NoFap got me a gf!

Ok retards,incels,autists and healthy anons. I will give you this advice and do whatever you want with it. I was incel for years, started NoFap got gf within 6 months. It's not about the porn. It's about semen retention. Google this shit. It might seem pseudoscience or magic but it works. Having semen in you and not wasting it makes you stronger,more confident, energized all that shit. So let's cut to the chase. Yes, I got a gf. It was due to extreme confidence NoFap gave me(confidence>looks and fuck you incels). Also the sex is awesome cause I really enjoy it now. The only downside is that I feel like a wreck for 2-3 days after I ejaculate with sex. Also girls give you more stares, you talk to them easier all that shit. Don't listen to retards who say that's pseudoscience. If anything, the incel "science" is bullshit. I don't give a fuck who did the study. If they were successful with studies they would get girls not study them in their labs. So fuck those "scientists" as well.

Do what you want with this advice. Bye and fuck you.

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Well, pseudoscience or not, congrats.

I was on nofap for a few months and nothing came of it. I have convinced myself I don’t even want a gf or sex anymore. Porn works. Is quick, free, etc.

Just another case of a failed normie discovering his latent normality and passing the catalyst (here “nofap”) as some sort of miracle cure that will work for all of his once-friends (incels)

>self improvement worked
>must've been a latent normie
Enjoy your rut

You were never an incel and I’m sorry this hurts your image

I'm sorry you didn't get laid at 16 and thus never developed past that awkward age. Inceldom is %50 bad luck %49 not trying. %1 actually unfuckably ugly. I'm sorry you can't see yourself as anything but a victim.

I’m not a victim. Women understandably have standards which I don’t meet. And, even if “change” is possible, for someone like me, the effort required far exceeds any perceived reward. Not interested, although I undeniably want to experience sex. Paying is an option and I refuse, which means I’m really a regular celibate.

A couple years ago I did 3 months of semen retention (I was still edging like a madman but refused to let myself nut). The fact that I desperately needed a release led me to asking a girl I liked out for a drink. She said yes, but unfortunately I only saw her one more time after that and never got intimate with her. Still, it gave me the balls (literally) to get over my anxiety and ask her out. After a couple of years of struggling, I'm on 2 weeks of actual nofap and I'm working up the courage to ask someone else out. If there's one benefit of nofap, it's that you'll have the courage to make a move simply because you need a release.

Have sex incel

I did nofap for six months. Just made me frustrated and depressed. It didn't compel me to approach women.

Are you gonna do it? Because no one is lining up to do it for free, and that’s the only way it’s gonna happen.

This is exactly what it does for me. I feel good and invigorated for a few weeks but once that’s over I feel like I have to have sex with something and the way women dress just makes it torture to have so much pent up sexual energy but no way to release it. I wish it was easier to access the methods of recycling sexual energy into intellectual but it’s easier to just jack off.

Have sex with him? No. I'm a man who has no problems having sex with women for free.

Well, one can’t just “have sex” unless there are consenting females, which, for me, don’t exist. Sorry

Are you ugly as all fuck? If so, I'm sorry. That's a real pity. Severely Mentally disabled? Tough man. Life plays shitty cards.

I’m pretty average but am severely socially retarded. Oh well. I’ve come to terms with it. Women have standards that I don’t meet.

Good job, man.
How did you meet her? Cold approach?
I'm currently on day 34 of nofap, but I have noticed more looks from girls which could also be my horny brain tricking me. The downside seems to be that I get frustrated more easily and all my emotions seem to be amplified. I thought about ending my streak today though.

There's something called wet dreams and they make you cum while you are asleep, so that bullshit about retention it's fake, your body will find a way to cum.


He probably just quit porn and started getting interested in real women.

top kek

I’m pretty sure it’s just your mind paying more attention to these things. I made a conscious effort to compare the amount of looks before, during, and after nofap and it stayed the same. I was definitely more jittery during nofap and had to force myself to look for these less, though

Post boc non est propter boc.

I bought a new car then I got a gf,
this is awesome, try it guys

I got a gf and then I had a gf
this is awesome, try it guys

The trick is to use that pent up energy to drive yourself to talk to women.

I don’t want to talk to women, though. I hate myself so much for feeding my masturbation addiction and I don’t need another time/money/energy-sink.

You realize your post consists 100% of confirmation bias and pseudoscience? I guess you're aware of the latter since you mentioned it. There is literally NO scientific evidence that semen retention has benefits over the long term. In fact, if you don't masturbate at all your body will eventually dispose some of your excess semen through wet dreams. Your body has to flush out ''old'' semen regularly to make sure you continuously have healthy sperm in your testes. Either you do it yourself through fapping or having sex, or your body does it through wet dreams and partly reabsorbing its nutrients.

All of this 'extreme confidence' is just the result of, again, confirmation bias and placebo. Now obviously, doesn't take away from the fact that im happy for you finally getting a girlfriend. But saying it's a direct result of nofap is complete nonsense.

>inb4: but bro, if your body reabsorbs unused semen then IT MUST be good for you.
If that was true, then simply eating healthier and more nutritious food should have the same effects. Also, you're way overestimating how much energy and nutrients it costs to produce sperm. Sperm is incredibly small and it's nutrient content is likely negligible compared to your entire body.


Confirmation bias? LMAO. I'm telling you what I feel. And each time I bust a nut my body is weak asf. Believe what you want to believe. This incel "science" of yours is full of crap and doesn't apply. Those "scientists" that draw these conclusions are a bunch of neckbearded nerds that browse Jow Forums as well. Because if they did know what women wanted, they would pursue them and not study them from a lab.

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So it was a cold approach that got you the gf or what?

>each time after i bust a nut my body is weak af
Yes you're talking about the 15-30 minutes after sex/fapping where your body feels relaxed and a bit lethargic. This effect doesn't last all day unless you literally fap 10 times per day. If you have healthy masturbation habits of say a few times per week this is no issue.

>confirmation bias LMAO
It's confirmation bias in combination with placebo. You feel better because YOU THINK you should feel better as a result of nofap. Not because it actually affects your body significantly. Placebo and confirmation bias are no memes, they're very real and have infinitely more scientific backing than your nofap bullshit.

Oh boy. This whore and her cripple toy that she flaunts on YouTube. Sad

It's because of excessive sexual energy. If you took the time to read about semen retention you would recognize what I said, It's ancient knowledge observed by the asians. But no, you prefer to stick around to incel bullshit crap created by retards because this is your confirmation bias. Anyway science or not, in the end I have a beautiful gf and you don't, which pretty much means I'm right.

You're completely wrong as I jack it every day and have a gf, lmao.

>practices semen retention only to let a whore drain his vitality
Sad and cumbrained

Unrelated to the argument you're currently having but after 9 months NoFap, when you finally had sex/came for the first time, did you cum in like 30 seconds because you were so built up or did it take a normal time?

This, but autists like to overly complicate simple shit and get lost in the what ifs

This is true, day 61 here and this one girl wants to know where I live but I keep shutting her down

You don't retain sperm for months and even if you did they are just baby makers. They aren't down there tickling your confidence gland or something.

But it's all dumbass make believe anyway. I pounded my pud like 3 times daily since I could and had plenty of girlfriends. Even after I got married I had younger women flirting up a storm with me. And it never hurt my output. My last ex had sex with me about 4 times a day the entire three year relationship. And I have kids. Still jerk it. The "logic" behind no fap is like saying don't brush your teeth because you lose bacteria.

The only "benefit" of Nofap I dislike is the female attention. I hate these parasites and succubuses around me.

How the hell does nofap make girls look at you more?

Do they smell semen exhaling?

Thanks for not answering, OP.
I just jerked off again, but I also went for a jog for the first time in 3 weeks because my mind kept thinking about hiring prostitutes, so I got fuck all done before.