Hey all. 26 year old female here, took LSD for the first time 4 days ago (about a third of a tab...

Hey all. 26 year old female here, took LSD for the first time 4 days ago (about a third of a tab, I don't know exact measurements though).

The first half of my trip was really nice and felt great. I was sitting outside for that part. Then I went inside and started watching a movie. In the first few minutes of the movie, I suddenly became aware of like, every process going on in my body. For some reason, I focused in on my breathing and I convinced myself that I wasn't getting enough air and I literally felt like I was going to keel over and die for like, two hours.

Woke up the next day and still felt anxious as shit, still felt like I wasn't getting enough air. I literally can't stop thinking about my breath now. I have been manually breathing for the last 4 days, I have been having several panic attacks a day (I use to very seldomly get full on panic attacks--my problem has always been constant anxiety, but my anxiety never really ever escalated to full blown panic attacks the way they have been for the last 4 days), and now I'm afraid to eat because I'm afraid i'll choke. My palms have been constantly sweating, and I've been having diarehea and gas and I can't stop shaking.

Before this, the only drug I've taken is pot. I've stopped smoking since the LSD because I'm trying not to trigger myself. I just want to feel normal again but I cannot seem to stop myself from dwelling on things like my sweaty palms, my breathing, or how I should be eating but I know I wont really be able to because trying to force food down my throat is so stressful right now that the thought of it has been killing my appitite when I do sit down to eat. And as soon as food hits my mouth, my mouth goes dry and it is extremely difficult for me to swallow. And of course, now I'm in a feedback loop from.hell where I can't stop thinking about being anxious, which in turn has just been making me more anxious. Please please, what do I do?

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You're breathing is fine, you're not gonna choke. Its just all in your head. You had a bad trip, that's all it was. Concentrate on something other than your breathing, your body will regulate it for you.

You're gonna die

Thats the shit--intellectually, I know that I'm fine. I know it. I can't make myself "believe it" though. I've never been good at controlling my thoughts like that. I've tried the whole "treat anxiety like an old friend" thing, I've tried applying mindfulness when I feel myself getting tense, diaphram breathing--I just can't seem to chill.

You're just trying to hard to control process outside of your conscious control, and this is causing your anxiety. Trust your body to do what bodies generally do which is to ensure their own survival. You can't will your heart to beat or your organs to function or a hair on your head to grow faster, so stop focusing on these things. Try diverting your attention to something productive instead and see if that helps.

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>Doing LSD indoors
>by yourself
>while watching a movie
>and having no real experience with psychedelic drugs

Yeah whoops don't do that in the future.
There's usually a little checklist of to-do things before doing something like shrooms or LSD or Salvia or whatever and you managed to do the opposite of all of them. had it been any worse you would have been like reading world news and politics on twitter or Jow Forums or something.

I'm not opposed to doing psychedelics alone I've done them plenty but I've had experience. Lord knows my first time on shrooms would have ended badly if it had just been me. You need to have a sober sitter or other people to trip with your first time. Definitely the biggest mistake was staying indoors, I've never been claustrophobic but every time I'm tripping on something I do get cabin fever if we're stuck indoors for more than an hour. What was the movie you were watching?

"pot" is not going to trigger you, it's going to stimulate your appetite. Cancer patients use it to treat nausea so it's good enough to help you with your current eating problems.

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Op here--my mistake, I didn't mention that I tripped with my boyfriend, and our roommates were also home. I made one of them drive me to walmart to get me some instant asthma relief shit because I was bugging out that bad and, obviously, going to the ER was out. No sir, my big mistake was taking LSD knowing fullwell that I'm a giant pussy.

And I tried pot to stimulate my appetite, but pot has been making me ultra paranoid and uncomfortable since that day. I've gradually been cutting down on pot (like, 1 bowl a day to one hit to nothing today) and I'm pretty confident in saying that its definately a trigger for me right now. If I were to guess, I would say that I have real control issues that I didn't know about until LSD showed me. I need to feel like I'm fully in control of myself at the moment to avoid panic.

>do something productive

This does work for a few minutes, but its like when a cartoon character is walking over open air--as soon as they look down, they fall. I can only stop myself from "looking" for like, half an hour at a time, at most.

Love your picture, by the way. That exact lyric has been rattling through my head ever since I took notice of how sweaty my palm have been lol

And by the way, I was watching the first Deathly Hallows movie (and I don't think I could have herped my derp any harder than with that choice) and my boyfriend told me not to go inside, but I don't fucking listen and yes, I realize that I'm reaping exactly what I sowed. This is why I don't normally fuck with anything besides pot. Because I'm fucking stupid.

>No sir, my big mistake was taking LSD knowing fullwell that I'm a giant pussy.

No I really have to insist that your biggest mistake was doing LSD indoors.

You're metaphorically if not literally locked inside with nothing to do but to look inwards. People start to become aware of maybe weird growths or bumps or blemishes that they hadn't noticed before. They start to revisit old memories that aren't necessarily pleasant, they rediscover older memories that are even less pleasant. They go insane. And you don't even have to do LSD or any sort of drug to reach that level that's just what happens when people are stuck indoors for too long.

The best thing for you right is unironically go for a run. Go OUTSIDE and exercise. Reach the point where you're too tired to be paranoid and too hungry to be nauseous.

Also you didn't say what the movie was, I'm really curious.

>Also you didn't say what the movie was, I'm really curious.
and I see you posted it here and yeah whoops, definitely don't be watching a dark spooky film when you're tripping.

It's not that you're stupid it's that you were unprepared and also it sounds like the people with you especially your boyfriend really didn't help you prepare all that well either.

Nah, they didn't prepare me well. Poor baby--my boyfriend feels so guilty. At the end of the day though, no one pressured me to take shit. It was completely of my own volition, and a spur of the moment decision. Like I said, I've always been kind of anxious and I like to try to "live in the moment" when I can, in order to combat that. Apparently, taking one's first dose of LSD is not a good spur of the moment activity for someone like me. C'est la vie.

I will try the exercise thing though.

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I didn't get this.
I spent my first trip on a tab watching Redline. It was an alright experience, felt pretty funny standing up and walking around, pissed like a faucet and got hungry but I never felt claustrophobic, just wanted to wrap myself up in a blanket and eat biltong.
Didn't realise it was such a strong stimulant, where closing my eyes would cause my imagination to react to whatever sounds I was hearing. I had some control over it but it wasn't focused enough to actually do something fun.

> wasting an acid trip on a movie
You and your friends are too stupid to have access to drugs. I stopped reading at this part, because the answer is simple: you are stupid, do not do drugs. Go to church and listen to authority figures. You will do better in life if you just listen to what people tell you to do. Don't do drugs. Stop hanging out with dumb people that have access to drugs.

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Some of my best trips were spent entirely indoors until the comedown. The issue is she's a retard who did not look into set and setting. Tripping indoors is fantastic with some drawing paper, good music, mood lighting, locked doors, turned off phones, citrus fruit, water, and no screens.

I took LSD 2 years ago, 3 tabs. What I would recommend is if you ever plan on doing it again is pay attention to your frame of mind. Do NOT take this if there is any anxiety or major stress in your life as that drug will amplify those emotions. You have to take set and setting extremely seriously before fucking with psychedelics.

These side effects will wear off after a little bit of time. Just work on small achievable goals that will help preoccupy you in the meantime. However, you might have psychedelic dreams in the future. This has been happening to me personally ever since every once in a while, so not sure if it's a widespread phenomenon.


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