Is it true that girls don't really feel anything when penetrated by smaller dicks...

Is it true that girls don't really feel anything when penetrated by smaller dicks? I was reading some confessionals in another page and some guy with a cuck relationship talked about how since he is only 5 and he can only please his gf by eating her out he lets her have sex with other men to make up for that, and other people replied and agreed with it. Is that true?

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Don't believe cuck fantasy stories you read on the internet.

Idk if it's true but my gf definitely feels something when I push my dick into her because she moans and her breath gets all heavy

How big are you?

im like 5 in with below avg girth. Idk man im just saying that if it's a struggle to get 2 fingers in my girls pussy then my cock is probably plenty even if it's substandard. Girls like when you don't care about your inferior traits, because for them it's really hard to not care about their shitty traits. Bitch got a big nose? She extremely embarassed and wishes she would die. I have a big nose? I can sniff out rats miles away and all the extermination companies are knocking on my door and bitches like that.

Dropping the name bitch on everything shows you have issues. Respect the clit if you want to be a good lover.

I've been with someone who has a small dick. Let's just say it depends if you know how to use it or not

seethe roastie

>big nose
but you're right, listen to this op


For some girls, not everyone is the same.

What do you mean by that

Well that makes me feel a lot better. I'm like 6 and a little bit and I know that girls don't really cum from penetration, but I'd at least want her to feel something pleasant

4.7 here, a girl once giggled when she saw my penis

after that im afraid to go on one night stand ever since

That must've been rough. You were too good for her anyway user, don't worry.

this is like saying you are a woman
this is how guys talk in private bitch. hoes mad

reminder that no matter the dick size, cuck is a state of mind

if a woman is really turned on she will cum just as fast you cum when you're fully turned on. if you ever had sex, you know that your cum time is inversely proportional to your level of arousal. i literally raw fucked an ugly bitch for 40min of non stop thrusting, she had to ask me to stop because she came 2 times and was starting to be extra sore. i couldn't come and i never would have even if i fucked her for 3h because she didn't turn me on

Exactly. Happened to me too, 50min of fucking with no sign of diminished erection but still couldn't cum. The girl wasn't even ugly, I just was not attracted to her personality as incredible as that sounds.
Then I got with a slutty non-frigid one and came within 5min.

My first guy was a 4 incher, and I did not even realize it was a small until I saw another guy naked and hard.

He sure didn't feel small when he was going at it. Could be the positions (Missionary, doggy and me on top), I am not entirely knowledgeable about what makes the different positions good, as I am not exactly a sex pro, but the second guy I slept with had a 6 incher, and I can't really tell the difference. It certainly isn't better than the first guy, that much is for certain. This is all purely penetration, mind you.

Big guy is much better with his tongue and hands, though that's a different story.

I bet if now you changed to a 4 incher you'd notice the difference.

Your mileage may vary (I am a big girl, not in the fat sense) but 4 and under certainly feels different from 6 and above. The latter is much more, idk, filling? It's a more pleasant feeling

it's not about the size but how you use it, and if you penetrate and angle you dick upwards to stimulate the internal clitoris and then use your hands to stimulate the external clitoris you should be good in terms of pleasing her

Not if it was to the same guy. I'm 110% sure this is about skill and experience, not size.

My favourite toy is 4 inches too, so it's not like I've forgotten what 4 inches is. It still hits just the right spot, and seems to do it more reliably than the 6 incher my other boyfriend had.

>The latter is much more, idk, filling? It's a more pleasant feeling
This is really the only thing it has going for it.

From a pure pleasure standpoint, I don't care. There is not much difference if the guy knows what he is doing. Not in my experience, at least.

But the 7 incher I was with once… He was honestly terrible at sex, but aside from that massive deficit, I could enjoy just having him inside me, even without any movement at all.

It didn't get me off, but that feeling of being full is really nice. It's the same reason double penetration feels so great.

How big do you need him to be to feel full?

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Difficult to tell. 7 inches felt more or less right, but not sure if it would have mattered if we cut off an inch or so.

Probably also slightly related to girth, but maybe I'm crazy, but I have trouble telling it apart, especially since it feels like the girth changes a lot depending on how aroused he is.

But again, it's a bit eh in terms of how important it is. Stick something in the butt, and it basically makes up for whatever filling up was missing.

No need to make that face, user.

My best sex partner was 5 inches. Only guy who could make me cum through penetration. He had a way with his technique and words that just got to me, and he knew how to get me fired up long before we even got naked. He is the only one who seemed to realize that sex starts hours before the actual act. Messages, pictures maybe, caresses, small whispers… just constant teasing before we finally got into bed.

Having slept with a 7 incher myself, I was endlessly disappointed, because I expected it would be better because it was bigger. It was much, much worse.

The other 2 anons are right about the "filling up" part, but good lord that part is fucking useless if the guy is retarded at sex.

B-but I guess if both were equally skilled the bigger one would be better, right? I do want to be skilled and I intend on asking what she likes and try to turn her on before, but i still feel about insecure about it because what if she's been with a guy who is just as considerate but packing a lot more? It'd be disappointing

The actual sex matters far less than everything else, and this is coming from an absolute slut with 12 partners behind me, several of them FWB types of relatioships.

5 isn't "small" that's slightly below average.

Most women don't cum via pure vaginal stimulation though, clitoral stimulation is important.

Girth definitely changes with arousal. The more aroused I am, the more my dick swells both length and girth wise.

>these dumbasses don't know how to make a girl feel full with just the tip of a finger

most of the nerves are in the clit, the entrance, and sometimes the g-spot, so you're good as long as you can thrust well and keep a steady rhythm

Honest to god question, what's it like being a girl that's on the larger side?

Anything below 6' in girth can't really make a girl cum, and like 99% of men are under that number so who cares really

How can you think you can get valuable info in a fucking cuck fantasy page?

Penis size is mostly just a macho thing. I have a 19 cm dick, really thick, and most women don't feel pleasure AT ALL. A pussy is made from skin, and it tears when you shove something big in there. Sex is impossible with tight girls, and looser girls barely get something out of it.

Sexual pleasure depends on the man and the woman. If a woman is tight, then a thin penis will work best, if a woman is loose, a thick penis will work best.

Stoo thinking your life is ruined because of how you were born

You can make a girl cum with just your middle finger. Unless your is under 4 inches, you shouldn't have a issue.