I have seen pure white girl with total shitskin. What do i make out of thins? Ignore it? What is going on???

I have seen pure white girl with total shitskin. What do i make out of thins? Ignore it? What is going on???

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What are you going to do about it, people fall in love. Have you found love user?

You probably saw me with my blonde white gf :^)

Im 6'2 o would give her dick if she wasnt with this 5'2 mexican shitskin. No joke. I wanted to punch her face and the mexican dude face. I would do it if there

She likes mexican twinks not every girl is into a chad. Just like some men like petite to tall flat to thick latinas, asians, black and white girls. Find you're own girl user if you did the stupid shit you're thinking of doing all your going to gain is jail time. Instead of wasting energy on negativity get yourself your own dream girl and accept she isn't just going to fall into your lap.

in fact in this moment im butthurt beyond fucking rage. Im willing to kill both of them (in minecraft of course)

*your own girl, sorry.

They'll respawn but if you really want to hurt them you'll have to grief and raid their minecraft house.

You dont comprenhend. Im from Eastern Europe and if girl such as this calibre goes out with gypsie who literally live from shit you go and kill them. I was about to fucikng jump them but their mom appeared and told the girl to dispearse. FUCKING SHIT IM RAGING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. WOMEN ARE FUCKING ANIMALS FUCKING SHIT

lol. Pure incel breed, I'm impressed. Too bad your genetic line will die with you

Never expected shitskin to go out with the girl im love with. He is like 5'4 and she follows him like dog. How is this even possible

You just need some love bro.
*Virtual hug*

I need gun and lots of bullters. Thats what i need right now.

Only if these are the bullets

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I wont accept this. I worked so hard to be in the place i am and this mexican dude is fucking 18 yeras old girl who will do anything for him. FOR NO FUCKING REASON. Tell me to not rage

This too shall pass brother.

from East Euro too, can confirm, that's fuckinh disgusting, gypsys are like the definition of subhuman here, you'd have to see it with your own eyes

Every decent white person has given up on white people, because of people like OP. The white men are getting Hispanic and Asian wives, the women are getting with anyone at all.. It's over.. Continue to be mayo if you want, we are ascending to the next level without you

you wont get shit without whites.

Whites are the ones that are choosing to marry colored people. It doesn't really matter in the end.

>*hebraic hand-rubbing intensifies*

Why are you so angry? She chose him out of her own free will. Go talk to them and try to find out why, maybe you can learn something about seduction.

why do you think she chose him over you despite him being supposedly more ugly? doesn't that make you want to, i don't know, step back further and take a look at your own fucking ugly personality you literal manchild?

Fuck you whore

German here. We don't see much difference between gypsys and other Eastern Europeans.

OP as some serious self-worth issues and genereal delusions about the world going.

Have sex
Oh wait