Gf asks if she can get lunch with new guy friend she met in her class

>gf asks if she can get lunch with new guy friend she met in her class
>ask who he is etc.
>i say I have no problem with guy friends, but i just wanna know more about him or meet him
>asked friends about this, and they're saying i'm being insecure
>she said it's cool and that she understands
>snooped a little and found out he's liked a few of her pics and she's likes two of his back
>should i be concerned.

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She already fucked him.

You are insecure. Best way to keep your relationship, work on yourself.

Which insecurities would cause someone to think the way i am?

I'm very comfortable in my own skin, i just don't have a lot to offer atm. But I am working on it.

if you're student age, probably there is going to be sexual tension between her and the new "friend". your instincts are probably right and you should be preemptively look for something new. sorry.

You have every right to think the way you do. What photos did she like exactly and what about for him? Were they sexual at all? I suggest emotionally disconnecting first

>i just don't have a lot to offer atm
Your gf will eat with other men, like their pictures, give them compliments etc, etc because that's normal human interaction.

lol tell them to a woman when you do that


No it's not. Okay maybe in America it is. OP get a grip and dump her.
Unless you're a cokefiend or psychotic, your gut is always right.

How do I do that. I just started falling for her after 6 months of dating

You have the right to be skeptical about what's going on, and I think anyone who values their relationship should at least be wary of another person coming in with less-than-honorable intentions.
That said, your gf is not the one to be wary of; this new guy is. If she hasn't given you any other reason to distrust her (lying about talking to this guy, aggressively hiding her texts and messages, saying no to spending time with you and spending time with this guy instead, a history of infidelity or promiscuity, showing any other kind of dishonesty, etc.) then you should have faith in her. Confronting her without any other reason than "NEW GUY BAD" is just going to fuck things up immediately and make it easy for this guy to swoop in, should that be his intention. If she's acting dubious or generally acting differently than before this new guy came into the picture, then it's probably time for a talk.

1) Is there flirtation going on on one part or both parts? If not relax
2) If the guy is flirting but your girlfriend isn't - have some trust in her. These things usually work out of themselves.
3) If she is flirting, it is time to talk. Do it in a reasonable manner. Use sentences like "I feel..".
4) In general sound your concerns in a reasonable way. Couples have different policies on this. Just don't be an multra muslim controling her..

Would she be comfortable with you going on a dinner date with some random qt you met to have som 1 on 1 time with her.
Shes either retarded or wants the attention, either way move on. Been through this many times. Or you can listen to girls opinion on this mongolian basket weaving forum. Good luck and remember always and I mean always trust your instinct

If shes flirting try to talk and start with I feel. Youre either a virgin or a fucking cuck. Op dont listen to this moron

spotted the ultra muslim. Don't confuse girls with your cattle.

Fuck that don’t sit back and let her cuck you like a beta. I’d let her go after breaking up with her

OOF OP I just went thru this basically gotta end this, is she's between 18-25 she's been borderline brained washed by modern feminist telling her its ok for her to cheat don't let this happen. LEAVE HER

>A wild chad appears
That's big one with incels isn't it?

Unironically this. If the two of you cohabitate then hit the gym and come back after a nice lifting seas' looking/feeling great, she'll be all over you.

That's your problem right there. You should never, and I mean NEVER "fall" for a woman. We literally use the verb "falling" for this phenomenon. You give her all the power in the relationship, an ultimate sign of weakness. She smelled it and started testing you while already looking for alternatives.

Alright guys. I’m gonna sit her down and talk. Gonna start preparing for the worst

She's never given me a reason to distrust her, but we all know how things go.

My gut doesn't exactly tell me that she's cheating and to break up with her, but I am slightly concerned.

Thanks for all the help

Dont be with this woman she does not respect you listen to me and you will thank me the anonymous helper

So we haven’t talked about this in person yet and I’m not just gonna break up with her over this. How should I talk to her about this

tell her this is a deal breaker. It is unacceptable in a monogamous relationship for one partner to go on a date with an outsider. dump her, then work on your insecurities and yourself.

no matter what she says, don't falter. She doomed your relationship, because she has approval to date another person - yes, right now it's just lunch, but in her female mind that will apply to dinner or drinks or whatever down the line. They don't think like we do, you allowing this means she has free reign to date anyone she wants and when she ends up blowing him or getting fucked, it will be your fault because you let her.

Holy fuck dude I'm sorry but how is this real at this point.

Dump her. Work on yourself. Pussy will gravitate to you if you're the man you want to be. Being desperate and clingy is lame as fuck.


This. No one else

kill yourself

You better work on your own image now before you figure out they're fucking behind your back and you get depressed over pussy. No women are ever "friends" with guys unless they want to fuck them or are friends with their significant other. Are you friends with another girl who you don't want to fuck? No it's not possible and before you say "oh but I love my gf I would never think of anything like that" then you're lying on an anonymous website.

Why are Jow Forums Jow Forums always so extreme?

Anyway, it is pretty concerning when a girl goes on a 1 on 1 meeting with a guy friend. For her it could (initially) be completely platonic, but I have done it and seduced women this way (with bfs yes I am a scumbag), because unless the guy is gay, platonic friendships do not exist from the man's POV.

Of course they throw it on being insecure, because men cant be concerned with obvious red flags nowadays. Just ignore, keep a low profile and make sure you know what is going on. Otherwise make a stand and discuss it with her, but be damn sure you can come across as legit and not as a man baby, because then it IS insecurity.


>Why are Jow Forums Jow Forums always so extreme?
I call it raw truth.