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Keep on derpy work!

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If you’re going to ship anything, please, don’t.

LMAO I'm on a suicide mission holy shit

>jacked off in office
>boss walked in 5 minutes later

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Don’t you think it’s cheating trick to post pictures of yourself laying flat so they can project their dirty fantasies?

Aw mommy pays your child support. What a big guy you are for paying.

I’ve just been in a bus next to some stranger man and I felt sorta aroused. Don’t feel good about myself rn.

I know I should contact my parents about my plans for the hurricane and care about their plans, but a big part of me just wants to stay estranged from them.

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Hahaha, fine
No more games, it was kinda fun though. ;)


You’re too nice too me. When you say you want to make out with me I feel just nothing. I could say I just became callous, but I guess I’m just not attracted to you. Too bad you could make a really great date.

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Who is this for? How do I know if I should ship now?

This is for R. I suggested they are going to ship some parcel to me and if I’m right I’d like to stop them.

I knew you were joking, I just didn't want to play along. I can't do this anymore.

I’m not joking.

I’m growing older year after year. I used to live like I never became all wrinkly and my body won’t start hurting eventually but it’s not true.

Thank you, I’m not R

What made you think it’s for you at the first place?

I have a package I have needed to send for a long time but I don’t feel right about sending it.

Why do you feel so?

Also didn’t you want to give it away in person?

Because he doesn’t love me. I get a lot of pleasure from giving and loving but I want to be loved too.

They live too far away and wouldn’t want to see me.

Legit point. Wouldn’t you benefit from selling that stuff or something?

No lol it’s a plushie and other stuff. I don’t even remember what’s in the box anymore and it makes me cry to think of it.

My poor thing. There, there....

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>Hey sorry I haven't gotten back to you how are you conversation conversation conversation stops replying

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Is that sincere? I’ll take the cat hug...

Not really sincere, I just feel bad for you feeling upset.

I talk to you because I have no other option and bored to death. Please, wake up. This will never work.

Sucks to be you.

Really does, man.

Why do you have no other option? Why aren’t you happy with the person you talk to? Are they boring?

I don’t know. I don’t hate them, I just don’t feel anything.

Have you ever felt anything for another person? Are you in love with someone else?

I'll become better than everyone and then ruin lives with my power.

I don’t even know what did I find in my previous crushes. Talking to male friends was making me feel good about myself but it’s different and I never felt excited about these people. Too bad they have pretty much everything I’m looking for in terms of appearance. Idk probably they are too monastic when talking to me, but again I don’t think dirty talks could fix situation.

You need to feel good about yourself but not through others. Is it a boy who likes you but you just want friendship? You should tell them how you feel. In a nice way.

Why is letting go so hard?

I remember falling in love after married colleague somewhere probably in 2013. Then I kinda fancied a guy I was chatting with online probably somewhere around 2014-2015. I requested him to never share a photo because he used to have legal issues and I didn’t want to be a participant by not reporting him to police. Idk if I loved him, I guess it was some sort of affection but not too sure.

You know it was rather like having an audience. I had someone to be fun and pretentious in front, that made me feel good.

I understand that! There’s nothing wrong with that. They benefit too.

I didn’t mention, they used to be my friend for many years, but I haven’t been talking to them for like two years.

and are they trying to rekindle the friendship?

bc feels

They used to sent some texts for my bd and ny, but I never replied. I’d probably really like to start talking to them again because I desperately lack a community I could feel freely in, but there’re some issues. First of all he used to say that he always been treating me as a friend and never wanted to fuck, but I don’t believe him and his attitude disgusts me sometimes. I still remember us laying on bed in my dorm room watching something and he was stroking my unshaven leg ugh. I didn’t pay much attention back then (sic!) but idk how do I feel now. Also he used to be pretty problematic, he used to date underage girl and that makes me think I should avoid him.

Ew I’d hate if someone stroked my leg too.

Don't worry. This body is nothing.
The way you perceive what you live is more meaningful. Old or not, people who love you will go on loving you regardless.

I've literally dreamed about you every single night for two weeks. I'm going crazy

I just went out to grab a pillow because you turn me into cuddly mood, like I desperately crave a hug.

Hooker stabbed me eight times in the back after her pimp was trying to rape me and I had to bash him in the head.

I thought it was just a thing between us before it suddenly became apparent to me then that she working for somebody much bigger than herself and was really just trying to butter me up for illegal sex work.

I'm about to slip it in her when the pimp sneaks up out of nowhere completely naked like some wannabe rapist, without even saying a word or making his presence apparent.

>>Dick in me.
>>Ceramic toilet lid bashed over his head.
>>Break his arm too.
>>Hooker stabs me eight times from behind with stiletto.
>>Beaten, raped and forced to drink toilet water.

At least I defended myself.

insane if true

Homos gotta ruin everything

All I can think about is you


No dirty thoughts tho, but your hair is truly beautiful.

I have a feeling she's already fucking him. It's either this or this guy is desperately trying to fuck her.
What does she want from me then? why reach out now? what do you think is gonna happen, that after all you did to me you can just reach out and ask if we can talk about us? what do you want? friendship? friends don't do shitty things like this to each other so what do you think is actually gonna come out of this conversation?

Post pics.

Good thing stab wounds are overrated.

try talking to the person. not for reconciliation. simply talk

So did they get arrested and how did do anything to you with a broken arm

How do I stop being so sensitive?
In the past 2 weeks I've had people tell me I look old and ugly, even though I've been seriously working on losing weight and taking care of myself this year.
I just want their comments to not bother me anymore

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All this has got me in a sentimental rollercoaster. You say you can't stop thinking about me; how you want me everyday; how everytime you see me you want to kiss me; how you enjoy playing games with me; how you want to know where I am, what am doing, etc during the days we're not together. You say " I love you" once in a while.

But at the same time, you say there's nothing going on between us. NOTHING more than sex. JUST sex.

I just don't know how to feel. Should I throw away my feelings and just pay attention to that last part? Should I set them free and show you how much I love you?

I don't like this confussion.

Anytime I’ve tried to talk about my feelings or our relationship he gets annoyed so I have to deal with this on my own. Thx tho.

F*ck those people. Anyone who would say that to you doesn’t deserve any consideration or space in your mind.

If you want love you should find someone else.

at least she's not saying she loves you and dates other men, then when you see her on a date with your friend she acts oblivious then sends you a text saying she loves you. The only thing that stops me from getting over her is my lack of opportunities to socialize currently and meeting someone else

>even though I've been seriously working on losing weight
Which is why you look old and ugly.

She sounds poly

I'm not skeletor tier, user, I was overweight before so now I'm trying to lose weight for vanity and to be healthier

Stupid decisions is what makes life interesting. Sensible and reasonable is boring.
Just don't make all your stupid decisions within the span of one year.

I thought I loved you because when we were friends I only saw that side of you that I liked. Then behind the scenes I've been told by other people what you've been up to when I'm not around and I'm shocked. This is not just slutty, this is an illness and the stealing?? that just shows how immature and irresponsible you are. You're old enough not to do shit like that, what the hell... then she only tells you things she feels like you should know about her, and it changes her entire personality. See, we were both in love at that point, but then I had some time to think and I still feel like I'm in love, except I don't like that feeling, I believe its wrong to feel that for you. I don't think we are compatible and you know what sort of person I am, we're pretty much the opposites and your "secrets" are my biggest fears in dating, so why would I go for it? because I feel I'm in love? then why the hell am I so unsure about this and feel like its a mistake? I think learning those things about you and seeing what you're really like when I'm away still needs to sink in, for now I still miss the old you, but that isn't coming back and the new you, isn't my "type". I just wouldn't feel happy and I'd be constantly worried what she's up. I can't live with that stress, surely there are much better and easier relationships I could be a part of right? if I already know this is going to be hard and I'd be unhappy, so its not the right thing to do. I just can't stop feeling jealous over her being with someone else but I don't want her at the same time...

>so now I'm trying to lose weight for vanity and to be healthier
Good for you. That's not an argument, though.

Holy shit man. That definitely sucks. Is it that they take advantage of our feelings? They love the attention only?

They have us hanging on a thin string. Not pulling nor letting go.

Im with you on your last sentence. Im a hard introvert, just got to know people from my masters or job. Gotta find something else that pulls our attention.

But I'm not arguing with you. The real question is why are you trying to argue with me?


Every time I say "that's it, no more" and start focusing on other things/people, this person comes back all lovely and caring.

Im doomed. I do have strong feelings for this person. And we share common friends, so isolation is not an option for me. Im doing my best to at least lower my feelings some lvls. Wish me luck.

>But I'm not arguing with you.
Then why are you replying?

some girls just like attention too much, especially the good looking ones. They are hard to argue with because they get pissed off over small things and could leave you because they know how many admirers they have while us guys don't have any. Thats why some guys put up with a lot, because they caught a hot one and its hard to let go of that because you're thinking with your dick more at that point. Then they get used to that and think they can get attention from every guy and flirt with them because "my bf said he's ok with it" but they didn't mention that it was after hours of fighting over it and being threatened with a break up so the guy eventually gave up and allowed it.

There are girls who would feel disgusted about themselves flirting with other guys while in a relationship, I'm gonna try and stick with those, because if someone is telling you they have feelings for you "but not really and I might still look around" then they are just stringing you along, fuck that, I'd rather be alone than manipulated


Totally agree with you. Im just finding it hard to "hate" or "dislike" this person. I know is because the feelings I have, but Im working on lower them some lvls at least.

Hope I can do it fast tho. Wish me luck.

What do I do with you?



Welcome to the adult life kiddo, there ain't no breaks, nobody gives a shit about your problems, most of your income goes to shit with taxes, prices are sky rocketing and (without a lot of effort or extreme luck) there's nothing you can do about it, you'll marry someone you don't love out of fear, your friends will leave you, your family will die, your favorite characters will die, your pets will die, and one day you will die too.
Swallow that black pill, right now.

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please, talk to me. what do I do to you. I'm both playing and not playing. I'm such a mess myself.
I can't be with you because it just surreal. You know, lately I imagined myself talking to my mom when she asks me again like why don't I get them a son in law. I thought what if I ask her how would she like a daughter in law. It felt okayish in my fantasy, but I'm not so sure about my real life. What if that would be a thing that tears us apart? Would it be possible to draw everything back as if I haven't said anything.
onto my attitude towards you, I DO NOT KNOW, man. I don't know you deeply, I can't read you. How do you ask me to fall after someone who I know so little. Although I have never been that far. I used to like some guys for maybe idk maybe even up to year, but it wasn't any serious. Probably I was rised this way. I used to live having someone making all crucial decisions for me, that's why I can't do them myself, probably I don't even take myself seriously. Idk what do I say at this point.


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please, just don't cry

try not to laugh, but it's R

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Alrighty time to fix things

I got a new job as a programmer and I feel like I'm not performing well enough, but I cannot really tell. Team seems kind but not impressed by me and I'm paranoid they are talking behind my back how shit I am and plan to fire me. People are acting strange and distanced towards me.
Feels bad man.

>you'll marry
Out of all the things you said, I can at least confidently assert that this one is not true.

dude it's like being a 10/10 in your town and go to the capital you will be like a 7/10 at best.

just welcome to the coding workplace.

Normal. Yeah. They talk shit. Bring up star wars.