Crazy boyfriend

We've been together for 3 years...When I met him, I was a complete mess: depressed, social anxiety, and soo many complexes. I use to feel like he was the only one who understood me, but as time went on, I was the only one who grew.

Now I dealt with my social anxiety, have a lot of friends, many people pursuing me, and I am a lot happier. I don't value the same connection anymore...Plus today, a very well off guy asked me out...

I don't know if I should leave him...because I do love him and I'm the most comfortable around him. I'm just bored though, plus I want someone who has potential. This guy who asked me out is up there on the social rank, and he's been helping me with my social skills, bouncing off ideas. Plus he is caring and ambitious...and I want someone who I can have a good future with. I told him about an open relationship...then he got mad, I ignored him, and then he sent me 2000 dollars to get my yeah

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idk about whatever this new guy may be like and i'm also not gonna bother judging you for what you choose to do but if you're not happy in a relationship and you feel that you've grown apart from the person and want something new then there's no point putting off the inevitable. Yeah it sucks to be the big baddie who breaks a heart but whatever, do what you want O.P, that's really all there is to it. If you're not happy, change until you are.

If you're not involved in the relationship why be with your current boyfriend at all? I'm not telling you to break up with him just food for thought.

To be honest though OP from what you've told me this new guy doesn't seem all they great?

>I told him about an open relationship...then he got mad, I ignored him, and then he sent me 2000 dollars to get my yeah

The whole 'got mad' thing just strikes me right off the bat. How mad? And to just throw money at you? How long have you known him?

My suggestion OP is if you like this new guy then break up with your BF, then start doing some digging on your prospective's past relationships, and do it in that order. Let your BF at least have some dignity in the matter and don't keep him around if you aren't going to commit to him.

Also you're kind of a piece of shit but that's par for the course, my advice is mostly devoid of the moral angle

>I told him about an open relationship

So you're a whore, number one. Your bf is an idiot for letting you be an emotional leech. Hypergamy is real.

Ok let's see here,

>crazy boyfriend
Ok, what is crazy about him?

>you are depressed, social anxiety "so many complexes"
Are you the crazy one?

>open relationship
dang, if you want to sleep around with lots of guys,
Just say, you're a slutty whore girl out loud
It's a least better then not admitting it.

>there's another guy interested in me,
Ok, what's less crazy about him?
>he has money
>he gave me lots of his money to be with him

And your thinking of going with that guy?
So your ok being property?
wow, who was crazy here again?
I'll offer you 3,000 in cash, after you meet me in person. (and earn it in other ways)

OP, what are you getting out of your current relationship.

I like to look at relationships from a practical perspective.

If the costs outweigh the benefits, then I'm out.

If the girl offers me great sex then that's awesome, but if she tells me to cut all my relationships, is disruptive to my business and is emotionally unstable, then the cost outweighs the benefits and she has to go.

That's my approach anyway.

>New guy comes along
>He has money
>Time to leave my bf who put up with my horseshit for years
Typical roastie for ya, folks

Pretty much

if you truly love your current boyfriend then try to spice things up if it's boring.
try something new, make plans to do things and go places.
as a fellow girl idk if I'd trust a man with social status and money, surely he'd have other girls at his beck and call. just sounds like a lot of trouble and risk.

This is my thought process in my original response. You said you weren't into him so he threw 2k at you? What makes you think he isn't doing this to other women. And honestly OP is 2k all it takes to but your loyalty? I make 60k a year, could I throw 2k at you and have you begging for my dick in your mouth?

The absolute state of people these days.

Kill yourself

Bait thread

Just cheat on him and embrace your inner roastie

agreed. what OP explained about this man is definitely suspicious.
if he's literally paying OP to talk to him, he must be some kind of creepy desperate or doesn't think too much of OP to the point where he thinks money can win her over. it's just not right imo.
if she doesn't stay with her current boyfriend, then okay but I wouldn't leave him for this new guy.

It hurts to see a girl tied down to a guy that doesn't deserve her. I would say you're just breaking his heart more by suggesting an open relationship. Just end it.

a jew

>*White night alert going off*

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It you that's crazy. You want to date another guy and blaming him for the "open relationship" you want. It really just you want to be with another guy but you don't want to let him go

I guess so, but I meant it kind of selfishly. I'm the better guy they should fuck instead.

>he sent me 2000 dollars to get my yeah
if you don't want him can I have him? help a sister out

Is $2000 dollars really all it takes? What are you making annually right now?

about $10k a year so I could do with 2k more

Try to help your boyfriend achieve improvement similar to the improvement you have achieved.

Also, a guy sending you 2k to get your attention is probably sleazy, but there is a horse of every colour, so be careful.

Not judging you or anything but what do you do? I'm very curious. Are you satisfied with your career? What are your promotion prospects?

>guy helps you through all your bs
>you leave without helping him once you're fixed because you're a piece of shit human
>justifies it while stealing his money

wow shocking

dam do you have a paper route or something?