I don't have a gf because of my pride...

I don't have a gf because of my pride, I feel that if I take the initiative I will put myself in a position of submission, and I don't want to subject myself to it. I have enough confidence in myself because I don't need a woman for me, but I don't want to regret it in the future when I get older and lose the chances of when I'm young. What did you do to swallow your pride?

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> I take the initiative
>put myself in a position of submission
This is next level delusion user. How the fuck does your your thought process work?

Just talk to women and see if you're willing to keep someone around long enough to be your gf

Women are pathetic remember it. Be it not for men taking all the initiative this civilization would not exist. Don't sallow up your pride just ask girls if they want to fuck. if not fuck them

Always who shows interest first is the one who needs the other, that's a weakness

Often a women has taken up initative before you start talking to her. You just don't notice because women do it more subtle.

They aren't autists walking up to strangers and asking them for a date out of the blue. If they'd do they would not only face rejection but slut shaming too.

>he can't understand every good man needs a good woman

Autists think of relationships as a power struggle. They never learned their is genuine affection.

Bull fucking shit. How do you do it more subtle? Just hang out around a guy you like and stick your ass out for him? Fuck off thats the slut behavior right there.

They will give you signs to approach them or "bump" into you. Many of them approach guys nowadays. It's not the 50s anymore.

>They will give you signs to approach them or "bump" into you


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The usual ones are playing with hair, giggling, and making unnecessary eye-contact. I can safely say none of these have ever happened towards me

They think a lot about this. How to do it so it's obvious enough but doesn't come off as too slutty. They place themselves in a position you must notice them or they will join a group on a paty under the pretense you are talking to a friend of them. Sometimes they will bump into you in the literal sense so you have to react to them.

It would be absolutely fine if they would just came to me and said "Im lonely and you are attractive to me want to be my boyfriend?" This in fact would make me respect her tremendiously. Not only she had courage to tell me this fact but she also broke meta woman mating behavior.

10/10 would marry, fuck, protect, die for etc etc.

You’re not a man, plain and simple.

Last time i checked my penis was still there.


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They don't to this for three reasons. 1) they hate rejection just as you do. But they have a more evolved a more sophisticated way to avoid it: If is more subtle, it doesn't hurt as much as rejection straight in your face. 2) social repercussions: Slut shaming is real thing for them. 3) creepiness: It might feel creepy or uncomfortable for the man. Women face far more creepiness than men do and therefore might avoid it more.

This is simply not true in my eyes. I belive women should not drop just subtle hints but should also approach men. Talk to them. There might have been tons of women wanting to fuck me but i missed it all because you know... I dont read minds.

Many would love to and more are starting to do it (at least from my personal experience). But they have to face serious obstacles. And it's not just other women, many mend don't like it either because women with a will of their own make them insecure.

Also they don't know how to do it. Their parents teach them sex is something that miraculousy happens to them but they shouldn't actively go for. You know it's all dirty and slutty.

fucking incel

Well thank god for sites like this to tell them truth

Yeah, it's paradoxic. You have guys complaing about girls not taking the first step at the same time many of them cultivate a climate that prevents them from doing so.

Especially insecure guys dream of a pure virginal girl who doesn't lust after other men. But who is more likely to grow the confidence to approach you in a straight way? An inexperienced girl or one which knows about sex? And the experienced ones are quickly face the label "slut" if they are to open so they resort to more indirect ways.

If you see a woman you like, just club her and drag her back to your cave.

Same. Starting a conversation with a woman makes you the entertainer and puts you in a vulnerable position. What would I even say to her?


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Exactly, and the girls don't put any effort into justifying my effort, they literally do nothing and want to be entertained.

Why do you have to swallow your pride? You think you are hot shit to all women? Nah

because I am not a incel

This is some next level mental gymnastics. You don't ask out women because you are AFRAID of failure. It's not pride, it's fear, plain and simple.

If you're really proud of yourself, you'll feel like you deserve a good woman and you'll have no compunctions going and finding one. By selecting a woman and making the first move you're saying to her "I find you worthy of my interest" - you're not lowering yourself, that's a lie you tell yourself because you see yourself as unworthy. Sure, if you beg and plead and try to impress her you're debasing yourself and you will fail every time. A confident man makes a woman feel lucky to be chosen, and she'll do half or more of the leg work and in time happily submit to you.

Pride, lol. What a cope.

Your deluding your self, your making excuses because of something you are afraid of. i havent a clue what but this bullshit about pride is just the excuse you tell yourself to not take action

its not weak to put your cards on the table and be honest with someone

its the hardest god damn thing you can do

>t. guy who was rejected literally 3 hours ago by the best girl ive ever met

You don't need to become their slave, just get them to fall for you,

I’m frankly sick and tired of feeling emotions for a girlfriend I want to purge love out of my head and get rid of this feeling.

Is there any? In my personal experience I never saw that affection back. It looks like woman don't need me, they want you to take them, break them, fuck them. No decency or honor from their side, I feel bitter, but it is true. It is looks like struggle and feels like it. Even when you trying to ignore that.


It's called being a pussy

I think by pride you mean insecurities

Oh, so why don't women do the same? Why don't they take the initiative if it's not weakness? There's something wrong

They do though. You have to be attractive for this to happen. Hence the term "attract". You know how magnets work? Both move toward each other, it's not just one magnet doing all the work.
You're just going to have to accept that as a male or "positive" pole you're socially obligated to move first as a rule, but honestly if you're attractive enough women will fall into your lap just because of how you act naturally. When you're confident and in good shape it can be like being one of those big junkyard electromagnets. Like all magic tricks there is an unseen iceberg of effort that underlies this sort of attraction so don't just chalk it up to DNA, it has far more with learned behaviors and self-possession. The biggest thing is that if you're perfectly at ease around a woman, she will be at ease around you. As she becomes more attracted however she will delight in fucking with you to try to throw you off balance - women are biologically required to test their man. You need to be stronger mentally than they are. All of which is why you have to go talk to them. Learn their tricks.
Or just jerk off forever, it's your life nigga. If you can be proud of being self-sufficient and happy by yourself you'll be healthier than most people.

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Bet you tried sucking your own dick

there is a difference between having no gf and never having a gf.

>The biggest thing is that if you're perfectly at ease around a woman, she will be at ease around you.
I don't know if I agree with everything you said user, but this part is definitely true. If you think you're lowering yourself when you talk to a girl, you're not gonna make her comfortable