First date update

I just want to say thank you to those two anons that gave me the advice about my first date. I am so happy right now. after the movie ended which was at 1am I took her back to her place and as I walked back to my car she came to me and asked if I wanted to stay the night as I live 2 hours from her. So we slept in her bed we wind up making out for 3 hours got my first boob and bare ass still a virgin but it was the first date and didn't want to push it. Before we fell she laid on my arm and cuddled up with me and said I'm so happy I meet you. Thank you anons that helped me with my panic attacks about it and we have a second third fourth and fifth date set up in the next 2 months. I'm so fucking happy right now

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>we have a second third fourth and fifth date set up in the next 2 months

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Sounds like Romeo and Juliet syndrome. It's kinda nice though, they'll level out. Hopefully together.

Going to the shooting range 2nd, gaming competitions that her college setup 3rd Disney World 4th sabaton concert 5th

We knew each other for about three months before we went on our first date

Proud of you buddy

Man I guess I'm not ready for relationships 'cause I couldn't stand planning out my life like that and dropping that money.

Well I don't really care about the money I'm a server eng for Amazon so I make a good income and I live in FL so cost of living is very low and she comes from a pretty wealthy family so she pays for own stuff. Like last night I payed for dinner which was 74$ and she payed for the movie stuff which was like 50$ and I have ocd so I like to be pretty organized when it comes to plans since I work 50-60 hours a week

The lives of rich folk is truly alien.

Lol thanks for considering me Rich but I only make around 65 after taxes (I'm 28 btw) I own my house so I only pay taxes for it which is 1200 a year and I don't spend very much money the most expensive thing I own is a 2020 Camry xse which was 47k more then I payed for my house also my bills only consume 1/4 of my income so I tend to save a bit of money

not that guy, but everything you just said makes me envy you. I'm 27 and still live with my parents. Either wa, I'm happy everything is working out for you.

Im not even trying to take the piss, but you're deluded.

You have not made it at all.

She's a whore slut who expected you, as the man, to be assertive and fuck her.

She wanted sex which is why she asked you to stay the night.

But you're lacking in experience, knowledge and perhaps masculine drive.

But don't worry, we live and learn.

You've nearly fucked everything up. But you haven't fully yet. Stop being a weak pussy male and give this woman what she desires.

Dude I had a diamond dick for 3 hours but I didn't want to move to fast as this was my first time doing anything and trust me if she wanted to fuck we would have as she is very assertive but she knows I'm a virgin and probably didn't want to push me into something I wasn't ready for. She is like a baby rattle snake cute/sweet but toxic as fuck. And wtf is wrong with not fucking on the first date? Do people not have fucking morals anymore?

I wouldn't my man I grew up in a trap house my parents were meth heads I had a very shitty childhood

I am honestly just trying to help you. Honestly and genuinely.

Morality doesn't come into the question.

This is biology brother.

The way you're going about this might fuck things up.

The situation is so soft and unrealistic. She'll get bored and turned off if you don't start revealing your inner masculine energy.

Leave OP alone, wanker.

You have no idea wtf you're talking about...
He's wrong OP. He has no idea wtf hes talking about.

I’m happy for you, OP. I wish more guys were like you.

Yeah sure, faggot.

That's why OP is a virgin at 28 years old.

You're clueless. I hope you die

Virgin detected

Deluded faggot

First off I don't really care that I'm a virgin at 28 like who gives a fuck second she asked me out she wants me she knew I liked her and took the first move . I never really cared about losing it. my first priorities in life were not sucking being poor anymore afford anything I wanted anytime I wanted. if I really cared about losing my virginity I could have fucking bought a prostitute by now

Ok dude

Not the same poster but he’s really trying to help you bro. If YOU wanted to fuck her that night you would have. You had a girl in the same bed as you and didn’t close the deal. Reminds me of the episode in that 70s show where Erick wimps out. Pin her down next time and enjoy yourself dude, god damn

Fuck it lol I’m being too negative my breh, im glad you experienced an intimate moment with a wonderful woman. Just trust me on this, don’t doubt yourself in moments like those

>Implying I was a virgin passed 17
You're wrong. If anything OPs encounter was totally tension building. She got horny af and didnt get to release. If anything shell be fucking pining for him.