I hate this life

i turned 25 a couple days ago. my placement compared to what i should have been is a fucking shame. neet life straight garbage.

i fucked up my education. not because i wasnt smart, but because i was an undisciplined, unmotivated fuck.

i got good at what was my career. but i wasted the entire thing working for the family business and seeing no other opportunities, and in the end i ate shit being an underpaid wage slave with no money management discipline (until towards the end, i actually was gettiny my shit together), no job security and no network.

i tried to wife a fucking whore for 4 years and she ripped my heart out in the end. my "friends" all fucked me over, in 1 case financially

i've developed imposter syndrome. i dont have my own car, ive missed all my payments for months including my phone so all i have on that is wifi and my computer, and i have no networking and no good looking resume. my credit has been blown to shit.

all i do now is sit on this couch, drink disgusting sink water and eat whatever my grandma makes, and fuck around on my computer all day until january comes. that will be 6 months after i last smoked weed (its a shame i have to regret doing something that's actually beneficial for me) and i am planning on going into trucking. i dont know if this is a good plan. but i dont know what my options even are. i dont have any "real" support. this is hell.

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What was the family business?



i am an anarchist, i am completely against everything military stands for, governments are an abomination on society as a whole

you sound like a retard user, you have so many opportunities still stop throwing your life away.

join military for 4 years, you can save money work your credit back, LEARN DISCIPLINE probably make friends, probably still end up with a whore though

and after four years you'll be 29! come on user

H-he has to be trolling... R-right, user?

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2 years as a trucker staying at the same company you started with will
-open up way more doors for me than any amount of time at the military ever could
-not let me cuck myself into letting another grown man scream at me without punching him in the fucking mouth

ive been educating myself on investing in the financial markets. the past year of my life was actually going good from a self teaching disciplinary standpoint.

fuck friends. if you arent putting me on to opportunities to make my life better financially i dont want you in my life. i just want my money either you're buying or you're leaving.

it'll take a lot for me to ever try to wife a bitch again.

>they're fighting for your freedon

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mfw trucking will cuck you with autopilot, cant wait to read in two years this post again

You are a fag who chose an impossible ideology to avoid experiencing the pathetic powerlessness that defines you. Go hop a freight train, you'd make a fantastic oogle

learn to code and apply for internship in some big tech corp, probably the most stable way

>fuck friends. if you arent putting me on to opportunities to make my life better financially i dont want you in my life.
Kek, you're doomed

Trucking is a shit job, you work long ass hours and the job is horribly lonely, You should join the military and let them train you to become an engineer or become an apprentice and learn a worth while trade

i dont plan to use it as a means to an end. just as a good base income. even first year is decent for me, single guy with little expenses.

you have power? lol. i think you are a cuck in denial.

this sounded really ideal for a while, and what i actually should have done 10 years ago. back when mIRC was popular, Jow Forums was at its real prime and rooting websites was the real reason this shithole was fun. i even learned some code, but its one of those things that you WILL forget when you stop paying attention to it. nowadays the market is extremely saturated and networking is how you secure your job placement.

sure, but i'll be doomed because of me, instead of letting leeching fucks waste my time.

every single career choice and trade is either shit, long unrewarding hours or expensive to learn. all the research i've done has shown trucking requires the least amount of time (2 years) to be completely developed. on top of that, trade schools these days are as scammy as colleges

i am an introvert, and i have been lonely for a major part of my life to the point where i'm numbed by it. ive lived without friends, and i've lived with them. its not something i crave.

heres something i think you all need to understand. unless you have abundance in your life, you're going to be lonely for a very long time

Google "successful people who started late" and find another excuse

What kind of research have you done into trucking? I've dived deep down into that rabbit hole.
What kind of trucking are you going for? School or contract?

Maybe if you stopped using retarded words like 'neet' and grew up, your life would be much better.

Flatbed with TMC. Get permit first, go to them, they get me CDL, pay for travel expenses and hotel, pay to train, I do 1 year with them in exchange. That 1 year alone opens up doors, 2 years even better. You can be home weekends but I plan to do OTR.
Very intelligent and useful advice there guy.. “retarded” is an educated word to use and only grown up people use it right?

This. I’m 25 and joining the Navy for six years. You’ll save money, travel to fuck a lot of whores, and learn a trade that makes you a shitload of money when you get out. B-but muh anarchist

Cool and in 2 years I’ll get to do all of those things, and make more money than you without having to cuck for the government and let a grown man scream in my face, and the work will actually guaranteed. But muh military tho

Trucking is the best thing for uneducated miseries like you. Im the owner of a trucking company. Ask me stuff, OP. I can help.

Yeah but you need a job. You can take advantage of what the government does while being against the government doing it in the first place.

See Good plan?

I'm also fucking up my studies and am wasting my life into family business. I want to quit this job but my family emotionally pressure me saying I have a responsibility with them. I hate this shit, they don't even pay me properly. I think I'm gonna kill myself before I become the same as you. Peace.

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You have to be selfish and say no. You have to develop the mentality of “if they’re going to fuck me over like this and try to manipulate me, they do not truly love me and are just using me.” Because it’s 100% true. This is the sign of a junk family and you need to get away from them while you still can.

Self sufficiency is the real meaning of life user

It' my mom's place and we're poor, and it's true that shit won't run without me working there. I love my family so I'm sticking with being used. If I manage to not kill myself, I'll probably inherited a financiay stable business that I hate, and work there forever. Plus, if I don't do the job, my younger brother will suffer for me, and I'll protect him from that.

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Your family doesn’t love you back user. Do not let your little brother poison himself into this situation either. These thoughts you’re having was me 10 years ago it’s all lies and manipulation

Stop projecting. I know about our financial situation, and my family is not so fucked up as yours seems to be.

You’ll see. You don’t know shit.