My girlfriend beat me horribly with a bat because her friend told her she saw me with another girl...

My girlfriend beat me horribly with a bat because her friend told her she saw me with another girl. A couple weeks later she called me and apologized to me and she said her friend mistook me for someone else. She wants to get back with me.

Should I forgive her? I still care about her..

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next thing you know it'll be a gun
run op

fuck her

Gonna go out on a limb and say, probably not.

no, if she assaulted you than you should go to the police, or at least get the hell out of dodge. you still care about her because your biological functions are telling you to. dont let her get in your head. get away from her. no woman who is willing to beat you with a bat is worth being with, no matter how much you want to be with them.

This, she literally assualted you thats a felony wtf are you doing OP

Actually, what she did was likely aggravated battery but the point stands

Lmao fuck no you masochist.
1. She irrationally jumped to physical violence over something that DID NOT have to go that way
2. You wanting her back is going to validate her idea that she can push your boundaries and still keep you. You may not see any difference immediately, but when you get around to big arguments they will gradually get worse

Only if she let you put the bat in her ass twice a week

I certainly wouldn't advocate kicking her door in and raping her until she learned her fucking place.
It's the only way to deal with a crazy cunt like that, and she might even cum her brains out, but no sir, I would not recommend that highly illegal course of action.

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>Should I forgive her?
No, idiot. Also tell her she should date her friend since she trusts her more than you.


How does one get beat by a girl

Nope. Because she didnt believe you over her friend. Fuck her. She literally beat you with a bat

Hey Willy remember when we worked at that moving company and you came to work with a hole in your windshield after your girl smashed it with a bat?

Fucking loser inept homeschooled faggot.

Why are you retarded?

This. Get away while you can.

fuck no. Call the cops

With a bat, are you illiterate?

Fuck her then wait two days and tell her you just can't get over what she did to you. Progamer move

Fuck no, she just showed you a massive red flag that absolutely not be ignored. I’m sure you denied being with another girl and we’re truthful that you weren’t, yet your ex ignored your word and believed her friend instead to the point she BEAT YOU. Does she need to beat you again for you to see she trusts her friend more than you about your relationship? If it was a breakup and nothing else then maybe but that’s some length to go to over what her friend might’ve seen. In your position, I’d never return to someone like that no matter how I felt.

If you leave your girlfriend then her friend will meet the bat as well. Turn her to police she has to detained

You're insane. What gonna happen next time, knife to the gut?

She's not mentally stable. Can you imagine her raising your kids? She goes right to extreme violence?

This has got to be a shitpost.
There's no way such a pussy can have girlfriend, let alone letting her hit him with a bat and think about forgiving her.

Spoilers , his gf is a trap