Today my girlfriend confessed to me a secret she had kept a secret since we started our relationship 1 year and 4 months ago. She told me that she liked me since she saw me in the courtyard of the university talking fervently to a teacher about a book she loves. She wanted to date me since that moment but she was too shy to go and talk to me, and we really don’t share classes, so instead of talking to me directly she asked one of my two best friends to help her be my girlfriend, he agreed but in exchange my friend asked for something in return , he asked her to suck his cock and masturbate him, then she said something like "and I remember that when he ejaculated he did it in my shoes and I was so disgusted that i threw them in the trash" Now everything make sense, the day after she says that happened I was at college with him and my another best friend and he started to talk about girls, and he told me “hey user do you know a girl called “X”? she is cute, you should go ask her out, and I was like no bro I like someone else (I really liked that girl), then he pulled out two tickets to a movie I really wanted to see and he said “I’ll give you the tickets and lend you my car if you take her on a date with you” I agreed, after classes I looked for her and asked her out that same day, we saw the movie and I was in a good mood because I enjoyed the plot of the movie so after that I took her to drink a coffee, to my surprise she knew the things I like (he told her what to say) and after a couple more of dates I finally asked her to be my girlfriend…

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Now I feel really angry, sad and disappointed, she told me that she confessed because she couldn’t handle the shame anymore, she tried to justify herself saying something like “but it happened before we started to date so I really don’t cheated on you right?” I was used and manipulated by both of them, and you know the worst thing? My “friend” started to date the girl I originally liked, the one that I mentioned before and the reason I don’t wanted to go on a date with my current gf in fist place, he always brag out that he took her virginity and that he was her first, so basically he stole that girl from me and gave me his leftovers? Fucking shit, I can’t stand this rage of mine, I feel backstabbed both of them, my girlfriend and that faggot, I was manipulated like a fucking pawn, I have always supported him, why would he do that to me? Once I paid for him 4 months of rent with my own savings because was about to become homeless and drop out college because his parents had a difficult situation in that moment, I never accepted my money back because we were best friends, to me his friendship and future was more important, I never talked about that until today, what I did to be backstabbed like that? I feel really sad and disappointed anons.

Dump her and the bestfriend man that's pretty fucked there is no really getting past this you can try but it will fuck with you heavy for a long time not worth it.

You belittled us when we told you normies are not trust able.
You laughed at us when we said thots are very real.
Now, it's time we laugh at you.

Thanks to people like you, we can continue to sleep well at night.

I’d say you deserve it for being a normies, but something about you makes me feel genuinely bad for you. All I can say is I hope you learned your lesson. Move on, either to other people or simply yourself.

She is lying to you OP. She didn't do this so the guy would help gain access to you she did this trying to be with him and he didn't want her. He's your friend so became a match maker. However, you should be angry he hooked you up with a stupid whore.

So, you didn't break up with her? If not why not?

Give us an update op. I would for sure drop that guy, he isn't your friend. i dunno about your current gf, I would keep grilling her about it and see if her story changes and I would also like to know how she justified her actions, thinking you would be okay with her sucking your ex best friends cock

thank you user
im not a normie just because i have 2 friends and a gf, i dindu nuffin
i havent break up with her yet because i want to face my "friend" later today in a few hours with this info so the three of us can talk about this like adults and why they backstabbed me like that, i want to know what exactly i did wrong.

Sex and friends are the only criteria for normiehood. Sorry chum

Jesus Christ the shit that I read on this board is unheard of

Here we see an NPC discovering that its code does not include a pre-programmed response to every possible unique circumstance

>i want to know what exactly i did wrong
you did nothing wrong but I doubt either of them will tell you the truth and for sure you gf won't.

i think its horrible she has crafted this story and dumped it on you, she had to know it would fuck you up but it appears she doesn't care

so she still sees this friend of yours and around you knowing she sucked his dick. fuck, women are cold


...if this story really happened.

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>my gf was so shy to ask me out that she ended up sucking my friends dick so he could do it for her

I agree mate, indeed a unique circumstance, one of a kind.

No, it’s not that unique. But npc seemed shocked that such a thing would happen

if this is not bait, leave her, she's worthless and does not care about you

that story is so fucked up it's hard to believe.
if it's true just dump both of them and carry on with your life, both of your relationships are stained

women do shit and the reason fucked up and they don't see it as fucked up.

>ask gf of two years to marry
>she looks all happy/sad
>oh fuck
>she confesses to bj of ball player on campus when we started dating sophomore year (hes now in nfl)
>in shock and i start to put the ring away
>i can only get out why?
>she says "you know how famous he was/is and who knew if i would ever get another chance with a famous guy like that again and i didn't know that we would have a relationship"

I mean she didn't even realize what she said and definitely didn't seem to care how it would make me feel and argued it shouldn't stop us from having a life together.

All i could say was she could have chosen a better time to tell me this because even if i could get past it (i couldn't) my proposal would forever be associated with her pleasing a college football star.

I think women do have empathy except towards a guy they profess to love and respect.

This is incredibly unique, you just believe it happens all the time because of your imagination

>she asked one of my two best friends to help her be my girlfriend, he agreed but in exchange my friend asked for something in return, he asked her to suck his cock and masturbate him
>she did it

LARPing bait. Did not happen. Jesus you people are dumb.

Take a bat to his face

They both did you a favor.

You now know his true colors.
Same thing for her desperate self.

Its hard now, you were betrayed by two ppl closest to you.

Itll be hard for a time.

You didnt spend all your life with her my dude, thats what matters.

Youre handling it.


Prove this thread isn’t bait
Protip: you can’t

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Prove it is
Protip: you can’t

desu i would have tried something different.

told her to suck my dick and mastubate me or whatever but don't let her date you after if she did.

like as some sort of test material.

and tell all about it, it would have been enough for you to forget that girl.

I really don’t need to. all this thread will do is rile people’s emotions.
It is a bait thread, any chump worth his fucking salt can tell, and the trusting people giving you the benefit of the doubt deserve the trolling the least.

Eat a hundred dozen dicks. saged, reported and did a lil voodoo curse.

When he has a daughter, take her virginity, or rape his son. or go after his mom. Fuck I'm so mad

I would knock your friend out. What a degenerate. God I hope this is b*

I hope you dumped her and I hope she regretted her actions

Kek gets buttblasted when his unfounded claims get called out. You’re a joke.

read the kanun and exact vendetta accordingly

You’re the joke, stop projecting. I literally said that I don’t need to provide proof that this thread is fake and gay (as if it’s even possible for a bystander to provide proof, instead of merely asking for it, as I initially did)

You’re an ignoramus. I’m right, you’re wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. You were always wrong.

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I hope by "talking" you mean beating him near to death

*something vaguely uncommon happens*
>this couldn’t possibly happen because I say so! Gah, you’re wrong! Only what I’ve experienced ever can happen. You provide proof that this happened now! See?!?! IM ROGHT UR WRONG LEL

>implying bait threads are uncommon
this is where you are wrong.
And nice spergy greentext hyperbole lmao, trying to win arguments where you paint the other person as ridiculous.
the ironing is absolutely delicious.

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There is nothing so extreme about the op that it *could not happen*
>A girl sucked a guy off.
>He helped her get with op.
Where is the impossibility here?

It’s a larp

Not the kinda people I'd super want to keep around, I think...


she didn't know any better and truly thought it was her best chance at you. she laid bare the worst of herself. she loves you. truly and deeply. you can forgive her, talk about it, and try to move past it. or you can dump her. I will say the she cares for you to reveal something like that. it's hard to find things like that.

dump your "best friend" immediately, regardless of what you decide. he isn't a friend. he's a Bro.

I’m sick of hearing words like “impossible”.
Implausible is the word you’re looking for.
After all, the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

After years of witnessing bait Branden threads, you find the feigning of this particular thread to be farfetched?
It seems to me that OP is looking to present a certain narrative in order to tease reactions out of people, moreso than he’s looking for actual advice on an issue.

You taking offence to valid skepticism and believing everything you read at face value without critical analysis or a modicum of healthy agnosticism really pisses me off desu senpai

>i havent break up with her yet because i want to face my "friend" later today in a few hours with this info so the three of us can talk about this like adults and why they backstabbed me like that, i want to know what exactly i did wrong.

That's the most beta thing I've heard, lol
Text him and sask if it happened (which I bet it did), then break that friendship, don't even talk to him. He is not your friend. Break up with that slut. She is a whore.
If you were to do "group therapy" like you so plan, they will most likely laugh at you afterwards and fuck again.

>a woman agreed to suck a guy's dick in exchange for him telling you to date her
If she was so into you why didn't she just greet you then offer to suck your dick?

I know the difference between impossible and implausible. This is nothing more than uncommon. I don’t take it as fact but it’s also more fun to pretend everything is real. I pick and choose what I want to be real and what I don’t. But of all the posts up right, I’d say this one is at least probably real.
You’re taking this very personally and it’s strange. I have no stake in the reality of it. You are fighting against some made up bogeyman and reading into op your own narrative about how he’s trying to force some idea on people. I’m not taking offense to you doubting it; I’m asking why you think, or what proof you have, that it didn’t, and further, couldn’t happen at all

To partake in finding of bad reasons for what we believe upon instinct... That would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems.

Trips of truth

You now should be thanking her for saving you time.

grow up you fucking whiney cunt

at least you have a loving girlfriend

what so you are going to go and find some other girl? My friend, all women have had dicks inside them.

just enjoy what you have. we will all die one day so stop thinking in the past

What a great friend.

written by a true virgin
Op the objective perspective is the same for most anons. On the one hand she saved you alot of time and effort. You have a free ticket to break up now without having any negative side effects. I mean I broke it off with a Bipolar girl, so guess what the side effects were.

Now you have one toxic person less in your life and a tainted relationship / possible break up infront of you. see it as a possibility to improve yourself. In the end of the day, you are the only person that you can fully trust. Humans are selfish little bastards, so look out for yourself.

May God guide you on your journey and free you from the burden of the past

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OP here to the final update, we talked like civilized humans, and ex friend told me he only wanted to "set me up" with a cute girlfriend, and she tried to excuse herself saying thar ir happend before our relationship and only was one time, i wasnt angry anymore at all when i had both of them face to face in front of me, i guess i just felt dissapointed because i expected better from both of them, but i'm not angry, i just feel a relief because they are both out of my life now, i feel like i didnt lose a gf and a friend, but instead i feel like i won a life without vipers arround me, i still can get a new girlfriend and a new friend in future, but she will have a hard time finding someone loyal and caring like me, and he will likely never have another friendship like mine, i paid for his rent once when he was broke and at one step feo beibng homeless,not everyone does that, their punishment will be being banned from my life, i'll never forgive their betray. But i belive i'm a valuable friend and a wonderful parther, and they will never find someone like me, i could have beat up that faggot with my bat of
baseball, but i really don't had a reason, my ex wasnt that worth, she is just a piece of shit, why should i fight over a piece of excrement with a lower treacherus scum? I'm better than both of them

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Big if true.

The same person keeps writing the same dramatic shit and continuously makes exactly the same spelling errors. Noice b8 m8

See you in a year posting about their one kid and another on the way.

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