Why have sex?

Why have sex?

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because sex fun



releases stress
release chemical to the brain

Why not?

Most people should have sex because they seem to think it is important and they obsess over never having it but once they do they will realize it was never important at all. If you question why you should have it then you have already realized it is not important so you are already ahead of the game.

Because you get to cum

lmao just fap then bro. You cum harder and you can cum to whatever fantasy you want instead missionary with a 4/10 while you get her pregnant and catch herpes.

There's literally no winning when it comes to sex. That's why most men have chosen to leave it behind.

It releases stress. 99% of folks have some form of stress, and sex in my experience is the best stress reliever. Keep in mind, DON’T treat it as if it’s all the matters. No girl wants to fuck a dude who views it as anything more than a stress-reliever.

To reproduce, really. Those strong desires are supposed to trick you into making more of yourself, even if we've now learned to do it for leisurely activity, and have ways to prevent pregnancy.

It's fun.

Spoken like a true virgin.

>it's great fun
>it's a deep, intimate connection with a person if you let it be
>it's fantastic for putting oneself to sleep
>it's arguably healthy to engage regularly
>it does wonders for brain chemicals

Because millions of years of evolution have killed off every single line that didn't have sex.

life feels less lonely when you fuck someone

The only legitimate reason to have sex is in order to have children and start a family.

im married and i wank half the time, sometimes its just a better cum.

Sex is a mess

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To smell like ass

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To do some sportfucking


I'll quote Lawrence Tierney from Reservoir Dogs
>Because you're a faggot, alright?