Tfw chestlet gf

>tfw chestlet gf

I'm 3.5 years into our relationship and starting to realize the reason I still think about my ex-gf every single day was because she had c cup breasts. They could barely fit around my dick but it still worked for a tit job. My girlfriend has a cute face but small b cup tits and she tries to act sexy for me but I just can't find her that attractive.

Are big tit (d or higher) gfs worth breaking up for? How hard are they to get?

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Give your gf to me, I've only ever had small breast girls

ass n thighs > tits any day of the week

Just because you get a gf with big tits doesn't mean she'll want you constantly up on them or up on them much at all. Big tits typically are less sensitive overall, a lot of chicks won't get as much out of being touched on their titties if they're huge. Also, when you have big boobs, you're used to men who are only ever interested in your boobs and what they can do for him sexually, which is an immediate turn-off. Guy thinks I just love giving tit jobs because I have big boobs? Yawn. I have a lot of men constantly wanting to get with me for my tits alone, you're going to have to try pretty damn hard to get my attention.

Not hard, but more work than a chestlet. Girls with decent bodies and tits know their SMV, and will date up respectively. Good luck breaking up with your chestlet though

Fuck you, I'm not even a tranny and I only have As

OP just be sure not to let her know the reason you broke up with her was because of her chest size. I'm an A cup and if a guy broke up with me because of that I'd be forever paranoid about it.

from what It sounds like, you don't want a girlfriend, you just want two large mounds of flesh to rub your dick on. dump her and buy an oppai sex toy.

That's when she'll switch to birth control that'll fatten her up into C's and OP will cry a river.
Or take prenatal vitamins.

break-up with her, not because of her boobs but because she deserves better than to be taken for granted by a shitlord like you

An ex barely stuffed into a 32H bra and it was glorious. I won't date lower than E cups now. But what matters most is how well you get along with each other. Remember what attracted you to her to begin with and don't take her for granted or you'll find yourself both without her or a big titty gf.

Fatty detected.

Why are they so small?

These are the words of a wise man

I didn't call my ex a chestlet I'm saying my b cup current gf is a chestlet. Learn to read.

I don't need to be up on them constantly. Just the mere sight of them, even covered, make women inherently more attractive. My gf is literally just a cute face, no tits or ass.

I want to say genetics but my mom has normal C cups. I've come to accept I'll probably only ever attract pedos but that's okay because it'll keep them away from actual kiddies I guess.

How old are you? My ex went up 2 cup sizes in her mid 20s without pregnancy or birth control so there's hope for anyone

Greener grass user. Small tits gen 450,000 miles no problem. Count blessings.

Yeah, same fagg. Who wants a woman in her sixties who had tig bitties when she was 25? Gross.

small tits are the best imo, but shit taste aside if you're really shallow enough to dump someone over cup size than do it. this is completely subjective

Yeah by being fat as fuck.

Not him but girl in pic can gain 20 pounds and nobody's gonna tell the difference except in boobalishiousness.

450,000 miles? I want to fuck big tits not a car

just use escorts on the side.

there's no legal escorts in florida

weeds technically illegal in some states as well.

It's a lot easier to find weed than a hooker, and weed is a lot easier to downplay to my friends and family than getting caught cheating with hookers

>It's a lot easier to find weed than a hooker.
It's really not user. There are tonnes of good classifieds for them. then just read reviews online and you will have a good time in the hobby. Cops aren't setting up aggressive sting operations with years of fake reviews on accounts with large post histories just to entrap you. It's a fun hobby and will probably solve your problem. Besides
is right. A big tit GF will sag and go to shit. while escorts remain the same.

No, her tits kept growing. Went from a 32DD/E to 32G. Since it's clear you aren't familiar with bras or their intended contents, that 32 is how many inches around her torso is and the letter represents the difference in inches between her torso circumference and the circumference around fullest part of her tits. By that number remaining the same as the letter goes up, it means her boobs got bigger while she remained the same fitness.
In terms you might understand, her chest went from looking like Noelle Easton's to Angela White's in 2 years and I'm sure they're even bigger now.

>Are big tit (d or higher) gfs worth breaking up for? How hard are they to get?
Date women, not breasts. You'll be happier in the long run. Or, ignore this and realize it yourself in a decade when you're less appealing. Either way.

A's can be damn nice. My wife has DD-DDD breasts that I love, but there's nothing wrong with a lovely mouthful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
Funny story: My wife's friend, during girl's night, starts wearing my wife's bra as a cap. She thought it was hilarious and wouldn't stop...
Until my wife wore hers as an eyepatch.

Breasts are very nice things to have access to. But if they are the determining factor in your judging women, you are one sick puppy