of friends? Having mountains of things? By taking challenges?

Right now you value social life above anything else. Why this in particular?

No one advertises failure; when you look at their presented image you are looking at a batch of preselected datapoints all of which are on the upcurve.

Get on their level.