Thinking mental "illness" is caused by a chemical imbalance

>thinking mental "illness" is caused by a chemical imbalance

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It is, you're retarded.

You responded in less time than the video has. Why don't you actually listen to it?

Yeah I agree. It's all the little things that shape us. All of them.

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Thanks, OP! I think I get the gist of it.

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Yep. Even when you go to therapy they say it is just a chemical imbalance or you need to think positively. My therapist even said she didn't care about hearing my life story on the first session which weirded me out but then I thought maybe she had a point. As time went on though I realized it was all bullshit and it was my childhood especially when I started remembering things.

What did he mean by this?

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get rid of my fetus actually is inline with his beliefs lmao. He makes a point that most people shouldn't have kids at least if they are just going to abuse their children and ruin their lives.

I am OP I will expand more on what I think about this. Just think about what kind of things make a person miserable? A very obvious one is death of a friend. When a friend dies you can acquire all of the symptoms of depression and you heal by grieving your loss. Now think about mental illness what is more plausible? People get depressed for no reason just random brain chemicals getting out of wack because fuck you. Or that people become severely depressed because they were mistreated as children forced to bury their feelings for years fail miserably at it and it starts ruining their life? That one makes so much more sense and is in line with "normal" depression. And of course you heal it the same way as any other with grieving which means you have to accept it happened which can be hard even when a friend dies accepting that is difficult.

Who in the fuck would ever think schizophrenia is from childhood trauma? No one.

Wrong. There is actually plenty of evidence it is true there is a whole documentary about it that this guy made. Actually this is not even controversial most people with schizophrenia have trauma and really what that means is people with schizophrenia have bad enough trauma that even mainstream psychiatry can't deny it. In truth there are more kinds of trauma than even what psychiatry calls trauma.

Bipolar can be caused by a trauma, this I’ve read but but schizophrenia. You are mistaken.

There is no cure for bipolar. Who gives a shit what caused it. Meds make me naive and easy to manipulate yes man. No meds means constantly controlling my behaviour and most likely never have a family as i'd rather kms than put someone trough hell that would be living with me when im depressed or maniac, only to feel terribly sorry and regretful for the 5 minutes when I'm ok.

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Okay here is the documentary:

Two people with traumatic childhood's and schizophrenia who actually cured their condition.

>Who gives a shit what caused it.
That is the problem you have to figure out what caused it because it is an emotional problem and human beings need to process their emotions to heal. It will be really terrifying though which is what makes it so hard. Also meds do not need to fix any "imbalance" to have an effect. Alcohol has an effect regardless of whether your brain is "balanced" or not. The existence of meds to treat a psychological condition doesn't prove anything about it being chemical based it just proves these drugs have some effect often times with tons of side effects and diminishing returns.

Caused as some event + genetic and whatever predisposition. Like when rock beaks when temps go under 0. It's not just temperature but temperature + water inside rocks cavities.

>Caused as some event + genetic and whatever predisposition.
I do agree with that. For instance I think if you are an empathetic and caring person you will be more likely to develop a mental illness like depression/bipolar in response to trauma. You don't really need to know anything about how the brain is "wired" though it tells you nothing valuable.

There are things that can not be fixed and you can only accept them. On the other hand there are some people with character to hard and to strong to just say "it's life, you can't do anything about it".

>There are things that can not be fixed and you can only accept them.
I don't know, when it comes to your mind I think you can "fix" it or really it is more like coming to an understanding with your subconscious self. Finding a way to be whole, I think that's basically what everyone tries to do in the end.

For example i hate weak people, in my mind a lot of misery could be avoided if they weren't weak. With that said i can accept most people are weak, for a variety of reasons. However, i refuse to accept my own weakness, temporarily, yes, of i am in the process of fixing that particular defect. There is nothing as harmful as words "I'm just Human" or "perfection doesn't exist"

I'm not OP, but I have been detained for mental health problems, and I disagree with you. At least if we're talking about depression (which is what I've been detained for), I strongly think that environment and circumstances are the biggest factors in causing depression.

To say that depression is caused by chemicals is to say that happiness is caused by chemicals. EVERY emotion is instantiated by chemicals. Our body runs on different hormones (chemicals). Lots of doctors and psychiatrists are increasingly rejecting the "chemical imbalance" model because it's just very misleading.

The thing is, if you're going to claim some sort of physical dysfunction of your brain, you'll need evidence for that. Some brain dysfunctions that we know about DO (or CAN) cause depression - e.g. encephalitis, which is brain swelling. Or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which is what american football / rugby players get. Its name literally means "chronic brain trauma", because it's caused by repeated hits to the head.

Unless you have evidence that your brain is suffering from some sort of dysfunction then it's a baseless claim. Unless you've had head injuries, or unless you've got encephalitis (which has its own symptoms), then there's probably nothing wrong with your brain itself. If there was then you would be treated for that.

Depression is a mood. It is almost always caused by events in a person's life. This doesn't mean the person is to blame necessarily - if they've been molested or abused then they are CERTAINLY not at fault. But to pretend in some myth that they have a brain disorder, when no evidence for such an order is provided, is a disservice to the patient. It neglects them of knowing what is really causing their shit life. It neglects them of a chance of actually being able to fix things. And it might make them think they can never fix their life, because their brain has something wrong with it - when no evidence of a brain dysfunction is provided.

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How are you weak?

Habits we pick up, maybe without knowing it, are indeed very critical in shaping us. We pick up habits from our parents, without thinking about it. And if they were people who got depressed in the face of certain challenges, then we might have copied that habit without really realising it. So in order to get past that we need to recognise that we've picked up the habit from our parents, and actively try to change our behaviour.


No that user was very insightful.

When im angry for no reason, and i can not control my behaviour, that's weakness right there. If john makes me mad and I'm an asshole to derek, that's weakness.

Maybe, it certainly is bad to take out your anger on the wrong person. But I think it is right to blame people for hurting you, you shouldn't hurt them back but blaming them and making them responsible is good. And maybe John isn't even the real reason you are angry.

In what way do you think I am wrong exactly?

It can be purely biological or it can be caused by trauma, circumstances, etc.

Genetics play a role but so can trauma, and other factors:
>Childhood trauma, death of a parent, and being bullied or abused increase the risk of psychosis.
>Estimates of the heritability of schizophrenia are around 80%, which implies that 80% of the individual differences in risk to schizophrenia is associated with genetics.

I don't know a huge amount of bipolar but I know there's various different drugs for controlling it, right? I know lithium is sometimes used as a mood stabiliser, and also I knew a patient (fellow patient - I was a patient, I'm not a doctor or anything) who was prescribed valproate for his bipolar. So there's a few options to try, right? Might as well try and manage the problem as best as possible.

>It can be purely biological
That has never been proven before though. What is more likely is people don't want to face the reality of the trauma they had and deny it and hold onto the idea it is all something wrong with their brain. Just think about it, when something is actually wrong with your brain you experience much more than just depression. There is even a whole other category for those kinds of diseases which are really the "objective" brain diseases they are neurological diseases instead of psychiatric.

>Genetics play a role
Yes but not in the way the narrative makes it seem. "Genetics" as in personality definitely play a role. A creative person is more likely to be schizophrenic. The wiring of the brain is not relevant it has never provided any help which is why they do not ever scan your brain to diagnose you. The only reason the dopamine theory came about is because anti-psychotics were discovered to have an effect on schizophrenia. In reality these drugs were not created to treat schizophrenia it was a pure accident. Then psychiatrist made up explanations around dopamine that had no real scientific proof backing them.

Genetics are thought to play a role (due to twin studies) but I believe it's not known HOW they play a role. And also, genes are only estimated to contribute to just under 40% of an individual's risk for depression (so over 60% would be determined by the environment, if these twin studies are correct). This is different from schizophrenia where genetics are estimated to contribute to 80% of an individual's risk.

>Family and twin studies find that nearly 40% of individual differences in risk for major depressive disorder can be explained by genetic factors.

So if over 60% of an individual's risk is due to environment, then I'm not sure we can say that depression "can be purely biological". Also, an individual person wouldn't know whether they have "depression genes" (which would only contribute up to 40% of their individual risk) unless they had their genome decoded.

Also just so you know the article you cited even said that some people have labeled the estimate inaccurate because it is difficult to separate environment and genetics. Makes complete sense to me how do you even control for environment? You have to basically monitor that child every waking moment of the day to know there was no trauma at all. Again I think just thinking of it as personality which is largely inherited or innate is better than worrying about genetics. What are you going to do give children with the "schizo" gene anti-psychotics? That is seriously depraved.

From what i know lithium is for prevalently manic people and valpric acid for depressive. I was prescribed valproic acid. I took also drug called amisulpride but i took it briefly and it really didn't have a chance to kick in.

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The idea that it's caused purely by biological factors is very convenient for parents who abused their children, especially if they have higher social standing. Even considering that childhood trauma might play a role could hurt their reputation, and for many it is far more important than their children.

>it's a mentally ill zoomer trying to make a point with some shitty youtube video episode
I don't know about the chemicals involved, but you're definitely retarded. Probably an incel, too

Go back to abusing your child boomer. Actually please don't seriously.

While we are on the topic, what's a trauma? Should i consider a traumatic experience when 15 yo neighbor took me (9yo) to his room, closed the door, moved his bed so no-one would enter and asked if i wanted to see his dick or maybe not because his mother knocked kn the door and nothing happened. Was it traumatic when as a kid i accidentally hit other kid in the nose causing very copious bleeding and every fucking kid run after me only to hold me down while that wounded bald motherfucker spit on me untill i was covered in his blood or it wasn't because they didn't beat me to death? We are discussing whether traumatic event may cause mental illness but what is actually a traumatic event, wouldn't that be subjective?

Yes those are all trauma. Bad trauma too I would say. Psychiatry might not label it as a qualifying trauma though but that is my point Psychiatry is not great. Yes there is definitely some subjectivity involved but is it really that subjective? You brought these examples up because you knew they were traumatic right?

Also I would say to know if it is "trauma" just ask yourself did it hurt? And try to find the traumas that still hurt. Maybe bullies don't hurt as bad as having your parents neglect you emotionally it kind of depends on the person. But I do think the relationship you had with the people who were closest to you at a young age will be very impactful.