2019 is such a horrible year. And it feels like things are just getting worse and worse all the time...

2019 is such a horrible year. And it feels like things are just getting worse and worse all the time. Every year this decade it feels like things have become more bleak, more hopeless. Nobody is predicting anything good for the future. Everyone predicts there will be a devastating economic recession, political turmoil, wars, climate change, rising sea levels, mass extinction. And the internet has turned everyone mad. It feels like everyone has gone completely and totally insane. Everyone lives by very harsh extremes, the calm moderate nature of the 00s and 90s has evaporated entirely.

Given all these facts, is there any reason at all to be optimistic for the future? Should we give up all hope? It feels like it's impossible not to be depressed in 2019. Are there any remedies for this feeling of hopelessness?

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yes, there is always something to hope for, and the situation isnt as futile as it seems. if you want to stop feeling hopeless, than you should try to make a difference. because despite what you may think, you can. dont waste your potential to better others and yourself.

depression is a big problem in 2019, your right. and its probably from the use of social media more than anything. or the fact that most people today feel purposeless.
"were the middle children of history man"

Thrown down
Pounded into the ground
How terrible
How beautiful
Against all odds
Man finds hope again

I think it’s a great time to be alive, not ironic. Why do you think 2019 is so bad, specifically

>Why do you think 2019 is so bad, specifically

Political extremism from all sides
Intolerance of other people, other viewpoints
Economic collapse looming
Environmental collapse looming
International poverty
Extinction of animal species
Whole population going insane due to constant social media and 24/7 live news feed

It just feels so hopeless. Yeah there have been worse times in history (black death, various other mass plagues, dark ages, ww2, just before ww2), but 2019 seems to be uniquely awful and totally hopeless. Like if you believe everything we see in the news, we might as well just accept everything is fucked beyond repair in about 50 different ways.

It is because social media has caused people to fully identify with their social selves aka the persona. People don't face their own internal realities instead they look at themselves as merely part of a group so they define themselves by their "identity" although it is not a real identity it is only a social identity. It isn't identity politics that is killing us it is persona politics, people who care only about what social role they play instead of exploring their deep internal reality.

You're just getting older, when's the last time you've talked to kids? Are they scared? Adults bear the burdens do lids don't have to even though they'd be better at everything.

Stop listening to news and stop talking about politics. 90% problem solved there.

Go out and meet people and just have fun and make real connections with them.

Most people who are depressed think primarily about what they are interested in and want to satisfy themselves.

Change to a mindset of wanting to have fun and be at your best when others have fun and your life will be a lot happier.

>when's the last time you've talked to kids? Are they scared?

Yeah. Above a certain age, maybe about 13, pretty much all kids in the west are suicidal and hopeless about the future.

I feel the same fucking way and I just got off of working at a summer camp. Kid around 10 years old told me he supports Trump and that Mexicans are bad people I live in fucking Canada. Im so hopeless. We're falling down a sick spiral of hate

get shook basedboy

The robot uprising is coming. Artificial intelligence is just around the corner. There is a theory that, if AI that can upgrade itself comes into existence, it will spiral out of control. This is known as a technological singularity. If such a thing existed, it could improve itself extremely quickly until it became an incomprehensible superintelligence.

If we allow such a thing to exist, there's no telling what it would do. It could wipe out the human race. It could elevate the human race to similar intelligence and immortality. Personally, I'd be thrilled for either.

This is horrifying

>the world is collapsing and this is the worst year ever
Said by every retard for thousands of years.

Things have objectively gotten worse (in the first world at least) every year since 9/11. In the 90s we had all the prosperity and technology of the modern day, except less overpowering and intrusive, and we also didn't have wars, insane politicians, extremism, or runaway climate change.

Things have objectively gotten better. Why are you lying?

Preferably the former rather than the latter in my opinion

I'm gonna watch Godzilla later, play some vidya, and chill with my gf

Maybe if you didn't cry about oceans and gay shit you would be too

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would extinction really be that bad

>just go outside, bro
Fucking retard. The 80/20 rule is in full effect at this point. 2020's will be chaotic for women.

Literally what has gotten better since the beginning of the 21st century? Economically, we are worse off. People are more intolerant of each other, more extreme in their viewpoints, and have shorter attention spans. Politically, the entire world is a complete and total mess. We went from almost no wars in 2000 (to the extent that politicians openly contemplated the advent of a world of peace in the near future) to constant wars in the years since, and more just over the horizon. Environmentally, we are fucked with no chance of recovery.

The only progression is in technology, and yet that technological advancement has come with far more negative benefits than positive. In my opinion technology was BETTER in the year 2000 or thereabouts. We had computers, internet, mobile phones, video games, all of these things - except without the constant intrusion into our lives and without the widespread insanity caused by 24/7 social media.

>Is there any reason at all to be optimistic about the future
I'll give you exactly one reason which is the only reason: Nothing in this world lasts forever. No situation, no matter how good or horrible, will eventually come to an end. The night is darkest just before the dawn. There have been good people and evil people throughout history, but the Earth has continued it's daily cycle without any regard. Cities have been built from the ground up and eventually all will return to the dust. Tomorrow will always be a new day, and yesterday will always fade away into the memory of the past. To quote the great Rick Harrison: "One thing I've learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door."

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Do the best you can within your own boundaries, connect with your friends and live offline. And stop paying attention to the news that are trying to sell you the end of the world just so you stay tuned.

This too shall pass. You'll be fine, OP.

Not a single thing you said has any connection with reality. It's like you haven't left the basement in years. We are economically better off, the world is steadily getting more peaceful and safer, technology is making lives easier, and so on.

>80/20 rule
What did he mean by this?

Damn, now I feel way better user! Thanks!

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