23 year old kissless virgin here

I'm going on a date with my girlfriend for a third time and she said that we should kiss.

How do I kiss? I'm scared I don't know what to do

Do I open my mouth? When do I open my mouth? How do I know if she just wants closed lip kisses instead of open mouth kisses?

This worries me greatly

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Start with a closed mouth kiss and go from there, go for a second one and if it feels like you should open your lips do it. You just gotta read her. Don’t kiss with your teeth.

What do I do when I open my mouth?

It’s pretty hard to explain now that i think about it.
Don’t open it too much, and don’t overthink it. I’d just wing it.
2-3 second kiss and pull away, go back for more later if you’re comfortable.

Kiss the back of your hand right now. That's exactly what you do. Nothing more, nothing less. If she starts opening her mouth to kiss you then you will feel her do this and you do the same.

Its simple basic shit and you will know what to do when you get there just like everyone else.

>23 year old kissless virgin here
>I'm going on a date with my girlfriend for a third time and she said that we should kiss.
Not your girlfriend.

Do you suck when you kiss? What do you do?

Tongue fuck her

Kissing is fucking awkward

I think she's going to dump me for that.

First should always be closed mouth. Practice kissing your hand (I did it with my hand in a fist and kissing the side of my index) to see how it feels. Adjust as needed.

hmm that actually works
how do i TONGUE kiss though?

Holy shit this is great advice, I never know that thank you.

She is not yours. It's just your turn now.

Just start licking her face lad that's what I do to my GF she hates it but w/e I get a laugh

You're on your own there my man. But when you feel you want to, start introducing the tip of your tongue in your kissing. If she also reciprocates then you're good to go. If not try another time. There aren't many bad kissers I the world. You either learn together with someone else inexperienced or someone experienced teaches you

Try not to be a disgusting weirdo at the bare minimum.

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Kissing is a natural instinct, All people know how to do it. That being said don't tongue fuck her and make sure you don't have bad breath. If things start to get frisky make sure you are doing stuff with ur hands ( around her waist, playing with her hair, grabbing the booty etc.) Just do what you think you should do and it'll probably be okay

like this

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or this

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You have a nice gf and she's going to help you. Just do what feels right and get her feedback after. You're going to fuck up. Most of the fun of kissing comes from going ham anyway, and she'll be going ham too, as long as you don't hurt each other or make each other uncomfortable, etc.